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All things have passed
Or perhaps they will
I can no longer recall
Passing through the void as I did

I know not where I arrived
Or if I am anywhere at all
I have forgotten most things
If I ever knew much to begin with

I do remember a string of words
An inseparable feeling attached to them
"I will never forget you"
Though who said it eludes me

That feeling has not left me
Though the moment has been lost
I must continue on through this void
Wherever it may take me

I cannot betray this memory
That last bright star in my mind
Amid a sea of ink black darkness
For it is all that remains

As I traverse this void
Here beyond all space
I whisper dryly
I will never forget you

Though, I do not know your name
For I know that you remember me
The dry tundra calls to you
Whispering a phrase
A memory that flows
In between and through
The forest needle and pine
Something lies beyond
Far past the snow and sterile ice
Over the great mountains
The places of our birth
Nothing more than an inclination
That all we hope there to be
Has not yet been made know
That the secret hidden for ages
Has in turn hidden us within it
Preserving us in a way unseen
That when the time does come
In far flung ages hence
All things might be revealed
And the barren wastes
Turn to fruitful gardens
You may doubt it, but I've see it
What lays beyond all oceans
Never would one imagine
How easily all can be deceived
By a few books and a map
It is true that ice lays beyond our borders
In every direction it is inescapable
Some have pondered, guessed or seen this
Yet none but I know
What lies beyond even that
For you see this earth we are on
This place we call the world
Is but a mere portion
A section of the plate
Those things beyond it
Can scare be imagined
Unless seen with the naked eye
And even then they may induce madness
To eyes like yours
So readily accustomed to deception
The greatest wisdom is so easily destroyed
Brought low by the innocence of a child
The greatest minds of the earth
Philosophers, scientists, leaders
They can never answer the simplest question


The truth is we know nothing
We know how some things may work
But we do not know why they work
We know the arrangement but not the purpose
We can mimic but never improve upon
A least a child has no pride to be hurt
So they fear not to ask


And there is only one answer
To every why in the universe
It is accessible to everyone
Should you only become humble
Shedding the useless weight
That the world has imposed upon you  
There is nothing to lose but pride
A benefit to any who try it

And after all Why Not?
Hadrian Veska Jun 30
I've come to the outer limits
Where the stars bleed away
Melting into obscurity
Fading into the deepest back
An all consuming darkness

I've meditated and pondered
How I might move forward
In the absence of light
Without path or guide
Into the infinite void ahead

I sought to touch it
To feel the inky black darkness
Wash over my fingers
I imagined it thick like paint
Or perhaps far stranger

Yet when I reached out to it
I was blinded by light
Scarcely could I adjust my eyes  
But when I did I saw the nature
The true nature of that void

And it was only a thin veil
Hadrian Veska Jun 26
To You
The seven stars
The bright cluster
Among the long dark
Do you not know that hope came down?
Faith from the lofty heavens?
And you know it thus returned
Which is why we wait now being sure
Certain of the thing our hope is in
Have you not considered that beyond
Far away and removed from here
Among the boiling lights of night
One not dissimilar to yourself
Might see that hope descend to them as well
And latch onto it as you yourself have?
For indeed there is but one Way
One eternal Truth among the cosmos
One perfect Life to which we all strive
Only made possible by this Hope

The Hope of all peoples
Hadrian Veska Jun 24
You want to be healed,
but when is the last time you spent the time and effort to heal another?

You want to be blessed,
yet when have you taken time out of your day to bless another?

You pray for a sign,
Yet your eyes and ears are shut for the answer

You beg for money for your needs,
but when have you heeded another's plea?


Time, money, prayers, food, help, support whatever is needed

Keep your eyes open

Treat others how you pray and cry out to be treated when you are alone

Do these things and you will never lack in any portion of life
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