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Ah, they tell me the world has ended
Exactly how, they do not know
But shortly thus we will be gone
Enveloped in a great mist or smoke

I look at the back of my hand
And wonder in what I presume
Are my very last moments
Why I do not seem to care
Less than a drop in the bucket,
like all men destined to be forgotten.
A quiet comfort,
That brief spark
Before everlasting obscurity.
Hadrian Veska Mar 31
Far and distant worlds
Slumber in a sea of darkness
Beyond the reach of all light
At the very edge of all things

Something therein them stirs
Below storm and ice
Tumultuous oceans of viscous water
Beneath mantle and crust

Something dwells inert
Inert yet dreaming
Locked in a stasis begun
Before any star had formed

The dreamer in the dream
Hadrian Veska Feb 22
The lunar craters sit silently
Painting an image of a bygone war
One that no grass or flowers
Will ever grow over

A war of annihilation
A destruction so complete
It was etched it stone
A grime reminder of a vicious cycle

That the very thing itself
That decimated our moon
And sent it hurdling into the earth
Would one day return to us

To finish what it had begun
Those distant eons ago
Hadrian Veska Feb 21
You are nothing
That you don't have to be
You aren't some hero
Or menace to me
You are just you
And for me that's enough
I don't need adventure
Or drama or stuff
All I need is you
that's really all I want
No need of a prize
Or trophy to flaunt
You is enough
Even more than you know
I just wish it were something
That's easier to show
Hadrian Veska Feb 21
Rolling hills beneath a low grey sky
The rippling water in the back of my eyes
Stillness hallowed, forlorn and sweet
The black sacred ground beneath my feet

The earth is rich yet nothing here grows
The river has dried and no longer flows
The trees are bare of leaves but not fruit
An omen of something below the deep roots

Does anyone here but lost husks remain
If I stay will anything thus here be gained
Does the sun here rise or does it merely set
The twilight stretches on but cannot end yet
A journey from when to where
Hadrian Veska Feb 13
The red orange sky
Turns to purple glass
The sun recedes
And the light does pass

Far away and beyond
The curve of the Earth
Conceding to the stars
Their nightly worth

Yet the moon is absent
Unseen on high
Missing from orbit
In the great night sky

And it has been for ages
On this long since strange world
Where once it was near
Now to the void has been hurled

Where it drifts unaware
In thoughtless still dreams
Biding infinite time  
While it happily beams

For a few or great many
In distant aeons to come
Will bask in the light
That it stole from all suns
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