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Valentin Oct 2019
Going to those places again
Is not the same without you
It's like they have lost their value
They're finally not as special as I thought they were

Even though the sun has replaced the rain
I would rather choose a rainy day by your side
Than a sunny day without you

I can still hear your voice and laugh
I can still feel your look over me
My empty hand feels lonely now

I thought that I belong to that city
But I actually belong to you
kias nara Nov 2018
Seoul, 21.34 p.m

In this busy street people comes and goes,
some is going back to their home from a hectic day,
some is going to hang out with their friend,
some is going to recharge their energy with food,
some is going to meet the person they love

and here I am, watching over them from above the hill
rushing to the place they have to go
making thousands of little red-yellow lights from their vehicles

your city is so pretty,
just like you.
Baylee Kaye Aug 2018
the water lapped about my waist,
the coolness stung my skin.
I sat upright on the shore, eyes closed,
my body taking in the feeling.

I felt the sand seep around me,
stick to my limbs and cling to me.
I focused on my breathing and my heartbeat,
I listened closely to the noise that surrounded.

I heard the waves hit the bank,
I flinched at the occasional siren, and prayed for the safety of those it aided.
I counted car horns and footsteps.
I tuned out any voice in my head.

Becoming one with the river,
forming as one into the earth,
I sat still on the banks of the water,
in a city where the river ran through it.
There was a time
when I blocked my face
with two palms,
only to avoid seeing the world.
But the two palms can only block
the world in my eyes,
not the world in my heart.
The world in my heart
is always too big
to be blocked by the palms.
Especially when there is you in it.

smiling and offering the love
that reminds me
to the most delicious
Korean persimmons
in Autumn season.

(Now I start to feel that without you,
Seoul is nothing but an empty city,
and the world is nothing but an empty place).

-Kanya Puspokusumo-
Ronald J Chapman Jun 2016
I've always known,
You are only but a dream,

You visited me every night.
Before I even knew your name.

Beauty, with no name,
Holding, Sharon’s Rose,
With thorns,
Stabbing my heart with impossible memories,

Leaves me with nothing but pain,
A rose and my heart,
Makes me see a miracle,

So much beauty,
So many thorns,
So much pain,

I dream of touching you,
My Seoul every day.

Love and pain balance the scale with your beauty,

I turn out the lights,
My dreams of you brighten my days.

I know I will never touch you,
My heart beats with unimaginable pain,

I think of doing something crazy.

Flying on a silver winged Magpie,
I'm afraid my heart will burn to ashes,

To stop longing for you,
Today, I'm ready almost,
To take a chance,

Flying into to your arms,
Or standing at Heaven's gates!

What should I do?

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
My sweet Seoul
it was
all too easy,
forgetting your name,
tasting the starlight tucked
behind someone else's
wisdom teeth,
our soju-laced smiles
crashing at 90mph
and the memory of you
in the headlights and wreckage,
our 2am laughter
echoing in your bones
from 5654 miles away,
my hands knowing
the age-old roads
that led to brand new places,
and the faded map of you
folded and kept hastily
in my back pocket.

*(I was far too proud
to ask for directions
to come home)
Ronald J Chapman May 2015
Dreaming a dream,
Flying across time and space, to a place I have never been,

Setting foot on the GROUND of the great mountain Bugaksan,
This MAN stands here on top of the world,

Oh! The wonders I see;
Such a peaceful place to be,
Cherry blossoms all around,  
So sweet to see,
Winter has ended,

Shining towers growing out of the morning mist,
Reaching for HEAVEN through a yellow sky,
Sparkling lights,

You are a beautiful site to see,

Waking to the words,
“Welcome to Seoul ladies and gentlemen.
The local time is 5:45 in the Evening.”

You are truly not a myth to me anymore,
But my dream come true.

Copyright © 2015 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
The Grand Heritage-Bugaksan Mountain
Ronald J Chapman Mar 2015
In that place of dreams, where my hopes and fantasies lie,

You will always find my Spirit smiling,

Looking at the sky, where magpies soar high,
Lifted by a calm morning breeze,

Listening to the music of a busy city,
Listening to cars, trucks and buses of many colors,
As they pass by,

In that place of dreams, where my hopes and fantasies lie,
You will always find my Spirit wanting to, taste the food of
An Eastern city,
Ooh! I'm hungry for Kimbap, Kimchi, ooh! I've,
Always wanted to taste Egg Toast,

The aroma of coffee is heavenly,

In that place of dreams, where my hopes and fantasies lie,
I will meet my hungry Spirit in Seoul someday...

Copyright 2015 © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved
Egg Toast
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
I am so old, As old as the Eastern sea,

My second Home Daehan Min-guk...You are
so far away in years and miles.

I try and try to learn to speak my ancestor's
tongue. I fail to hear you say, please come to me!

Why can't I just travel to meet my home,
Of my past. Where I belong!

Why was I cursed to be born?
In the wrong place and time.

I am so old, As old as the Eastern sea,

My broken heart
Is stopping me from
Holding you in my arms,

From touching you
From kissing you.

I am so old, As old as the Eastern sea,

My Korea!

Should I just die,
and hope!
My next life will bring me back home,
Back into your arms where I belong,

I miss you so much!
I would rather be a poor farmer,
In the land of Dae Han Min-guk....
Then a lonely old man in
Living in this land far to the West...

I dream of you every night,
I love you Korea...

Should I just take a chance
of flying to my home of my past.

Will it be worth being buried
at Yanghwajin,

Just, to see,
the face of my Seoul?

I am so old, as old as the Eastern sea,
My love Korea...

What should I do?

(c) 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
My home in my dreams,

I am amazed every night, when I see you in my dreams.

When I look at the moon., I see the tower to the north.

I can not believe you changed,
My life forever.

I only wish I can find the courage, to hold you in my arms at last.

My home in my dreams,
I wish I had met you a lifetime ago.

I wish I could give you one thousand of
my lifetimes.

I owe you my life,
My Seoul Korea.

I love you.

I miss you.

I owe you my life,
I owe you. You are the reason I am still alive,
Arirang, I owe you more than ever!

Seoul I love you,
A place I have only been to in my dreams,

How can I ever repay you?
For sending me such beautiful dreams.

I am amazed every night, when I see you in my dreams.

I live for you every day to hold you in my arms,

I live for you!
My Seoul,

I wish I could be standing in your arms where I belong.

My love Seoul,
I can't help but smile and wonder why God sent me here far to the West.

When you tell me every day, I belong in your arms.

But I owe you so much,
Hundreds of poems,

Hundreds of dreams
from a place, I have never been.

How can this be?

I love you Seoul Korea
that time can never take away.

I owe you more than my life
More than anything
I know this is a dept that I will never be able to repay.
Because I owe you so much
I owe you my life now, more than ever,

Why was I born so far away?

In the wrong time and wrong place?

Seoul Korea

My home in my dreams.

(C) 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
The Most Beautiful City on Earth - Seoul
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