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Hadrian Veska Oct 16
The road may go for a month or year
It may take you far or take you near
To the things you thought you wanted

But inevitably along the way
From day to night and night to day
You'll discover something new

Something more than what you set out to find
Concepts and dreams expand your mind
Until you come to one truth
Unknowingly sought out since youth

A truth so few have received
Hadrian Veska Sep 30
Walk the hills and fields of gold
The secret things yet to unfold
For if we seek and call aloud
The sun will come and part the clouds
Revealing all great things not shown
Hidden things hitherto unknown  
The wonder of something strange and new
Of things forgotten brought forth again too
All these and more than can be guessed
To us and ours will be hence blessed
If we but seek with all our hearts
Hadrian Veska Aug 17
There is a name made known to all
But what it means has been forgotten
Even by those who speak it

In that one name all are saved
Receiving not just forgiveness
But the remission of all evil

The power of that single name
Is the same as the individual
The great one who bore it

That name was given to us
Those who believe it's power
Doing all that He did

Casting out all unclean spirits
Healing all by that name
The signs that accompany it's preaching

Why then do we not see it
This promised power
Displayed in ages gone by?

Oh you of little faith
Do you not know that faith comes by hearing
And hearing by the word of God

Faith is simply this
Believing that word in your heart
Not just in your head
Then acting upon it
Being sure of what you hope for
And certain of what you do not see

If you believe that name
Which is the name of Jesus
That is Yeshua the Annointed One

If you truly believe it
And do not doubt in your heart
In your heart, that is your spirit

Those signs will follow you too
So stop doubting and believe
Do not wait for a sign

You are the sign
The signs are done through you
You are the body

Of the One called Christ
It's time to act like it
Don't wait on God for this

He is waiting on you
To believe in true power of that name
And to act on it
Hadrian Veska Aug 15
There is a great sanctuary
Foremost of the earth
Whose great tower silvery white
Rises over all creation
There within dwell those
Who from before all things
Had a purpose chosen for them
From within them those as well
Does one come who claims
Not only to be one of them
But one over them all
A creature in the guise of a man
One too chosen for a purpose
To rend them all asunder
And cast them to the wind
The sanctuary will burn
And its glittering tower crumble
Yet it will be rebuilt
Not of stone, but in hearts
Until they are in one accord
The sanctuary will not be complete
Hadrian Veska Aug 15
There is a heaven always on the horizon
Distantly visible by the naked eye
From any place on the surface
One can see its shimmering towers
Swaying and sparkling
As if in a mirage
They say long ago someone left
On a lifetime journey to reach that place
It is not known or said
If they ever arrived
But all who tell the story
Collectively hope
That such a thing could be done
Even by a mortal man
Some that tell this tale
Said he was aided along the way
By one of those great beings
Terrible to belong yet full of grace
When his knees fell to the earth
And he could go on no more
They carried him to the gates
Of that distant heaven
Whose true nature before or since
Has never been beheld
Hadrian Veska Aug 15
Thunder and rain
Dark clouds roll over the earth
Not quickly as in a storm
The heavens stand almost still
The rain not slanted but straight down
No lighting but only thunder
So much known to now be lost
Most of it for the better
For knowing all evil
Only multiplies evil
And the deep truths
Obscure the simple ones
Let the rain come
To wash us all away
That those who come after
May be better than we
Though it is not intended
Nor can ever been
Until all things pass away
Once to the head
Lightning to my spirit
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