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Walk this way
We cannot stay
From where we've come
So many days

The light does fade
That place we stayed
Once brilliant there
Now long decayed

Yet on we go
We do not know
What place we'll reach
Or seeds we'll sow
So ever onward
Will we go

Until the sun does set
Never to rise again
The cup I see
Filled with tea
Though I don't know
If it is for me
So I suppose
I'll leave it be
Monolithic one
Pure, unblemished granite skin
Watching those below
We believe ourselves flawed
That we can never truly change
So we accept the evil we commit
Creating virtue out of weakness
In doing so we accept our flaws easily
Because we have detached the need for repentance
We ask for forgiveness
But refuse to put in the work
To change ourselves
To be anything more
Than just lukewarm
I've wanted to hide there
And walk those cobbled streets
Deep down there below
Only now though
Have I realized the desire
Is that of a coward
Someone who wishes
To veil themselves
In faint darkness
Just enough so they can see
But not themselves be seen
There is a simple difference
Between someone who is outside
And someone who wants to hide
Remaining themselves unseen
I've learned who I am
So painfully slow
That the anxiety in my chest
Had a chance to grow
And I know,
I know
I've got a ways to go
So take my hand
Just let me show
To you, who I am
Stone Temples
Layered and sprawling
Labyrinthine construct
Above as is below
Pools and sunken statues
Of gods that never were
Yet may be in time
Beneath these pools
Delved far deeper
Lie unknown crypts
Dread, forsaken
And there entrenched
Does one so ancient lie
Willingly wandering
Those transitory lands
Of waking dreams
And sleeping realities
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