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Bekah Halle Jan 17
Man and men everywhere;
Silver-fox, gay, several-times divorced,
But not one without baggage to be seen.
Pimped up with ****,
Waged weary by work or
Isolated through layered losses,
The modern man: a peculiar specimen.
It seduces the obvious why we turn to women to fill the void;
Upside-down desires? Or love that truly inspires?
Veritia Venandi Nov 2020
White transparent tiled floor
Arranged in a lively mosaic
Speaks tales of a spooky world alongside me!

The windows and the curtains hugging the plastered walls
With views of flower trees and mountains near and far...
Gets reflected upon the tiled floor
Upside down, shadowy and unreal!

Maybe it is reminder for my heart
That the world I see is only an illusion my mind frames to colour a blank canvas
Maybe the world is true only upside down
The scenaries and sights distorted and fake the usual way...
Maybe it's important to bend your mind all the way
And try to see what can't easily catch the eye...

A sinister universe breaths about me
And only once in a while tugs at me to have a glimpse...
And whenever that happens, it's a moment of all eternity that seems to go worthwhile!
This is a real experience that happened to me when I was kind of doing nothing... My eyes suddenly caught this reflection of the window and trees outside on the tiled floor in the room and I like sort of felt it as a metaphor with the help of which the world was trying to teach me something... That the real world is not what is in front of us. It is usually kinda different, in a way, 'upside down'.
Thank you so much for reading and being a part of my reflections. ❤
Laokos Sep 2020
it's obvious,
isn't it?

it certainly
like it

you see
it too,

i'm imagining it?

it's probably


your head
is upside

facing inward
laughing at

and there's
a light in

that's always

you should know
I finally have permission…

To write bad poetry this month
                        no extraneous commitments dictated

To grow a beard all week
                        no vain pretense required

To ring my mum to-night
                        no after-work drinks mandated

To sleep in an hour
                        no daily commute demanded

To contemplate a minute
                        no ‘time wasting’ reprimanded

To breathe just one second
                        no productivity quota commanded
Always look to the upside - If it wasn't for this pandemic I'd probaly never have started writing poetry. Good news for me, maybe not so much for you poor reader!
isabel mayaka Mar 2020
the world flipped upside down i’m
walking upside down i guess its
alright but
i’m starting to get dizzy
and i miss gravity i
want to feel

adriana Sep 2019
the waves are over my head
but i don't even want to hold my breath
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