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11.9k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
In the night, those shadows come alive. So little do i know about this heavy doubt.
Cold wind biting the heart. Trying to figure out where I've been.
Dark winter pulls me closer, now theres a place i'm thinking into the air.
A voice calling, "Who knows but that which seems omitted today, waits for tomorrow?"

Nothing is as it seams, just as beauty leans from the earth in a sunset--a harp for the soul to sing.
But You are life and you are the veil.
Beauty is eternity gazing at her self
But you are eternity and you are the mirror.
And if you want to know truth retire of solving riddles.

We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way,
begin no day where we have ended another day;
and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.
Even while the earth sleeps we travel,
back into dreams.

Ay, my bow rests on my chest.
There is the flame spirit among a starry mountainside.
Oh it was but yesterday we met in a dream. You watched as I built a ship towards your shore.

My spirit goes wandering upon the wind, off to the desert sands, deep beneath the ocean's sound.
I am the gypsey and the fortuneteller, liken an honest thief. No I'm the myth builder and dream master.

who laughs with me when I destroy,
the sand castles of my innocence. The
sun warming my back just as the wicked, and drawing my image locked in a shadow.

Here the soul a battlefield, where
reason and passion become one.
they are the sails of my seafaring soul.

There I found the naked body of my dreams, in silent sleep my spriit walked the path.
I am the star-gazer who feels the power of endlessness, Aware of timelessness and
neverending space. The love in me still
present amidst the scattered fires that
burn in black ink.

Just as the caveman draws his fears on lost walls, speaking of misfortune and
treasures gallore.  A fantom ghost in Hade's Fate.
Now my ship wanders forever on a pearlous course but never sinking.
11.8k · Oct 2012
Wild Fire
wandabitch Oct 2012
Here comes a fire burning, put it out with water and you'll save from drowning. Yes with all that indian pride, and ghostly tails beside. You're still just a wolf howling. Back at that mountain side, the gold down in the creek just waiting. Now it is the time!
Ideas just keep spinning, thoughts and feelings viewed like subliminal waves to the brain. the mythos enchanting, it all is believing. Now, taking up the arrows to steal a look at your master. Wishing harder. oh but your troubles are there, and your devotion unpared.  So tell me, do you still want satisfaction? I could do without the bashing. Remember well the planet's storming cloud and know that you are found. The whisper you hear is showing, a dream of all your phoebos. The globe palmed and the stars your home.
  Wait. Don't look anyfurther, all you need is laughter; fixing any disaster. They call it, silence. And it stole my brother. My friend, even the hot glow that once filled my soul. How could I not know that it mattered? Wait, do you hear that sound? It's louder than before! Am I normal? Of course not! I'm as unique as the space that falls between leaves! The universe is everything, Artemis hunting, Apollo flirting. Now do you see what I mean?
Your light is reflecting and I sink in the white moon. Oh Sirius the dog star of your master fallen. I know the pain of loving. Embodied with the essencee of apparent contradictions, I go on searching. The pack always watching. Life feeds on Life.
8.4k · Apr 2015
wandabitch Apr 2015
The dawn dipped red the morning light,
Calling forth thundering spring just like
An ocean of storming clouds.

It cracked the sky's black heart.

The large eye socket of Thor
Stretched in gnarled greys,
Tailored in the howling winds,
Clawing the earth in Titan strength-
Drenched the ground in flooding tears.
It's storm season here in Arkansas.
8.4k · Oct 2014
Princess of Mars
wandabitch Oct 2014
As mars calls out across the vast distance
I was drawn as a lode stone
To a particle of iron

To the bottom of a Dead Sea
Where green men take peace
With their young

Roaming Ancient race
In deserted cities and Dessert landscape
two moons and the River Iss
A new world

These are the tales of a dying planet
The princess of red men
And a far reached gentleman
Sailing ships on blue waters

Toward a different kind of love.
ode to Edgar Rice Burroughs
6.8k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
Who knew the soft breeze
Was merely a tease
And sunrise a false fire,
The waters once calmer
Inviting and promised
A siren’s calling horror.
Quiet Lake a liar,

My God has watched the wind turn and many a son die, though I did not pay attention to deaths jealous eye.
The shock grasps and pulls until you know its true,
The best of us was taken
And I was left to you
The shadow on his chin in that early golden glow,
stuck inside the tent I did not know.
That the paddle of their canoe through the calm breeze would be
the last I’d see--
Island time clocks slow like a grief as it grows and regret in often company.
Who gives a **** island was stretched from shore to shore,
Divided by that cold wet demon
A womb of lost children, a watery graveyard.
All for smoke and fire they paddled their canoe
One beached on land like a salty sailor
The other exiled to hells blue.

The tragedy—whose heart weighted in gold left my copper soul rusted, the brakeman sold the purest human I’d known and grief clocks slow when you keep waiting for his body to surface.
6.5k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
Telling the story of passion, death, and virtue.
Tracking deception with freedom's lies.
The Traveler passed through that timeless veil
between here and there,
the spaces
between the fantastic delusional minds.

That a hunter has when tracking
down an accomplished plan.
Caught in a Blue Galactic Storm.
The Unicorn said.
"Mind your own business the rest of us don't give a ****.”
Yet just as the wheels of the stars keep on turning--
on the heels of a planet surfing the Universes tides.

There will always be cycles-
and sometimes it happens
that they collide-such is the power of the Muse.

My story is one of tragedy and despair,
with malice and Discord, Regret and Guilty Shame.
Swallowed by the darkness empty and Dead.
Yet out of nothing sprang Life--
fear to Hope Hate to Love, Recklessness to Responsibility,
now I'm changing the tide.
With arrows sharp words that fill the Night sky.

Once again finding the Magic in these threads-weaving a world I've known and dread. Always mocked by the Queen of Hearts, hunting, desiring;


But Truth and Memory found the way.
A ghost shell that’s crossed the Styx of the Grave,
The Muse inside no longer be spelled drifting now to unsure shores,
Just as Dante mapped out Hell, so will I my tale:
Psyche (Human Soul) captive
to the Ice of Pluto-shed no tears.
This prison made flesh by mortal
woe-lost, forgotten,
But Morpheus came to me then.
"You still have your Dreams."
Then the madness came looming.
The facts blurred and suddenly Phoebe appeared:
with a playful far off expression.
*"Oh Persephone, mourn the falling leaves, for it is the last of them you will see.”
6.3k · Nov 2012
wandabitch Nov 2012
It hurts when your made up of naked love
your heart tied in fake smiles and lies,
you up

Sicken with desire trying to find a doctor,
who'll make it all right.

he'll tune you up

fixed new threads
that make you wet

Reflections of winners masks the regret,
who will guide this ship?

My sails feel like they're ripped
but to be honest
my spring is kind
of sprung

I am a monster,
a surfer girl
on salty seas.

nervous when the sun ends.
6.1k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
It is just a fact:

My heart is a beached whale
Sitting on a dying sun,
Waiting on the tide to come,
There's a fisherman and a hook
Trying to catch me all day
Moving his Life on a raft
On top of the ocean’s spray
Those mermaids been teasing for a ****.

Swinging feet on a lunar bench
Twilight knocking me off,
Clouds softly catching a melon lost
Sleeping to a dream I knew would

Space Fire I believe
is a red comet in love.

What are we worth?
but precious hearts in a
cold dark
we find warmth in the fire
fed with desire
together we can make a great spark.

stranger to far off lands,
looking back at what i had.
falling forward into quicker sands,
holding on im scared to stand.
ugly moon grabs her tides,
thrusting me onward to black skies,
and i know i know i know,
theres life on mars...
5.7k · Apr 2014
wandabitch Apr 2014
Anthropogenic climate change
Nuclear fallout Chernobyl  
Raptors flourish
And wolves

Catfish swimming
In a cooling eye
Grown old and untouchable
By mans wills.

Rusty ships
Roam free.

Storks in their nests
The cheval de prjevalski
Dye without mercy

The fallout from time
A call to restore
A broken land.

The wolves cry
The wolves cry
5.5k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
Just a sandy pirate stealing my dreams
and I watched the Kraken sing,
waves crashing to destroy order
chaos laughing at my failure.

Just finding gratitude in a melody that
cleaned shame and inadequacy.
But also nightmares and shades
haunting my security, like a pac-man to his ghost meat.

Taunting the hope in side that it would subside
A dream within a dream within a dream....
5.5k · Jul 2014
Isolated Speciation
wandabitch Jul 2014
Born naked from volcanic hands
clothed then by emerging plants
new songs carried on wings
ocean currents pull DNA strings

Evolvin in geologic dreams
island mother lays asleep
Ode to the Allopatric King
biologic poetry i take to much science and its reflected in my poetry. gwh
5.2k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
Oh dear blue moon i've seen you loom down by the lake, your sight caught me up as I swam head up and looked into your face. Im all lost in you the water is deep blue but the fog makes a misty wake, as they steam from the trees a nightly tease drifting towards endless space... i can't break free i can't break free, i know what the wolf sees. When fully awake no one can shake the mystic light you beam, I crave the wander that leads me further into that dreamless sleep, a trance and peaceful scene that lifts my spirits far from me and off to your crater surface. I know the sky so blank and dry is equally washed in beauty,

the silence so still keeps me thrilled and my heart will not stop pounding.
4.1k · Jun 2014
wandabitch Jun 2014
I've quit the killing-
another addiction
my convictions
are open bare.

forgetting what its like,
to deal with stress and the like
without nicotines merciful smile

perfect timing i would say
now that math makes up my days
and work the latter of my nights

i've no form for this urge
that pulls inside
rung out like a sponge
wanting water.

elixir of toxins
heath risks
and iron lungs
chained and yet
so free.

how long can i resist your cough?
what is a poet without a cigarette? a healthy poet. ugh
4.1k · Nov 2012
wandabitch Nov 2012
I wanted to enlist as an army babe, but i can take-care-of-my-self,
stay healthy as a tree, no more frantic order's like "Smeeeaaaag?!?"
Just a girl who wanted to be a penguin and swim free,
of the trap of an incomplete mind.

Walls of neutral yellow and beige, as a
sunflower soaks the rays of,
seasonal depression;

lost in this endless sea of confusion.
Is there really dedication, reflects blue eyes of Lilies socket's,
does Eternity really exist?

As a blown kiss,
a wishing well

The heart is the only gate,
gushing feelings and
simple beatings,
masks this face of shy Grace.

As thundering pride takes over,
build a dynasty and touch the heavens,
as dove on wings, crowned in Gold,
I've found the Soul.

In the lake this treasure keeps
as a door swings open,
step'n on through to morning.
Finding super power's at twilight daze,
****** onto the writer's play.
I fear my magnet spins a compass    round
                     and round
and round.....
4.0k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
I fear I have the madness that breaks the wolfs lungs, to cry with utter sadness to the lone Moons glow
This change it seems is sudden but makes the body feel transformed,
Into a monster.
The Wolf Man is real!
And then my lips turn dangerous
Fang Kisses only
I’ll bite your neck
And hide from God’s eye all for my craving blood thirst
Death may never separate my flesh eating
Face from you
I’ll eat your brains for breakfast!
And Bury myself with you
3.9k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
A domino pile are my notebooks
and the bottom thoughts
hold my wand.

Unleashed with certain and schemes,
the past asking what ends meets means.
Walking somewhere
going through,

But be careful to slay the monster,
what a story can become.
Once the swift master,
now a slave to my dog.

The Archer and Orion,
Apollo and Venus shining.
Battle for my sake.

It is, there minds and souls
weaved from foxed cloves
the slip in space and rhyme.

Just in my skin as a stitch
and storm to sailor's plight,
"Oh my captain, Ishmael
Sank into the night!"

Leaning Tower now breaks
opened window to the sunrise.

Tap. Tap.

Went the sound of ink,
Ocean breathes me
I breathe the sea
princess and
3.8k · Oct 2012
Gypsy Heart
wandabitch Oct 2012
you know what I think,
it ain't about doing things your way. See i got this part of my being, stuck in my gut, hole in my heart feeling, that you want less than that.
That I'll be entertained by your muscles of *******, or silent when i watch from dreams and...
forget it.
Let me turn the other way, watch babylon pray, its just another day.
People so small we make telescopes large and look for our creator, but see its apart of me.
I think, when i look at trees they look like faces, the ocean's breath awakens things. I forgot long ago.
And atoms are just empty spaces, so what do you think holds it all?
Nothing? or are we just nothing...
Oh but let me tell you I feel today! Like Artemis hunting her prey, tell me, is it nothing or am I a cosmic puppet? Blast it, I loose myself in the meaning;
Oh right, you don't-know-me.
and it is a veil that separates our fates, to clouds that wait, for my soul.
Or a stranger that you'll never know.
3.7k · Apr 2016
Melody to a drunk asshole
wandabitch Apr 2016
I spend my days in money
My days off are in honey
I like it that way.

I like my tequila neat
And my baby sweet

But tonight,

It wasn't neat,
It wasn't sweet

It was *****.
3.2k · Apr 2013
wandabitch Apr 2013
when we laugh we cry
into a comic masterpiece.
in slow motion we control
what moulds peace
into a letter.

what touch soon grows
attached to the soul

to close and yet far away
metallic bonds the
cigarette to the hour  glass

and i fold
this is what must be said, about the electrons
that thread,
our lives into a piece of art.
3.1k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
Each night I sit and wait for the day, like a faithful lover waiting for pay. I think, why can't you complete what you need. Why is it your always asking silly things?
There is no resolution. there is only the solution.
and that is a complicated thing.

I'm in awe of the power
that makes bees flower

and I know you know about me.
3.1k · Feb 2013
wandabitch Feb 2013
Shade shifter, turn-me-red.
Master the colors and trick
the disguiser--
morphing electric skin.

Make novelty probing
into the dark
Shake suiters with perfect
control, of all the senses.

In a savage land, or a rare
spectacle of courage
no under sea mountain
is too strong.

Or ocean to shallow
to fill the hole,
A schism dares to thunder.

In a serene wave
watched by a moon's
cyclops gaze.
2.7k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
I hear the quiet cry, inside a sleeping sigh
Whisper of toxic love
Promising to rise once again
“I will touch the sky
I am heaven’s fiery thrown”
Creating electric storms
You see the lightning grown.
2.7k · Nov 2015
The train
wandabitch Nov 2015
The train is out there blowing
bringing its horror around.
I'm waiting at the station
as it calls out that sound.
Dogs bark in distant haste
as they chase and howl.
I'm waiting at the station
As it calls out that sound.

That whistle strokes fright in me
And delights mixed eerie silence

The monsters are out prowlin
By the tracks feeling violent
Waiting for a girl like me

In the falls cool night,
Tabacoo to keep her company.
I'm trying to
Write a story about a
Train. This poem is d dedicated to that train of thought.
2.7k · Apr 2014
thoughts on life
wandabitch Apr 2014
a giant's eye
the sky
a fingerprint
in time
a pale blue dot
in view
part of God
and You.
2.7k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
When you don’t know when to shut the door—
Someone slams it for you.
Then what?
Open the next one—
find your treasure box.
It’s difficult through when
all you get is a brick wall,
or a child who needs to grow up.

“You sir, are a savage. Caught me in the woods—
and I more like the rabbit you shot for Harvest moon.”
That thirsty water becomes summer gaze—
dark tides take those eyes away.
Hexasize they say is just a phrase
but I don’t see why when its---
Hansel and Grettle or
Wormwood in Screwtape Letters or
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
2.6k · Nov 2013
Stars of Sagittarius
wandabitch Nov 2013
The arrow does not quiver,
pulled from tongue to articulate
language from the heart;
Glowing red ash of comet dust,
fills pointed Orion's arch.

Scorched cigarette  eyes that
burned only for astronomic
mapping a planets line in black.

Pick pocketed mind--
Struck out a balanced path
Of magnetic luck drawn,
Invisible moment poised for action;
A bow and target thought.
2.6k · Oct 2012
Thoughts 060612
wandabitch Oct 2012
My whole life I’ve been fighting control,
Now I’m just looking where to go.
I could choke with the words I wish to speak;
Looking for direction while moving my feet.
This path I walk alone yet the fence is where I sleep.
Laying my head to dream or weep.
Roaming and asking why I was a young fool;
Loving to much, and not living like I should!
There’s so much more to unfold
Traveling dear old wandering soul.
Be yourself and “BE ALL YOU CAN”
Sometimes its ruff on the roads
These days, living Life day by day.
Riding the mountains back across the peaks of green
Like a wrinkled blanket shallow and in small heaps.
The simple beauty left me feeling
Breathless, apart of everything and
Content. Not like my city friends
Where I pass by invisible to all.
My heart has been struck by a thunderbolt.
2.6k · Mar 2014
wandabitch Mar 2014
the winter has shed tears for the year, seeding ambition in soil.
my daffodils remember to spring. folding inside a
hot bed of bacteria.

i turn and bend in tuned to chronic aches.
each twist in the tree around time
caught a glimpse
of lighting showers.  

this garden is filled with dead leaves.

the first bloom of heat.
sparks, a summer fire.
i feel the current of conversation within me
electricity snaps in every slur of my tongue
2.6k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
Indian soul I want your bow
Weapon of peace
Instrument of thieves
Gift of the gods
Curse of the slaves
Children of fate
Revenge finds thee
Sets you free
Rest now
2.5k · Oct 2012
Tree of Me
wandabitch Oct 2012
Beneath the apple tree
its quite, safe, and free.
The wind is soft the
ground warm,
I think I'll never leave.

Under the large dark leaves
sunlight hits and feeds,
young veins to tiny seeds.

There's no reason to leave.

When a storms a blowin
dark clouds come rollin,
Thunder clapping and
Lightning flashing,
but you know I'll never leave.

Let the rain shower
It can't drown my laughter,
These roots run too deep.
2.4k · Jul 2014
Ghost in the shell
wandabitch Jul 2014
And here I am
Throwing yo Iin the bathroom
I'm a iiiye
If can't tell.

Why not choose me your
Love and thing
In use

You make me ****

It's a stand alone complex
Ghost in the shell
I'm not sure if I wrote the first part of this.  But the last stanza I wrote. It's mysterious and subtly I am attracted.
2.4k · Oct 2013
wandabitch Oct 2013
i know i don't really want to live on my own
such a drag to be honest.
this thing we are doing feels so wrong
******* my mind and left bruised inside.
as if i'm still apart of you
pretending we are together.

but still i want you.
still i contend to offend our sacred hearts
as if they were art.

what happened to Nonpareil of Favor?
2.3k · Oct 2012
Cosmic Lover
wandabitch Oct 2012
Man lives on the surface with protected structures
against all foreign object of seperate opinions.
you see, we have a lighthouse that makes us see
into the stormy night of dreams,
Is there life on Mars or is it just me?
2.2k · Dec 2012
wandabitch Dec 2012
yours and mine
don't call me on that besides,
you might not like me anymore.

i minest well brag, im 52
and i can honestly say i've never gone out on another woman.

I'm a one man woman, i go from one to the other,
i don't do that bouncing back and forth.


It all goes back to fear I thought, as I came back to my life.

              survival takes hold and we make a compromise,
              i'll do the work that has to be done,
              have to share the load of time.
2.2k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
When I was young
I lived like a fox in her den,
fell asleep in a spring daze,
woke up and I had aged.

Where went my dreams?

Oh I hear your whisper,
into your embrace.

Was it all a mistake?
I dig a rabbit's grave.
2.1k · Nov 2014
Banshee Beat
wandabitch Nov 2014
What do we really gain from hard work and time,
But the dust of life and an intellect mind,
When will my bones grow down deep, Into the ground.

I can hear it in the distance
The sound of war, the true fight.

And I remember, the banshee beat.
Take it as you will
2.1k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
It’s late and I do not know you
You unknown thing that searches my scribbles
For meaning—direction
Language is key to communication
You are my voice that’s stuck in my fingers
Close your mind and think
2.1k · Nov 2012
wandabitch Nov 2012
as a dreamer, in a particle splits the path of thought,
like mud under my fingernails and crystal shells.
Arkansas is driving me insane
come one come all she's the
fare-st if you fall.

neck burned as a fingerprint, itches sore in trash days,
conspiracies and deputies
looking still more strange.

can determined minds build a staircase of reason?
up to a future, teasing
me out in the open
with your temper words.
2.0k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
Do you not know, I am a Phantom?

That catches your quiet thoughts,
and wishes for a kiss.

Who lives in Dark,
just to

Nay, you are be-spelled
oh Light Seeker.

You sought my Fire
for your own,

Yes, Prometheus of my soul
I watched the stars.
They said, Find.
And I found you.

And in black clouds
of Hate and Anger
did Lightning strike hard.

Electrified, Terrified, Mystified.

Then it was gone
like a bird choked of song,
a Memory in folded paper.
2.0k · Nov 2012
In 210
wandabitch Nov 2012
yellow basil leaves and obscene art meet the open eyes,
science equations make for bruised paper and
bicycle shadows cream wall,
students make good start.

sitting as a stranger
tap tap
cook makes cornbread
and light
university leveled structure rooms
1.9k · Jun 2014
backyard state
wandabitch Jun 2014
for science,

today i watched a squirrel ***. It was awesome.
on the heart of a stump,
i saw a tree smile
upside down .

the tops were green
sky a blue,
the air was wet
rain felt cool.

conditions were perfect

life bloomed all around
sowing in seeds
from earth.

percheron champion pulling
the weight of the world.

the song from the robin
and dismantled harp.

conditions were perfect
'percheron; is a bread of horse that are extremely large, twice the size of average.

its still for science.
1.9k · Nov 2013
Biblical Proportions
wandabitch Nov 2013
they burned acts 21 just to feel closer to enlightenment,
they danced on rooftops so they could feel the light of stars,
if only though a telescope.

at the moment of lost translation there is no hope for
western civilization.

and here i gather my sandwich in deep thought.
1.9k · Jan 2014
Believing Again
wandabitch Jan 2014
What is it to be righteous? To walk in godliness and purity? To hold the heart of God like the bride?
I'll admit I've felt complacent, disbelief, and traitorous. My own efforts alone have not filled my cup. But as I've fallen, as I've grown in mercy and understanding.
I recognize the shell of this existence. The temporal wasting of my eyes. I feel my lovers heart and still I want more. Not from selfish desire but because I've felt the inner working of the spirit!
The everlasting father. The bridegrooms love. And the Kings will for my life. After that, there is emptiness. A quaint shadow in the smile of beauty and passion.
All this rest inside my brain, my reasoning mind ticks with thoughtfulness. Reaching with my words to the universal will untouchable. Touchable. Touch me.
Show me. Move in me. Speak to me in my heart. God I want to know that love again. The infinity of your fire burning away my sin.

And it's odd, as I pull my bible out of its cold box. Plastered to Fear And loathing in Las Vegas. I guess I am afraid of what I'll learn. I can't keep ignoring this turbulent hope. But the promise that you are always with me. Gives me strength.
1.9k · Oct 2012
wandabitch Oct 2012
Voodoo man you amaze me
With your magic sticks
And honest tricks
You who enslaves
Souls from the grave
Fears with mirrors
Capture love with a bottle
Coins in your pocket
Yet beware of tomorrow
And all her sorrows
Time will not obey
1.8k · Nov 2012
chances draft
wandabitch Nov 2012
I've been touched with immortal sighs in a foggy dream,
I feel the change of the season like a grabbing hand.
Eros of desire you played with the dessert Darkness.
As a storm comes from the abyss so shall the sky from the earth.
Lightning father and memory mother, trying to find the best bet.
Good environment and a lot of energy,
I rest.
1.8k · Mar 2015
Barren Fork Creek
wandabitch Mar 2015
The water turned brown in the rain,
An eagle hangs in the maples arms above.
The toads jump green on shore,
The meander fills with shells,
Skipping stones and drift wood.
The current carries 500 feet per second.
The bait fish feast on flies,
Jumping into the air unrestrained and ignorant
While I carry the weight of the city,
Little town kayak holds me up,
A raft against the natural life
Beyond the reach of people,  
Only dead fish float down stream.
This is a mimic poem of Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy's Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota by James Wright.
1.7k · Nov 2012
Grammatical Error
wandabitch Nov 2012
Our World is so ******, the gulf is
crying out in oil suds mixed Fossil Fuels
In this heat wave they speak, as I
          leaves in  duck-taped strides,
I wish I could fall-lie
        As Hermes dives to the side of every
Poet's cry...
       There is a voice to be heard.
A                distant train silhouette  in the mismatched
   sentence, yes tell us why?
Curious as Cat-In-Hat, mischievous
                                                                ­as This-Or-That,
where would the power dream?
of what we feel inside, a
-survival kit, -a heart's wish
or a -simple stitch..
   of eloquent words and sighs.
                    To Bee,
                   It ought To Be.
1.7k · Feb 2013
wandabitch Feb 2013
hanging from a petals pore
drying slowly above the floor,
of yellow roses and red sunflowers.
               paint a florist affair
               as birds outside shoot
              ray-guns to the sun.
this house smells so nice.
1.7k · Nov 2013
wandabitch Nov 2013
its raining
I kicked a hole in the wall
imprinteing my madness
like a urge.
lost my job today
at least I have a hero.
who took all my tears
frustration and fears
and threw them out
like salty fries.
at my bosses car, and the parking lot.
he covered me with his tin foil hat
as courage turned from pain.

god I love Mondays
what a day.
1.7k · Nov 2012
wandabitch Nov 2012
My spirit opens like a sunflower in snow
i want some more of what you told me I could have,yet you never let it go.
my attic lair I kept to hide away from
peeping toms.
Paper whispers a secret now a blot on my side.
drawn as a lover but with no heart.


Fall carries sense of self to brain to work
and find the worth of a grainy sand
to the oceans touch.

still a charming writer did my muse
guess better?
ask ask ask
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