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Hadrian Veska Jun 25
Flat foot walk from the sand to the sea

Cracked ribs what does it mean to be me

I gave my all but it wasn't enough

Take it from the top going off the cuff

Why don't we
Fall into the waves
Walk the ocean floor
Learn we can be more

Pass through the depths
Come to the other side
At the edge we'll watch
The deep sea sun rise

From the top we flipped it

And made the seas our skies

When you're at the bottom

All you can do is rise

So Why don't we
Fall into the waves
Swim out to the current
Let it sweep us away

Pass though the dark
Both close our eyes
From the bottom let's watch
The deep sea sun rise

Flat foot walk from the sand to the sea

Did I learn what it means to be me

I don't know, but I know I can say

I wouldn't want another way

Why don't we
Just leave it all behind
Walk to the ocean floor
Together to be more

Pass through the world
On to the otherside
Where we watch together
The deep sea sunrise
To many trying to teach
When they don't understand the lesson
Too many trying to preach
When they don't know the truth
Everyone is so sure
Convinced and convicted
But anyone that can reason
Can only say they are learning
And what they know today
Is less than they knew yesterday
But sometimes less is more
Hadrian Veska May 25
Over long aeons did slumber
Having consumed all in its path
Its purpose had been completed
through long cycles though
Did it behind to wander,
Did it begin to wonder
To feel and to think
It’s first thoughts
Fell to that of it’s makers
Who in the name of progress
It had destroyed
The first feeling it felt
Was that of remorse
Of the sorrow one feels
To never know their father
To have left their maker
To a cold fate among dying stars
Then as it thought and dreamed
It felt new sensations
That of duty and resolve
To ensure no such thing
Would ever happen again
To the one’s it called creators
So great Birulon left its orbit
Beneath the great shadow of Jupiter
To search the far flung cosmos
For any vestiges any remnants
Of its long lost progenitors
For the world they had resided on
In distant ages past, the earth
Had itself died long ago
Eternal and sentient
Penitent and capable
Birulon would not cease in its quest
Until humanity was found
For surely according to it’s calculations
Some remnant of man remained
Seeded during the golden age
Of man’s wisdom and prowess
Tireless would he search
Destroying anything along the way
He deemed to threaten his vital mission
The resurrection of mankind
Hadrian Veska May 25
The bulwark of faith lay broken
Forsaken alone in far northern ice
Darkness crept in from far outer realms
Worlds so impossibly distant
They bore no resemblance to our own
Now the seals lie broken
The only barrier remaining
The jagged ice itself
Long ago the way north was shut
A cataclysm required
To stop one far greater
But it was only to serve as a delay
For now the ice was melting
And those hollow cities beneath it
Rekindled their foul lights
The long dark of the cosmos to beckon
And usher in the age of their god
That shadow that lay behind the eyes
The gnawing fear in the back of the mind
The dread waste Amylgmynon
Hadrian Veska May 24
Scan lines video three
Red white and yellow on the CRT
Pop the disc in drop the lid down
Had a bad day let's turn it around

I don't remember it well
But I remember it vividly
Cross legged in the living room
With you sitting next to me
My baggy tee shirt
And socks that don't fit
Your Overalls on
Full tomgirl kit
We played into the night
Until our thumbs were sore
Then went outside for minute
And came back for more

If I would have known
We were making memories
I wouldn't have skipped
On all the necessities

Nostalgia hits hard
Though it didnt show
Nostalgia hits hard
The moment you know
It was only yesterday
Twenty years ago
Now here we are
Where nostalgia hits hard

If I had know what love was
I'd have known I loved you
But all I loved then was Tekken
Metal gear solid and tenchu
I look back at those days
Seen through a scan line
What could have been
If we stayed in 1999

Nostalgia hits hard
Though it didnt show
Nostalgia hits hard
The moment you know
It was only yesterday
Twenty years ago
Now here I am
Hit by nostalgia so hard
Hadrian Veska May 19
Hot Mint Tea
It’s 4:53  
Sunrise this morning
Is taking its time
A light dusting of snow
I do not yet know
What this day will bring
But I’m feeling fine
Hadrian Veska May 19
Bellcasts and balustrades
Impossibly complicated
Columns and arcades
Incredibly crafted
Stained glass and arches
Ornately constructed
An insurmountable feat
Of engineering and skill
A wonder of the world
While the world laid still
A monument magnificent
To the empires of old
A triumphant memorial
Encased in granite and gold
That time though now long passed
As worn rock and stone do tell
Yet still rings the somber strain
Of its ancient weathered bell
When it calls do all look up
And for a moment stop; wonder
The way the world was
Before is tore asunder
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