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Zach Short Jan 4
of a million strands of kite string - forming tornadoes through a heartbeat:

you release like a whisper - thin; but intentional.
you are a call to listen.
you are a prayer to red blood cells;
a promise of sounder sleep.
a comfortable thunder.

so send up your kites (no matter the weather).


and rest among the whispers.
be deep.
advertising pays
very well
if you've an excellent
product to sell

you won't believe
the turn over you'll obtain
when posting an ad
on your pages plain

advertising is where its at
on letting the public know
about a bowler hat
Marks and Spencer
have the latest range
on their London stores
display mat

were it not for free to air television
and billboards on the street
we'd be unaware of an Aspire brand
of cotton sheet

advertising reaches
potential customers
looking for wares
who'll be wanting
to purchase
a variety of hares
Äŧül Dec 2016
I invested in love.
Then I kindled it,
With faithfulness.

I sowed the seed,
Then I watered it,
With so much care.

I am so well-versed with life,
Then I know a thing about it,
With patience, it only ripens.

I want it to grow,
Then I must care,
With high patience.

I planted the tree,
Then I must wait,
With selflessness.
HP Poem #1326
©Atul Kaushal
Daylight 4U2C Apr 2014
Yesterday was sour, so today will be sweet.
Today was bitter, so tomorrow will be neat.
I just have to hold on tight.
Slide down 1,2,1,2.
And I know I'll be alright,
but fixing this is something I can't do.

I've been cursed a gruesome pain. I must spend odd days feeling insane. But even, my smile will be on the other days. Still is it worth the tragedy it pays? If I could run from fate, I wouldn't wait. I'd go so far away. I wouldn't look back any day.
I was writing, but I'm sick and sleepy, so I don't know if it's good or not.

— The End —