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Dec 2020 · 111
Think Fast
wandabitch Dec 2020
Pine needle shower
All over the deck
My brother above
Sweeps the roof
Pick ferns
For art
And write a poem

The house is gutted
A blank space
Where my
Memories once lived
Dec 2020 · 109
wandabitch Dec 2020
You’re a piece of sunshine on a cold day
           Standing in my vision to
                       Block out the doubt
                                      In my heart
                                          to the thought of your smile, surrounding lips
                        blowing the wind into your mouth
                   kissed and nearly missed
     with quick eyes
Dec 2020 · 139
wandabitch Dec 2020
I’ve been walking in the dessert
Sand still and deep

Shifting grains of humans
By animal instinct

My water is your water
We are to keep

And punished for
The ancestors plight
The sins

They spawned
Sep 2020 · 215
wandabitch Sep 2020
I came as fresh as pine
My skin deep in scars
Of amber sap.

Never before had the
Flesh been warn
By the stripe

You did strike and begin to
Muster up as lust does
An incubus within

Who took pride in
His body suit
So willful
To touch and sin

He takes up his chord a spell
A shadow of Black Mary
No boundaries
Between trust

And I serene in slumbers art?
Spoken for my dreams
Of spirits drift

A fire

Burns out circumstance to decision.
The back we scratch at 1:56
The  gorgon casts
A distinct stare.
Perv I thought was my friend feeling me up.
Jun 2020 · 110
I’m unhappy
wandabitch Jun 2020
About the *******
The safety net
The red white and blue is your
Dream to be better.
A myth, a legend,
Notorious in her sacrifice
Of black lives matter.
That your health, my health,
The guy at the corner holding
A please-feed-me-I’m-hungry
For change and the idea
We are somehow better
With a mask on
To keep sickness out.

Developed with capital gains
What about the amazons rains?
And wasn’t Australia on fire?
And didn’t we assassinate an
Iranian general?

We live it.
It’s nearly summer.

Mistrust of government officials  might as well be my tinder profile.
May 2020 · 319
artificial womb
wandabitch May 2020

You are old, born an enigma
Science fiction is your hate
Addiction is your love

You love death
Al you know is ***

My family is nothing
I am nothing

You are synthetic
A mind without a mother
A father is your gap

i asked several women about birth. all strangers. I encountered fear from an old womb, she lashed out at me, and i wrote this.
Jul 2019 · 254
wandabitch Jul 2019
Man that dog is Farrell
He got me like I’m single
Got a lighter for a lady
Come and say maybe
Spend some time with me
Show enough we keep
Stepping on a beat
Come dance with me
I think he got me on a leash
But I can speak fast
When my mind unwrapps
Bout to tap that
But walking in the street
Feels clean to me
Stopping on Ferret
Gonna win that bet
No ciggerettes please
But my lungs got needs

And I can’t stop thinking of you.
May 2019 · 538
Juice box
wandabitch May 2019
Wet and creamy
Sweat and cotton
Bike ride hot
And salty
my juice box
honey suckled
Ripe and hairy

Pass the straw
sip me up
May 2019 · 147
Fuck the police
wandabitch May 2019
And the rain hits me
When I’m biking through the city
Hot pavement smells and lucid dreaming
No luck when your luck runs thin
And your bank account is stolen
And fraud feels like running me down
Into the ground like the stank of the street
But I can brave the storm to find warmth among friends. Need to call a lawyer to make the pigs holler and lightning cracks again. Drinking up IPA so I can gain some liquid courage. It’s just another tavern on st. Charles.
What a day
May 2019 · 124
April Fools
wandabitch May 2019
You pull me in-and-out like ciggerete smoke on my tongue
Tear in my eye.
Queen Anne, the porch, the oak, look grim. My belly flips every time I see you. French doors rattle with street noise. The plants look thirsty, brittle, sorry.
The seed did not sew. Custom Taylored to fit my size. Growing pains in every stitch. April fools is such a *****.
May 2019 · 188
Beast of Loving
wandabitch May 2019
—rats run
April flowers
Sun weplt
Black cherry
Melody—so full of nothing.
Belly ache—
—rotten heart
Beast of loving
May 2019 · 142
Gasa Gasa
wandabitch May 2019
Female energy
Building, each
Bike ride pumping
Up my solid frame.
Sun so hot it sticks to your skin
A tecate kind of thinking.
Caught you inside my piece of mind
But my libido is soaking—and my tan burns.
May 2019 · 115
wandabitch May 2019
I feel like I’m steeping inside out of my mind
While you keep stride
Just getting on another bike ride
—peddling self doubt away—
Onto the levee to breathe
O’l Mississippi
Stares back at me
Coughing on my tongue
To bite you out
May 2019 · 88
wandabitch May 2019
I’ve got sun kissed skin from that
Hot *** tongue
Lick my lips like a cherry swollen and melted on the pavement floor.

Pick myself up from the strings of that guitar
My thighs are bruised with the thought of you
Played like an ***** on Sunday mornin

And I can’t read music.
Jan 2019 · 136
Premise to a poem
wandabitch Jan 2019
When the river sets in deep it turns
The valley steep
And I think I am bent between stones.

My mind is a holler and
I find no peace in solitude.

Stand with me in my double vision
I see clear what is missing
Inside a carton or two.

Bend and twist like a willow
Beside the river bed. Sultry and
Ancient the wind passing a gentle

A silent crow lands softly in the tree
It’s eyes black and mysterious
And a story untold to be.
Poem river story felling January mood
Sep 2018 · 202
wandabitch Sep 2018
Black mold holds its breathe
On the ceiling
These bedsheets are soft
And the bottle dry

Suffer in silence,
Mr. tobacco smile
Burning regret
Peels my skin.

I can hear my vagabond mind
I’ve got you in my thought

My breathe stinks up the air
As I stare at the ceiling
And it weighs
On me.
Sep 2018 · 212
summer winds
wandabitch Sep 2018
It’s been a long time sense I wrote anything down. Organized myself into thought.
Made my self alone and inspired by sound.
Been alone in a city our home
We made together
Pilgrims in love
And for a few my nights linger
Bright screams fill my eyes
Smoke and ***** my breath
Like the wind there
In the trees
A soft summer breeze
Even at the equator you
Can hear me
Aug 2018 · 179
Conversations at night
wandabitch Aug 2018
Mickey Mouse you get the crowd
They get you
I watch and feel inspired
We feel the level of acceptance
An atmosphere of questions
Where  we cross and ask each other
What’s the cost?
Is it worth it?
I can buy happiness?
The abyss is dark
And we look into it
Jun 2018 · 283
Delayed reactions
wandabitch Jun 2018
Sometimes I’m a ****
When I stay after work
At the bar
For a drink
Maybe two.

Just killing time
Spending my dime

And I forget to text you.

It’s hard to come home
When your asleep
I feel alone

Just want
A little
Jun 2018 · 179
Dead tongue
wandabitch Jun 2018
I am dying to see
Some bites of history
The language
That we speak
Is evolving.

Chris brown
A cultural icon
His music
Moves an ocean
Of people.

There is struggle
And man
But always growing☘️

In this dead tongue
I feel alive
These words
Are moving.
Jun 2018 · 218
wandabitch Jun 2018
A witch
A siren
A harpy

Sees the moonlight
On water
Like pearls

Like my memory
My sailor heart stirred
To the oceans

The water
Is deep
Is restless

Dark things live
These waves

The treasure
And kept

A journey
Most dangerous
And a dragon
Laid waste
Oct 2017 · 292
Number 19
wandabitch Oct 2017
My tooth aches in my mouth,
the space where it use to be.
A  gap
In me memory,
remembers my smile.
Oct 2017 · 230
wandabitch Oct 2017
My wish is a windmill in your list
Of things that must be done.
But I yearn and I feel,
More than you know.
and you know
Deep down
im half ****** up but I'm writing about myself and my biy in s son structure manner.
May 2016 · 607
Love hurts
wandabitch May 2016
I'm a symptom of life
I cry when it rains
And my mind is wet.
I write when I die
Each emotion
Larger than life.
Nothing can make
You love me,
Like I want
You to.

Even then,
It's a struggle to define.

Being as I am.
May 2016 · 518
My Pumas
wandabitch May 2016
Do you know what it's like to be young at heart?
To have a baby face?
And no one takes you seriously?
I do.
My man doesn't believe me. Hess fighting with me cuz I'm a *******.
I don't work when i say I do and
I buy classic Pumas that make me feel good.
It doesn't matter.
When I'm at the dive bar by myself
And the fools think I'm cute cute
When I'm sad.
What a night.
I said yes
A week ago.
And I thought
My shoes
We're fly.
Apr 2016 · 3.7k
Melody to a drunk asshole
wandabitch Apr 2016
I spend my days in money
My days off are in honey
I like it that way.

I like my tequila neat
And my baby sweet

But tonight,

It wasn't neat,
It wasn't sweet

It was *****.
Apr 2016 · 801
Jazz fest
wandabitch Apr 2016
2 Mexican coffees
A shot of makers mark
It was a **** night.

Moving to New Orleans
Has saved my life.

there is always bad
And sometimes there's good,
It hits  you like a salty wave.

Maybe I drink to much anyways-
Making my rent day to day,
At least I'm living
My way.
I'm feeling a little blue
Feb 2016 · 507
New Orlenas
wandabitch Feb 2016
in doubt do i know the reason
to make part of this promise
self expressed and won.

there is age like a sound drawn out
and there is youth in its prime
which track do i cross?

which path do i find.
contemplating moving and the life that follows.
Nov 2015 · 696
Where are you?
wandabitch Nov 2015
Encore five *****
Like a dollar stack of records
Original **** can be found here.

Old vinyl is heavy.
Like Siberian fox Sheba husky
No doubt

Original **** can be found here.

Getting off work,
Waiting for the first beer.
Something is off here,
Can you imagine the atmosphere? Vo beat du?.
German poem
Nov 2015 · 2.7k
The train
wandabitch Nov 2015
The train is out there blowing
bringing its horror around.
I'm waiting at the station
as it calls out that sound.
Dogs bark in distant haste
as they chase and howl.
I'm waiting at the station
As it calls out that sound.

That whistle strokes fright in me
And delights mixed eerie silence

The monsters are out prowlin
By the tracks feeling violent
Waiting for a girl like me

In the falls cool night,
Tabacoo to keep her company.
I'm trying to
Write a story about a
Train. This poem is d dedicated to that train of thought.
Oct 2015 · 402
Break Ups
wandabitch Oct 2015
we built this hearth from heart and stone,
and how it has overgrown.
the fire flowed like water and the water burned like heat.
the wind dragged fall leaves across the road
and then you left me.
Oct 2015 · 617
wandabitch Oct 2015
It's time again
To lean on my art
Fulfilling my doubts
And growing in heart.

The lines are so skewed
Between love and lust
Between moon to dusk
And the deep blue.

Within my ship you breathe
Filling up my sails
Pushing me out
To sea.

The waters are red,
Red enough to bleed.
This land sick mind
Feels afoot.
Feels good to be writing again.
Oct 2015 · 461
wandabitch Oct 2015
we danced in starlight
and slept in mirrors,
leaving our heads
and finding our spirits.
small cities and escape plans--
like sardines we piled into the metal,
viewing different slides of life.
chasing the echo of thought
pinned between railroads
as sharks to the sea,
salty and brine.
we landed in Midworld's bar,
stepping out of our skins
and into new cells.
like dna strands unwinding
in a sea of atoms.
holding together on a galactic
we wrote our own science fictions
but finding your body again,
is trickier.
Sep 2015 · 595
Stuck in between
wandabitch Sep 2015
It's time again
To lean on my art
Fulfilling my doubts
And growing in heart.

The lines are so skewed
Between love and lust
Between moon to dusk
And the deep blue.

Within my ship you breathe
Filling up my sails
Pushing me out
To sea.

The waters are red,
Red enough to bleed.
This land sick mind
Feels afoot.
#men #dumb
Jul 2015 · 373
wandabitch Jul 2015
The moon inside you aches
when my cold wind blows.
I can not shake its light
reflecting my own.

It's feels like winter calling,
On a hot July day.

It feels like winter calling,
In January we'll  be ready
Apr 2015 · 8.4k
wandabitch Apr 2015
The dawn dipped red the morning light,
Calling forth thundering spring just like
An ocean of storming clouds.

It cracked the sky's black heart.

The large eye socket of Thor
Stretched in gnarled greys,
Tailored in the howling winds,
Clawing the earth in Titan strength-
Drenched the ground in flooding tears.
It's storm season here in Arkansas.
Mar 2015 · 749
No Rest From The Wicked
wandabitch Mar 2015
May the father be at peace,
with what his daughter has sown.
May the demon dr. Naples,
have no rest from the sun.

Blistering in his sin, all his greed
weighs him down.

All the gold in his heart,
shackled his soul,
in contempt of the righteous,
will he fall from grace.

For those cursed in greed,
share no mercy in hell.

It blisters

Even now,
I can hear it,
But there is no rest for the wicked.

His transgressions meet no court.
And his madness and lust,
consume the whole earth.

He tears the ties of family,
And the bonds of love.

And may my wrath burn stronger still,
Death to your happiness-
be gone the joy in your life.

But there is no rest for the wicked,
not until you die.
In contempt for the wicked men of the earth. When justice serves not the law. When the good are trampled on. I feel my fathers heart, in my hands I carry it's hurt.  There will be revelation.
Mar 2015 · 1.8k
Barren Fork Creek
wandabitch Mar 2015
The water turned brown in the rain,
An eagle hangs in the maples arms above.
The toads jump green on shore,
The meander fills with shells,
Skipping stones and drift wood.
The current carries 500 feet per second.
The bait fish feast on flies,
Jumping into the air unrestrained and ignorant
While I carry the weight of the city,
Little town kayak holds me up,
A raft against the natural life
Beyond the reach of people,  
Only dead fish float down stream.
This is a mimic poem of Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy's Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota by James Wright.
Jan 2015 · 594
Who Dat
wandabitch Jan 2015
I watched you play Mr. Bones
with guitar and whisky breath.
and i thought
david brin wrote a book about you,
somewhere far in dark space.
where i heard you
calling out to me still
will there ever be a time
when you won't have to be my muse
Nov 2014 · 2.1k
Banshee Beat
wandabitch Nov 2014
What do we really gain from hard work and time,
But the dust of life and an intellect mind,
When will my bones grow down deep, Into the ground.

I can hear it in the distance
The sound of war, the true fight.

And I remember, the banshee beat.
Take it as you will
Oct 2014 · 8.4k
Princess of Mars
wandabitch Oct 2014
As mars calls out across the vast distance
I was drawn as a lode stone
To a particle of iron

To the bottom of a Dead Sea
Where green men take peace
With their young

Roaming Ancient race
In deserted cities and Dessert landscape
two moons and the River Iss
A new world

These are the tales of a dying planet
The princess of red men
And a far reached gentleman
Sailing ships on blue waters

Toward a different kind of love.
ode to Edgar Rice Burroughs
Sep 2014 · 309
Where do I begin?
wandabitch Sep 2014
Perhaps it has always been me
Set in the same pace.
its fall again and the leaves are hanging colors.
The wind has picked up
and the air
feels colder.
In retrospect the light dawn
slays the night,
and everything is clear.
Me and you are one of a kind.
Sep 2014 · 1.6k
old friends
wandabitch Sep 2014
Your eyes are so precise and accurate
The lens of your gaze
Deep thought


Each moment in time ;)
Full of life
The canvas is empty
/amber heart pouring out
I am yours.

little dragon you are pure
cursed in sight and gift
tossed in the September moon.

Words come undone by a silent muse.
we begin the journey. together we dive.
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
rock polisher
wandabitch Aug 2014
I wear expired butterfly wings
so beautiful and creature
to life.

I read on dragon breath
and dragon teeth.
in my delight.

There is a fire
my belly is full of it.

I'm soaking a stone to
reveal the inner things.

Mineral, deposit, protection, gift, greed, heart, soul, earth. love.

Beginning to feel under a spell

The creature awakens
bird speaks to bird.

stranger still is this life
i love turquoise so much. so much. I am beside myself with song.
Aug 2014 · 323
four year
wandabitch Aug 2014
rmy face has shrunken 5 times in my hands
been some time now,
and still im yours
now just run.
Aug 2014 · 642
we are just here, too look.
wandabitch Aug 2014
singing the same old tunes
to my broken notes
and woes so few.

this time has come
lettered out in gold
made me sigh
and limbs too shook.

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sit back down again.
you might find a small soul
Jul 2014 · 2.4k
Ghost in the shell
wandabitch Jul 2014
And here I am
Throwing yo Iin the bathroom
I'm a iiiye
If can't tell.

Why not choose me your
Love and thing
In use

You make me ****

It's a stand alone complex
Ghost in the shell
I'm not sure if I wrote the first part of this.  But the last stanza I wrote. It's mysterious and subtly I am attracted.
Jul 2014 · 5.5k
Isolated Speciation
wandabitch Jul 2014
Born naked from volcanic hands
clothed then by emerging plants
new songs carried on wings
ocean currents pull DNA strings

Evolvin in geologic dreams
island mother lays asleep
Ode to the Allopatric King
biologic poetry i take to much science and its reflected in my poetry. gwh
Jun 2014 · 1.9k
backyard state
wandabitch Jun 2014
for science,

today i watched a squirrel ***. It was awesome.
on the heart of a stump,
i saw a tree smile
upside down .

the tops were green
sky a blue,
the air was wet
rain felt cool.

conditions were perfect

life bloomed all around
sowing in seeds
from earth.

percheron champion pulling
the weight of the world.

the song from the robin
and dismantled harp.

conditions were perfect
'percheron; is a bread of horse that are extremely large, twice the size of average.

its still for science.
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
wandabitch Jun 2014
there is a mantle of color
on your shoulders;
held by the music
of your eyes.

framed by
the black and white
of time
drawn in the moments
of our lives.

blue and red
mix well
i hear.
kinda like us
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