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wandabitch Jan 2013
wandabitch Oct 2012
When you don’t know when to shut the door—
Someone slams it for you.
Then what?
Open the next one—
find your treasure box.
It’s difficult through when
all you get is a brick wall,
or a child who needs to grow up.

“You sir, are a savage. Caught me in the woods—
and I more like the rabbit you shot for Harvest moon.”
That thirsty water becomes summer gaze—
dark tides take those eyes away.
Hexasize they say is just a phrase
but I don’t see why when its---
Hansel and Grettle or
Wormwood in Screwtape Letters or
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
wandabitch Jan 2013
I've wandered in garbage and tasted mirages
Sweet and tempting lie,
This place makes me question why,
Why this, why that,
What happened to class?
Did it disappear on a distant lore?
Did it choke on promises at the morgue?
Oh travelor, of outer space
And the most intimate chase
-the heart.
Twisted in a goblins fold
Wicked devil of the soul;
How sad.
To be Alone,
How terrible the stories told
-in laughter.
Just to keep from frowning,
Gravity does not exist.
To hold together this fragile wish
- Of contact.
Earthlings are all the same,
But Jupiter shares my name.
We've stormed inside a red delight,
We've cried in arms so tight!
And now he is so far away...
And now there remains only shame,
It's been awhile but I feel refreshed and transformed, comments appreciated. (Very difficult to edit on phone)
wandabitch Nov 2013
photogenic smiles and true to the few
we take the flashing light and run with it.
pinned up in time and backed up hard drives
remember us when were gone.

repressed and tied too this one life
always reaching for visibility
to give a life worth feeling
in a single frame.

what every second means to the hand
holding moments temporal.
hold, laugh, smile.

camera cued and magic fuse
superstitious  and wild,
hung with glowing eyes.
wandabitch May 2019
You pull me in-and-out like ciggerete smoke on my tongue
Tear in my eye.
Queen Anne, the porch, the oak, look grim. My belly flips every time I see you. French doors rattle with street noise. The plants look thirsty, brittle, sorry.
The seed did not sew. Custom Taylored to fit my size. Growing pains in every stitch. April fools is such a *****.
wandabitch Feb 2013
I read you like a letter
my white out bottle is empty,
oh the words you wrote are so simple.

yet the music of it turns my back to a melody
so sweet.

so i read a thank you for listening
and pull a hole of Persephone
and go into the winter,
a silence.

when you caught a child's thrill
in a bottle for ships to crash,
upon broken dreams
and endless understanding.

can you listen to the distant call
a siren of bombs to go off,
my constant beat mistreats,
the world aloft to greater things.

i ask only because you ask
wandabitch Oct 2012
Indian soul I want your bow
Weapon of peace
Instrument of thieves
Gift of the gods
Curse of the slaves
Children of fate
Revenge finds thee
Sets you free
Rest now
wandabitch May 2020

You are old, born an enigma
Science fiction is your hate
Addiction is your love

You love death
Al you know is ***

My family is nothing
I am nothing

You are synthetic
A mind without a mother
A father is your gap

i asked several women about birth. all strangers. I encountered fear from an old womb, she lashed out at me, and i wrote this.
wandabitch May 2019
I feel like I’m steeping inside out of my mind
While you keep stride
Just getting on another bike ride
—peddling self doubt away—
Onto the levee to breathe
O’l Mississippi
Stares back at me
Coughing on my tongue
To bite you out
wandabitch Jan 2013
There be a hurricane
upon the horizon blows,
and salted by a foggy sigh
a pirate's patched eye knows.

That daring sails make a tale
in search of treasures afar,
but warning too a flagging muse
and so shall you part.

It is the rain of torrential fear
that will chill you to the bone,
oh, Black Beard of the seven seas
twas heard his ghastly moan.

And rightly with this cue
wandering few with a compass know,
the starry light a guide of night
will always map a way home.
didn't know i could have proper structure did you? :]
wandabitch Jun 2014
for science,

today i watched a squirrel ***. It was awesome.
on the heart of a stump,
i saw a tree smile
upside down .

the tops were green
sky a blue,
the air was wet
rain felt cool.

conditions were perfect

life bloomed all around
sowing in seeds
from earth.

percheron champion pulling
the weight of the world.

the song from the robin
and dismantled harp.

conditions were perfect
'percheron; is a bread of horse that are extremely large, twice the size of average.

its still for science.
wandabitch Nov 2014
What do we really gain from hard work and time,
But the dust of life and an intellect mind,
When will my bones grow down deep, Into the ground.

I can hear it in the distance
The sound of war, the true fight.

And I remember, the banshee beat.
Take it as you will
wandabitch Mar 2015
The water turned brown in the rain,
An eagle hangs in the maples arms above.
The toads jump green on shore,
The meander fills with shells,
Skipping stones and drift wood.
The current carries 500 feet per second.
The bait fish feast on flies,
Jumping into the air unrestrained and ignorant
While I carry the weight of the city,
Little town kayak holds me up,
A raft against the natural life
Beyond the reach of people,  
Only dead fish float down stream.
This is a mimic poem of Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy's Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota by James Wright.
wandabitch Jan 2013
I am goodbye this fear of the world,
Gravity hurts in a whispered word.
Take back choice and laugh on through.
Art darts and target hearts
Can sing the blues,
But not like
The gift

Taking lessons in the outer rim
Grounded to the earth
And then,
With a flip I change the pen,
To stir the thought that
Dwell within.

With form drawn to
Bend and twist,
As the fire
A poet's sin.

Dying with random misfortune.
And missery.
Charmed the last time.
wandabitch Oct 2012
In the night, those shadows come alive. So little do i know about this heavy doubt.
Cold wind biting the heart. Trying to figure out where I've been.
Dark winter pulls me closer, now theres a place i'm thinking into the air.
A voice calling, "Who knows but that which seems omitted today, waits for tomorrow?"

Nothing is as it seams, just as beauty leans from the earth in a sunset--a harp for the soul to sing.
But You are life and you are the veil.
Beauty is eternity gazing at her self
But you are eternity and you are the mirror.
And if you want to know truth retire of solving riddles.

We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way,
begin no day where we have ended another day;
and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.
Even while the earth sleeps we travel,
back into dreams.

Ay, my bow rests on my chest.
There is the flame spirit among a starry mountainside.
Oh it was but yesterday we met in a dream. You watched as I built a ship towards your shore.

My spirit goes wandering upon the wind, off to the desert sands, deep beneath the ocean's sound.
I am the gypsey and the fortuneteller, liken an honest thief. No I'm the myth builder and dream master.

who laughs with me when I destroy,
the sand castles of my innocence. The
sun warming my back just as the wicked, and drawing my image locked in a shadow.

Here the soul a battlefield, where
reason and passion become one.
they are the sails of my seafaring soul.

There I found the naked body of my dreams, in silent sleep my spriit walked the path.
I am the star-gazer who feels the power of endlessness, Aware of timelessness and
neverending space. The love in me still
present amidst the scattered fires that
burn in black ink.

Just as the caveman draws his fears on lost walls, speaking of misfortune and
treasures gallore.  A fantom ghost in Hade's Fate.
Now my ship wanders forever on a pearlous course but never sinking.
wandabitch May 2019
—rats run
April flowers
Sun weplt
Black cherry
Melody—so full of nothing.
Belly ache—
—rotten heart
Beast of loving
wandabitch Jan 2014
What is it to be righteous? To walk in godliness and purity? To hold the heart of God like the bride?
I'll admit I've felt complacent, disbelief, and traitorous. My own efforts alone have not filled my cup. But as I've fallen, as I've grown in mercy and understanding.
I recognize the shell of this existence. The temporal wasting of my eyes. I feel my lovers heart and still I want more. Not from selfish desire but because I've felt the inner working of the spirit!
The everlasting father. The bridegrooms love. And the Kings will for my life. After that, there is emptiness. A quaint shadow in the smile of beauty and passion.
All this rest inside my brain, my reasoning mind ticks with thoughtfulness. Reaching with my words to the universal will untouchable. Touchable. Touch me.
Show me. Move in me. Speak to me in my heart. God I want to know that love again. The infinity of your fire burning away my sin.

And it's odd, as I pull my bible out of its cold box. Plastered to Fear And loathing in Las Vegas. I guess I am afraid of what I'll learn. I can't keep ignoring this turbulent hope. But the promise that you are always with me. Gives me strength.
wandabitch Nov 2013
they burned acts 21 just to feel closer to enlightenment,
they danced on rooftops so they could feel the light of stars,
if only though a telescope.

at the moment of lost translation there is no hope for
western civilization.

and here i gather my sandwich in deep thought.
wandabitch Nov 2012
I wanted to enlist as an army babe, but i can take-care-of-my-self,
stay healthy as a tree, no more frantic order's like "Smeeeaaaag?!?"
Just a girl who wanted to be a penguin and swim free,
of the trap of an incomplete mind.

Walls of neutral yellow and beige, as a
sunflower soaks the rays of,
seasonal depression;

lost in this endless sea of confusion.
Is there really dedication, reflects blue eyes of Lilies socket's,
does Eternity really exist?

As a blown kiss,
a wishing well

The heart is the only gate,
gushing feelings and
simple beatings,
masks this face of shy Grace.

As thundering pride takes over,
build a dynasty and touch the heavens,
as dove on wings, crowned in Gold,
I've found the Soul.

In the lake this treasure keeps
as a door swings open,
step'n on through to morning.
Finding super power's at twilight daze,
****** onto the writer's play.
I fear my magnet spins a compass    round
                     and round
and round.....
wandabitch Feb 2013
what darkness hides in a black eye
sinking light to sleep.

what beauty dies in a dream
awakens to hells breach.

what emptiness lies at the door
of a soul that has no words.

what telescope touches the sky
to discover the end of stars.

and what is the meaning of all this
when heavens collide with death.
wandabitch Mar 2014
the winter has shed tears for the year, seeding ambition in soil.
my daffodils remember to spring. folding inside a
hot bed of bacteria.

i turn and bend in tuned to chronic aches.
each twist in the tree around time
caught a glimpse
of lighting showers.  

this garden is filled with dead leaves.

the first bloom of heat.
sparks, a summer fire.
i feel the current of conversation within me
electricity snaps in every slur of my tongue
wandabitch Nov 2012
pale indian pride flushes my lies,
burned lips of wine staining kisses
no blemish makes less,
my molded science stitches,
that loves needle sowed into itches.
Now an ache a need a hole to be filled
that i wish my heart could mend.
Bleeding out to reach the color of desire
that only you could start the fire.
It spreads in the Blue veins tattooing
your own threaded pain.
that's when you know your mine forever.
wandabitch Nov 2012
I paint my face with clay
Of the river bed,
Let my tears wash into the bay
As the ocean spreads,
What a magical potion
In every emotion,

*Drink Me up.
wandabitch Nov 2012
I'm coming out of a summer haze
Dropped now like the Fall's leaves,
Not the same girl
Dozing at noon, and,
Who forgets the most important things.
Dreaming more now then when asleep,
Like driving down a long sunny day,
No shades of grey.
Grinding my love in a broken song.
wandabitch Dec 2012
yours and mine
don't call me on that besides,
you might not like me anymore.

i minest well brag, im 52
and i can honestly say i've never gone out on another woman.

I'm a one man woman, i go from one to the other,
i don't do that bouncing back and forth.


It all goes back to fear I thought, as I came back to my life.

              survival takes hold and we make a compromise,
              i'll do the work that has to be done,
              have to share the load of time.
wandabitch Oct 2015
we built this hearth from heart and stone,
and how it has overgrown.
the fire flowed like water and the water burned like heat.
the wind dragged fall leaves across the road
and then you left me.
wandabitch Dec 2013
What the hello!
Columbia coffee------------- makes my head spin
                              Out of              my mind
My stomach sick
My cheeks chewe(d)
Like Ice
been ****** up  up  up
into a Splenda brew
                 Pinched straw
                    my nerves
                       a mess
That's why I don't drink coffee....blast the cold  for  pushing me to it! Do not understand coffee junkies at all.
wandabitch May 2014
you carry your art like an
empty canvas,
waiting for the roses
to be painted

there's blood in it.
love is the message. 20w
wandabitch Nov 2013
I envy modern arts
****** pigmented *******.

Watching blue waves of smoke roll off the heaters  blow
As I kiss you with my stale beer breath.

We are humans. Hydrogen and bonded.

By each moment.

Even as I chase you down for one last cigarette,
Vietnam is running out.
wandabitch Nov 2012
I've been touched with immortal sighs in a foggy dream,
I feel the change of the season like a grabbing hand.
Eros of desire you played with the dessert Darkness.
As a storm comes from the abyss so shall the sky from the earth.
Lightning father and memory mother, trying to find the best bet.
Good environment and a lot of energy,
I rest.
wandabitch Oct 2012
Telling the story of passion, death, and virtue.
Tracking deception with freedom's lies.
The Traveler passed through that timeless veil
between here and there,
the spaces
between the fantastic delusional minds.

That a hunter has when tracking
down an accomplished plan.
Caught in a Blue Galactic Storm.
The Unicorn said.
"Mind your own business the rest of us don't give a ****.”
Yet just as the wheels of the stars keep on turning--
on the heels of a planet surfing the Universes tides.

There will always be cycles-
and sometimes it happens
that they collide-such is the power of the Muse.

My story is one of tragedy and despair,
with malice and Discord, Regret and Guilty Shame.
Swallowed by the darkness empty and Dead.
Yet out of nothing sprang Life--
fear to Hope Hate to Love, Recklessness to Responsibility,
now I'm changing the tide.
With arrows sharp words that fill the Night sky.

Once again finding the Magic in these threads-weaving a world I've known and dread. Always mocked by the Queen of Hearts, hunting, desiring;


But Truth and Memory found the way.
A ghost shell that’s crossed the Styx of the Grave,
The Muse inside no longer be spelled drifting now to unsure shores,
Just as Dante mapped out Hell, so will I my tale:
Psyche (Human Soul) captive
to the Ice of Pluto-shed no tears.
This prison made flesh by mortal
woe-lost, forgotten,
But Morpheus came to me then.
"You still have your Dreams."
Then the madness came looming.
The facts blurred and suddenly Phoebe appeared:
with a playful far off expression.
*"Oh Persephone, mourn the falling leaves, for it is the last of them you will see.”
wandabitch Oct 2013
my lips fill with ash and dead sins of popular voice.
sunk forward by shredded noise and spin
further into a stale wine.

caught tongue in cheek and words to speak
a cup of your liking.
was it a just a minor sapling to ignore?

oh ghostly tidings,
i found the lark falling into blackness.
mirrored sightings of maddening spores,
the fall full of darling ******.

inviting and pleading a forward sound of feeling
that no longer could ignore.

the chance of silence to be explored.
wandabitch Apr 2014
Anthropogenic climate change
Nuclear fallout Chernobyl  
Raptors flourish
And wolves

Catfish swimming
In a cooling eye
Grown old and untouchable
By mans wills.

Rusty ships
Roam free.

Storks in their nests
The cheval de prjevalski
Dye without mercy

The fallout from time
A call to restore
A broken land.

The wolves cry
The wolves cry
wandabitch Oct 2013
Do not disturb a father's promise
to a man
three times the size,
of age as tradition requires.

Do not be stunned at a ******'s gold
who seeks
his child ******,
or even a mother's approving eye
to bloodied sheets her shamed pride.

Family honor-must-be- fulfilled.

Yet what duty of cowards can protect a young life?
who shall
spoil the
naive mind.

And what radical deviant cries that her vows were lies,
a sanctioned marriage under desquise.

To delude the chance of hope--
Najood Ali
made her plea before a
of empathy.

"Divorce my torment and misery,
I am not made for property."

Do not force--righteous anger,
                        As a stone disturbs the water.
And so radical is she, that inspired a community,
                      Love is not a dollar.

Deprive one of her scholar
          in place of
                   pre-mature mother,
                          makes not the smiling bride.

And why shall daughters
the chance to grow with
Tis is the world,
                        a male-order.

And so the Islam burns her flesh
                                                           ­  to purify
                           the abused mess
Take away all her
This flaw a
                                                    human disaster.
wandabitch Sep 2013
Was it the race to be my own entity that launched the first probe?
Curious and wandering what happens to the soul,
Where magic meets reality and the engineer of all things,
Resting at the birth of childhoods end.

With a spaceship ride to heavenly tides towards the event horizon
Born in the skin an astronaut spins deeper into the night,
To find what was and what is and will everything be alright?

Just to sink further in the hope to send
A message to the father.
There's no place like home and in the unknown
Can feel like a memory shattered,
It's a galaxy made of dead star things that build a life of matter.
wandabitch May 2019
I’ve got sun kissed skin from that
Hot *** tongue
Lick my lips like a cherry swollen and melted on the pavement floor.

Pick myself up from the strings of that guitar
My thighs are bruised with the thought of you
Played like an ***** on Sunday mornin

And I can’t read music.
wandabitch Mar 2014
what a day
spinning out into you

going all the way
in the heat

i am older
day to day

stilling. falling back
to a wasteful way

plucked raw
round a sound
of destiny,

getting lost
taken now
what will
what will be.

out within Jupiter's moon.


this is not your fight.

get excited.

I loved you the same place we started out.
apologize "very sincerely"
wandabitch Dec 2012
Did I mention how much I love you?
When you saved me from my daemons in a winter cold,
When the gods denied me redemption and hope...
Not just another glove to fit upon the hand
With complexity of a lie yet sure to shine
Before it all.

As a diamond in the ruff
A precious
Rain cloud for the dried up cracks
In dessert heat.
The sky always staring down at me.
Another shadow to the day sleeps...

Do I know the time of fate?
Can I foresee the future's song,
On a fiddlers thumb.
Let's hope not
wandabitch Dec 2013
It is. Obsession
With destruction
It is. Denial
Of the truth
It is. Death
Chasing after you.

Be it. Unfaithful
The promise made
Be it. Hatred
Of who you are

It is not. The end
You are not dead
It is not. Worthy
To make amends

The coin. Rattling
Inside your head
The coin. Fiend
And deceitful friend

Will not stop.
Using you
Will not stop.
Fooling you
Will not stop.
Abusing you

Until your dead

And I love you
We love you
God loves you

So forget the numb
Feel the world
And it's misery
Feel the life
And all it's blessings.

Because I've made
the same mistakes
And now I'm so
Much more

Because of the choices I've made
And let me tell you coin is not the way.
Addiction is an epidemic of the soul
wandabitch Apr 2013
jack frost was out to get you
to drunk to make my toes warm.
the deer stand needed to be thawed
out anyways.
too bad we missed the music
somehow it seemed warmer
once, I got a popsickle
when it snows it snows
it smells like winter
January makes me hot sometimes
wandabitch Aug 2018
Mickey Mouse you get the crowd
They get you
I watch and feel inspired
We feel the level of acceptance
An atmosphere of questions
Where  we cross and ask each other
What’s the cost?
Is it worth it?
I can buy happiness?
The abyss is dark
And we look into it
wandabitch Oct 2012
Man lives on the surface with protected structures
against all foreign object of seperate opinions.
you see, we have a lighthouse that makes us see
into the stormy night of dreams,
Is there life on Mars or is it just me?
wandabitch Jun 2014
there is a mantle of color
on your shoulders;
held by the music
of your eyes.

framed by
the black and white
of time
drawn in the moments
of our lives.

blue and red
mix well
i hear.
kinda like us
wandabitch Oct 2013
I can't give it up
The first day. I saw you cry.
The way the hurt.
Stung those eyes. It ate me up.
Why are you afraid?

Of me, I see.
Bleeding heart wide,
Your face is pale.
Before collision

The day you met me.
I drowned.
wandabitch Jun 2018
I am dying to see
Some bites of history
The language
That we speak
Is evolving.

Chris brown
A cultural icon
His music
Moves an ocean
Of people.

There is struggle
And man
But always growing☘️

In this dead tongue
I feel alive
These words
Are moving.
wandabitch Apr 2013
walking out in the after glow
thrown about in the drunk beyond,
looking for my wandering dog
laid out upon the ground.

battle scars black and blue
scratched up knees -all for you,
that fence post did me in.

shrouded in a dark disguise
my eyes did lie,
and down my pride goes.

please come home soon.
wandabitch Nov 2013
I am dirt. I am *****
full of earth worms squirming.

I am light. I am lightening
sky always storming.

I am wind. I am winded
currents keep on blowin.

I am life. I am living
death brings new beginnings.

This is earth this is mother
Make me whole make me shudder.

Let me take. Take your heart
Be apart of your chemistry
Make a way to destiny.
wandabitch Oct 2012
Each night I sit and wait for the day, like a faithful lover waiting for pay. I think, why can't you complete what you need. Why is it your always asking silly things?
There is no resolution. there is only the solution.
and that is a complicated thing.

I'm in awe of the power
that makes bees flower

and I know you know about me.
wandabitch Jun 2018
Sometimes I’m a ****
When I stay after work
At the bar
For a drink
Maybe two.

Just killing time
Spending my dime

And I forget to text you.

It’s hard to come home
When your asleep
I feel alone

Just want
A little
wandabitch Oct 2012
Here it is all I’ve ever known
Like a treasure lost and gone
To the sea the Pirate pleas
Curse the Maker!
The early light breaks and hits
Your skin just right,
I know I’ll miss the things
We said, the blankets soft a nice warm bed,
Stay a little longer.
Darkness cannot touch a burning fire!
Dripping down my legs we melt together…
Waxed out with all the pleasure.
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