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Keebo Apr 30
I’m waiting  
Like a black cat in the doorway
Watching my old flame dance the night away
She flirts with any guy that comes her way
And I drink and drink until I’m okay
But I always end up on that wave train
Burying my feelings with *******
Now I’m walking home in the pouring rain
With a girl but already forgotten her name
My mind is walking around memory lane
Realising how much I miss my old flame
She was my soul mate but things changed
Our love was in a haze and gone astray
But one things for sure, I can never replace or recreate
The memories I hold of the good old days
Dancing the night away with my old flame
Kelvin Mar 8
Day. A sunny day
Masked shadows arise
Eager to devour
The bitter potion is spelled
All shadows dispel
Awful taste engulf the air
A heart in tears
Day. A darkend day
I won't go astray...
At least... not today

Brian Jan 15
I find myself in a storm
I knew where I was going
Yet I am surprised
That God is crying out
Water from his eyes
Me by myself
My worries and my fears
I knew where I was going
How did I still end up here?
Then I see the lights
The only offering of guidance
They keep me from going astray
Without them surely
The ditch is where I would lay
I've seen these lights before
In following my older brother
In the kind words of a friend
The proud teardrops of my mother
They were there all along
Showing me the way
Were it not for them
The ditch is where I would lay
Wrote this one night after driving home through a very bad thunderstorm. Hope you enjoy!
Unbridled thoughts stare
Shy words in the silken veil
Incomplete story
Louise May 2019
I am writing of summer
for the first and the last time this summer.
I am writing of tasting the rays of sun
off the fullness of the moon,
of getting sunburned on the days when
the dark's bleakness counteracts the nights.
I am writing of his touches,
and how they will always be the
heat to my monsoon.
Singing of his kisses,
how they will always be the hum
that tones down my deafening wails.
Bleeding for his longing stares,
yearning for his feigned care,
being with him on a bright afternoon
will never not feel like a tropical getaway.
Being with him will always feel like my dream
vacation house by the seaside,
even though he believes he's ruins.
Being in his arms will never not feel like
staying home in a cozy, rainy evening
yet we are always moving and going.
To him, I will always be the raging sea,
he wouldn't want to test my waters again,
not even dip his hands below the surface.
Away from my depths and critters
is where he wants and needs to be.
It only started feeling like summer
when I got to feel his kisses again,
now we're both slipping to the rain,
Are we ever going to get blinded
by the promised rainbow's end?
I guess we will stay like this,
so as long as we're together and apart,
our hearts will never mend.

Maryan Abdi Apr 2019
Wanna get away.
Not knowing what to say.  
Living life day by day.
Feeling as though I’ve been led astray.
Today’s a new day not like yesterday.  
What am I exactly waiting for anyway?
Poetress2 Mar 2019
Do you ever feel,
as if life's not real,
and your on the outside, looking in;
This happens to me,
quite frequently,
and I know it will happen again.
I pull myself up,
even though I'm not tough ,
my weakness' get in my way;
I must keep in mind,
that I'm one of a kind,
and I'm going to make mistakes.
So whenever my day,
is going astray,
I accept I'm not perfect at all;
So now I can take,
whate'er comes my way,
and bounce back after I fall.
Blade Maiden Jul 2018
What if
I fall before I fly
What if
it's really only foolishness to try and reach the sky
What if
My heart will always feel this way
What if
I'll only be led astray
What if
all my tiny wonders will go to waste
What if
I'll never quite know the taste
What if
It's really all a useless race
What if
No one knows how to show their realest face

What if
I just take you where
What if
We can try and find our answers there
What if
We won't be losing touch
And what if
this time a promise kept, I'll hold you as such
I want to hold you so much
I take pride in keeping promises.
Simra Sadaf May 2018
all the love you ever had for her has faded away,
all you could think about is how she burned you and reduced you down to ashes,
your soul is roaring fires of hatred with all the memories of her and how this was nothing to her but a child's play,
your nerves quiver by thinking how cheaply she sold her loyalty,
your mind feasts on infinite thoughts but you are left with only a few words to say,
you wonder how she never choked on all the malicious words that fell from her lips,
all her words and fake promises are engulfing your soul in a spit fire of hate,
all the colors around you are turning into shades of grey,
every feeling you had for her has stumbled down and shattered into a million pieces,
you feel like you are drowning, your self worth, your sanity is going astray.
Sabila Siddiqui Apr 2018
I am not feeling okay
The thoughts that were at bay
Are starting to weigh
Heavy on my mind
Heavy on my heart.

My thoughts start to sway
Guiding me astray
With its
and overstay.

Pieces of me
Start to fall away
Fade away
Further away.

I am starting to breakaway;
Flay away.

My mind frays
As my thoughts start to play,
my hands start to pray
And my words start to blow away
the people I hold so dear.

I will defray
But for now I am going to splay
my ache into words.
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