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Hot coffee
Rain streaming down glass
The sun is silent
Filtered by looming clouds
The lights outside are accentuated
By the dull grey sky
Yellows and reds
Come and pass endlessly
I haven’t opened my book yet
And I don’t think I will
No I think instead I will dream
After all what is a story
But someone else’s dream
Written down to share with others
This thought puts my mind at ease
I think instead I will dream
And share it only
With the one that I love
Hadrian Veska Sep 28
The waters stagnate
From clear to green to black

Ink like and thick
I stare into them

They foam and froth
But it amounts to nothing

A purity emanates
From the black liquid

It is pristine now
No debris floats its surface

No solids or oils
Cloud its perfection

I crouch to get a closer look
I’m excited to observe it

I am eager but calm
I am relaxed and empty

I am a receptacle
For this pure water

Dark and sweet
But only for now

For a times, time
And half a time

I will wait here
By the stagnant water

The water that is called pure
And I will dream

I will dream and I will speak
To one that I have known

And in my dreams awake
No longer a vessel

But whole
Hadrian Veska Sep 28
Wintry winds howl
On the slopes off Illmyuin
The fortress lies abandoned
In ages never seen

Wisp-like things there wander
Lonesome in the snow
No footprints do they leave
And nowhere do they go

They simply trudge and stare
Calling out in the night
In the vain hope that the raven
Might again take flight

From those curious stars
Hadrian Veska Sep 10
I haven’t been home
But I’m on my way
I’m not selfless enough
But I try, I pray
And I know there’s One
Who feels my strife
Who stood in my place
And gave his life

But I haven’t seen him
Since a long time ago
Though he’s here
Yeah, I know
And I’ve been sick
We all are now
Sometimes I can’t wait
To take my bow

From this play we’re in
But that ain’t right
I know I have to
Stay and fight
Because there’s something good
Left worth fighting for
A brilliant light
On a distant shore

A place, a state of mind or more
That paradise we lost before
So I’ll pick myself up
With a helping hand
And head on back
To the promised land
We're sick and we don't know it
Can't focus, can't think
No attention span
It's a flood in our minds
Waves upon waves
No it's not our phones
No it's not the television
It is our culture
It is our mindset

The heavens open up

Breathe in
Breathe out
Shatter the illusions
Enjoy again
Listen and think
Meditate and understand

The sky pours down

We are trapped in a cycle
But we don't have to be
Things will get worse
But you can be better
All on your own
Breathe in
Breathe out
Right up until the end
As if that were the solution

As if it will empty the swelling waters from your head
While you watch the ark doors close
The flame eludes us
Passed to the west long ago
Gone into hiding
It does not wish to be found
The dread hunt it
As they have for generations
Across seas of water and sand
Now more than ever
Does our fate lie in finding it
To rekindle what we’ve found
Buried so deep below
To be our salvation
From the ever looming moon
A martyr desecrated
For the study of sickness
Scholarly hubris
Awakened the hunters
Out of their tombs
Broken and fractured
They hunt again
Heading the call
The ice is melting
In far northern lands
What was once sealed
Is freed at long last
The savior is dead
Mummified and embalmed
His service meaningless
Against human pride
The savior is dead
Long live the night
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