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Em or Finn Mar 26
I can't breathe
The silence is suffocating
But no one is coming to my rescue

I'm left with myself
But when I look in a mirror
All I see are demons

I talk to myself
To create noise, any noise
That can drown out the voices in my head

For if I hear them
I might just do what they ask
And be out to sleep
Em or Finn Feb 9
Late nights
Where I'm most productive
Where my mind comes up
With new ideas

Late nights
Where my mind runs free
Where my imagination take precedence
To create things I never thought I could

Late nights
Where the lights from my room
Turn into dark shadows
When the lights goes out

Late nights
Where I can't sleep
The insomnia turning shadows
Into monsters

Late nights
Where my night terrors feel like reality
Where the sweating never stops
And the fear never sleeps

Late nights
Where my brain is so tired
That it contemplates the craziest things
The deadliest things

Late nights
Creativity turned to Horror
Imagination turned to Monsters
Light turned to Darkness
Currently writing this at 3:15AM my time, because I just can't seem to sleep.
Em or Finn Jan 20
"Is this really how you want to present yourself?"

I know I'm fat
I know the clothes are clinging to my body rolls
I know I have a muffin top
I know that I have to shop in the "big" section

Because my body was never good enough
And in those rare moments when it was enough for me
Someone would make my confidence
Crash to the ground

Even if I like the clothes
Even if I like shape
My body will always fail for being
"too big"

If I stop eating, will it be enough?
If I go to the gym until I faint, will it be enough?
If you can see my ribs, will it be enough?
When will I be enough for you ...

Em or Finn Jan 11
I'm trapped in a corner
Confronted on all sides
I don't even try to leave
I just let them eat me alive

My demons
Too many for this small mind
Making my brain black
And leaving myself behind

I've been squashed
I've been killed
I've been left by all my loved ones
But still

Living is more painful than dying
Yet I want to live
Where I've been lately ...
Em or Finn Dec 2018
I'm told it takes less muscles to smile
Yet I frown more

I have friends that want to hang out
Yet I stay in my room

The sun shines outside
Yet I hide in my shadows

I was born to live
Yet I long to die
Em or Finn Dec 2018
You feel like you've lost me
That I'm someone new
But I've always been this way
Just hiding from you

I was told I was a freak
That no one was like me
But that's when I found and became part of
the LGBT
Em or Finn Nov 2018
I'm isolated
I'm lonely
I'm lost
I'm gone

I don't know when I'll be back
But something tells me
That until I see something but black
I'll never be free

So here I wait
For someone to save me
Taking love as bait
That ends up being deadly

I'm isolated, lonely
Lost, gone
I don't see anything for me
You won't see me until your dawn
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