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wandabitch Dec 2020
Pine needle shower
All over the deck
My brother above
Sweeps the roof
Pick ferns
For art
And write a poem

The house is gutted
A blank space
Where my
Memories once lived
wandabitch Dec 2020
You’re a piece of sunshine on a cold day
           Standing in my vision to
                       Block out the doubt
                                      In my heart
                                          to the thought of your smile, surrounding lips
                        blowing the wind into your mouth
                   kissed and nearly missed
     with quick eyes
wandabitch Dec 2020
I’ve been walking in the dessert
Sand still and deep

Shifting grains of humans
By animal instinct

My water is your water
We are to keep

And punished for
The ancestors plight
The sins

They spawned
wandabitch Sep 2020
I came as fresh as pine
My skin deep in scars
Of amber sap.

Never before had the
Flesh been warn
By the stripe

You did strike and begin to
Muster up as lust does
An incubus within

Who took pride in
His body suit
So willful
To touch and sin

He takes up his chord a spell
A shadow of Black Mary
No boundaries
Between trust

And I serene in slumbers art?
Spoken for my dreams
Of spirits drift

A fire

Burns out circumstance to decision.
The back we scratch at 1:56
The  gorgon casts
A distinct stare.
Perv I thought was my friend feeling me up.
wandabitch Jun 2020
About the *******
The safety net
The red white and blue is your
Dream to be better.
A myth, a legend,
Notorious in her sacrifice
Of black lives matter.
That your health, my health,
The guy at the corner holding
A please-feed-me-I’m-hungry
For change and the idea
We are somehow better
With a mask on
To keep sickness out.

Developed with capital gains
What about the amazons rains?
And wasn’t Australia on fire?
And didn’t we assassinate an
Iranian general?

We live it.
It’s nearly summer.

Mistrust of government officials  might as well be my tinder profile.
wandabitch May 2020

You are old, born an enigma
Science fiction is your hate
Addiction is your love

You love death
Al you know is ***

My family is nothing
I am nothing

You are synthetic
A mind without a mother
A father is your gap

i asked several women about birth. all strangers. I encountered fear from an old womb, she lashed out at me, and i wrote this.
wandabitch Jul 2019
Man that dog is Farrell
He got me like I’m single
Got a lighter for a lady
Come and say maybe
Spend some time with me
Show enough we keep
Stepping on a beat
Come dance with me
I think he got me on a leash
But I can speak fast
When my mind unwrapps
Bout to tap that
But walking in the street
Feels clean to me
Stopping on Ferret
Gonna win that bet
No ciggerettes please
But my lungs got needs

And I can’t stop thinking of you.
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