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wandabitch Dec 2020
I’ve been walking in the dessert
Sand still and deep

Shifting grains of humans
By animal instinct

My water is your water
We are to keep

And punished for
The ancestors plight
The sins

They spawned
Erik Luo Nov 2020
It has been a long time
Since I last saw you
But the essence of this flame
Still burns so bright

To the shadow of that moonlight
The wind whispered at their sight
Speaking about a mystery
So far removed from the truth

I began to feel the sand
Of all the grains and pebbles
Only few could fit my hand
Without fleeting away

Once again I sit
At the crossroad of faith
To be consumed by the wind
And disappear into the night

Oh how I longed
For that night
And the sky
Hugging the land

Maybe we shall meet again
As the wind meets sand
Flowing and waving
In time...
Yaoyan Oct 2020
So long have we laid here, dormant,
Rested until our souls were restless
To leave and wander the distant stars.

No One will hold us All once more.
(The Tyrant has taught his lesson well.)

This emptiness called space,
Has always called to us to fill.
We are always looking up-
Those on the ground and planet bound,
Those living at the top,
Always looking up and up
Into the distance that can not be pierced
By a single pair of starry eyes.

The beat of humanity marches forward
On a million different drums.

Live, Humanity! And sow your seeds
Into each empty crevasse and sink.
Breed life into the infinite confines
During your finite time in flickering existence.
Let life grow and flourish,
Like clashing waves that topple and break,
Mountains eroding into valleys,
Seas evaporating into dust,
Battlefields to hearth and back again.

(Once the planet was Arrakis then Rakis
then no more)

What will be made in the great Unknown?
When we go looking, who will stare back from the Void?
Inspired by the Dune series, esspecially the later books around the event of the scattering and its themes towards humanity's survival.
Shofi Ahmed May 2020
Dove off the deep river
it has been a long while now.
Chirping eerily beautiful
anthem of evening the bird flock                          
back to the nests picked their ways
Still, I am in apparently shallow desert.

Nope, I am not lost counting
the low hanging stars but
no longer feeling lonely in the desert.
The moon over the dunes draws closer
I happened to witness then like the star
for heaven, why no one needs a ladder!
5oulPoet Feb 2019
Stormy sand dunes of foaming memories
A dryness palpitating the scorched heart
The thirst waiting in her eyelids, teardrops
An endless desert beckons towards agony
And a violent sun burns her bruised flesh
But to endure it, to suffer worse than death
Can make this mirage of life, meaningful
So that others can one day find its purpose.

sunprincess Mar 2018
Today scorching hot,
Ants wearing siver spacesuits
traversing the dune
among the countless thugs
   that teased and taunted myself as a boy
who exhibited blatant characteristics
   of being painfully shy and coy
attempting to remain like a statue as a decoy
which tactic nada successful employ

but only incensed and beckoned
   like tasty morsel chronic unpleasant bait
to be pitted with words
   always feeling like an outcast
   (of poker flats) without a date
populating school memories
   of loathsomeness and hate

serving as token punching bag
   nearly the duration every year
of public school, which vicious name calling
   assaults upon me psyche did wear
away negligible self confidence,

   or internal rage that found instinct to veer
away from approaching fist,
   which knuckle sandwich from tier
of hooligans gave no surcease

   to knock this then introvert
   on his head or scrawny rear
a lonely lad bereft of any buddy
   to stand close as bona a fide genuine peer,

nothing but dark shadow
   casting silhouette
   per edge of night always near
one brazen dude named Lloyd Lavinsky

   hovered ever near
especially during recess
   at Audubon Elementary School
   he did chase and lear
encouraging mob fiends

   to join in an additionally mock and jeer
which unprintable epithets,
   I can still faintly hear
in tandem with that native animal fear

that found this then
   socially withdrawn second grader a targeted deer
caught in cross hairs of boys
   who seemed like giants
   and fierce some as a bear
clawing at a scared little boy
   plus hurtful words thru the air

which cruel barbs hurled lent convenience
   for me who stood stock still or crouched down
on ground intimating passivity
   and inferiority brought grimace and frown

to those who mimicked flaws,
   aside from being shriveled flower on lawn
included nasal twang
   from submucous cleft palate
   defect that did spawn

speech impediment and obvious magnet
   for brutal beast
to relish, savor and feast
hoping to bring me to tears at the least

knowing this human docile scared dog
   would not fight back
fearing he might get beat
   to a ****** pulp for justifiably flack

even my late mother also told me
   to give brats a “what for”
   with two ****** pack
that triceratops nasty gang

   bulging biceps they did pack
who to this very day I bristle to smack
with an ole mighty whack
as if strength within transferred
   to computer Goliath body guard
   manufactured by Univac.

alth­ough just a infinitesimal dot
moxie this mortal doth got
in the cosmic skein since big bang hot
test event since white bread -

   gives m t calories a lot
soak up syrup from chicken soup
   from sterling gold chamber ***
strongly suggested by a tweeting scott.
Martin Narrod Jul 2016
White-bodied black bird raven like creatures that sit everywhere and obnoxiously yell to each other from the wilderness we live inside.

Wet birds. Soaking in mod colors affixed to the numbers the looms set in the torn threads of an old tank top named with the characters of Dune.

And in sweetly moving breaths of air the peaks pull through this range of mountains seen from our back deck.  

Friends, join us as we balk putting away cardboard boxes as not to put a hinderence on the relationships with our neighbors and instead traverse the moose-trails the tourists stop and crop their lenses at- only to make to Brouhlim's.
Written in my new home of Jackson, Wyoming
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