Kuvar Mar 18
It is affordable
For the rich or poor
I mean the coffin
Whether you wish or not
In March 2001, Melania granted green card
   asper elite EB-1 program
intended for renowned academic researchers,
   multinational business executives
   (linkedin with Uncle SAM)

or those in other fields, such as
   Olympic athletes and Oscar-winning actors,
   who demonstrated
   “sustained national and international acclaim”
   until...now, when (FAKE trophy wife)...
   besieged with WHAM!

The Don whips to defense of
   (legal residency status),
   sans his third wife
imbroglio finds the president flat footed
   regarding spouses' granted citizenry permission rife,
where details concerning former
   in vogue Slovak model now cushy life

challenging her right to live in The United States,
   the most Democratic nation
plus concomitant abrogation
   afforded robber Baroness admission

   dispensing hot button issue of CHAIN MIGRATION,
where sentiment underscored verbatim
   "Some people come in,
   and they bring their whole family with them,
   who can be truly evil. NOT ACCEPTABLE!”

The above on record as authentic Trumpian tweet,
hence quoted with poetic license,
   a prime example how two
   (or more faced) president didst react to un seat
fairness, which November twitter

   allowing parents with bearhug he did greet
   legal residency of her parents,
   Viktor and Amalija Knavs, as Elite
   who received figurative green light
   despite riding piggyback
   Nsync with military beat

ting back pesky atop flimsy green card,
   the freedom appetite got whet
scrutiny, and now a ironic Gordian Knot set
tilled and solved making mincemeat to pet

files, particularly equality
   for those skeined alive in the DACA net
ready to boot innocent offspring
   of supposed illegal aliens on the next departing jet!
I see what I could be, What I should be and what I must be.
you get lost in your thoughts. but you must think.
What could you be, what should you be and what must you be. you should forget about the past on what has happened and turn to your future self. picture what you are in the future. not what you can be. but what you must be. It is your destiny to find where you belong later on in life.
who agrees with me like if you think so... love it if this is you. dislike if you think otherwise
kidbiko Jan 25
takes change out if your pockets
don’t ask you how you’re doing
snatches happiness from you hand over fists

should and could(a) will rob you blind,
and steals away your peace of mind
ties you down on railways tracks
will break your heart and then your back

always looking to dirty your name
beware of shoulds and could(a)s
Mary-Rose H Jan 17
"Do you like writing poetry?"

It's a strangely
question to answer.
I do not
I do not
It's something I
must do,
as much as
I must breathe.
If I do not,
I die a little
and it is
a - part - of - me,
as much as
my lungs.
(dribbled the following cheesy tidbit when mice elf
i.e. Stuart Little and thy spouse Minnie Mouse dwelt
at a previous residence).
Against credo, ethos,
   and genuine holistic integrity
   to respond to such an event
as Minnie's or Mickey's, no matter

   a reluctance arises to don role as "killer"
tis with only the means and ways
   to avoid health crisis that i fervent
   lee exterminate existence of other species...

so please no unsolicited mouse a lean nee barbs
   against this august gent
tis a marvel to evince the behaviour
   of rapaciousness, when nary a hint

extant within me -
   except, at a cross roads arises
   when vermin take residence
   asper an unpaid inhabitant,

this one mortal mwm loathes
   to distribute deathly lethal instrument
distribution of d-com
   doth not make me feel jubilant,

   this chap doth newt
   deny pestilential buggars
   ought tub beep hoy sinned,
   and charged with heinous crime such
   as murder committed by a litigant

   slapped unfairly
   suffer being poisoned
   imposing forfeiture reprisal
   tomb the tinker-bell tolls
visa vis a role in the realm

   within flora and fauna not meant
   for humans decreeing
   vermin lack purposelessness,
   and must be exterminated
   to own rights qua life,
   liberty and the pursuit of
   quietly when staking out an alcove,

   cupboard, or mauve wainscoting
   reproduction of species would nonchalant
take place if left to their biological devices
   this millennial saga

   of mice and men perhaps noah occident
and no matter what
   means one approaches pursuant
to rid the house of mice,

   these creatures reboot toxic tolerance
   to incorporate schemes
   quite innovative within floorboards,
   deep chambers viz zit ting
   expansive domestic quadrant

this Brie zee, cream cheesy,
though temporarily dislodged per demise,
   the recurrent adaptation reverberant
and stupefy supreme survival skill re:
   by a modus operandi

   with adaptive qualities salient
ta dum me little nimble,
   opal and quizzical rodents
   lacking redolence tubby mammals,

   though their existence
   and devil's blue diet tribe curd dish rant
might be diametrically opposed
   to American ethics committee, who slant
the bald (also balled),

   bold, and brazen cordon bleu appearance
   analogous to a vagrant,
   unrepentant truant
sans more than one
   little furry Munster of scurrying critters
   spur this heir force deputy
   issues a poisoned search warrant.
Valéria Jan 4
Guarding the heart. For everything you do flows from it.
Looking forward, I will never look away. I can only move.
Correction is all I have. Wisdom is who I seek.
Your face is the greatest splendor there is.
Messiah, your eyes are upon me. Your love constrains me.
I may be distressed, but I am not fearful.
He is my fear, he is my only astonishment.
It's inevitable, I will always love you.
Woe is me if I did not have salvation. I am a person with impure lips.
I will plead with your face to the cries.
Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem?
Isaiah and proverbs. Jesus I want you
I can be your friend,
until our lives end.

Don't be shy with me,
and just feel free.

You were so good,
but people misunderstood.

Lean on me anytime,
and I will write this with a rhyme.

That's the reason why we loved each other,
But you just loved me as your brother.

I was hurt, I was disappointed; and my heart was broken--
I was so sad until I was crying; and I just wrote a spoken,
A spoken will remind you; that I was hurt--
But it was all my fault; because I flirt.

Whenever we meet; I tried to avoid you--
To forget all my mistake; and to start a new,
But I don't think; that it will be a good idea and a good example in our lives--
I realized that it'll lead us to be a better person; that's what really God gives.
Don't you ever try to avoid someone, because you are hurt. Face the reality.

He loves his friend but his friend treat him as a brother.
Lure Pot Dec 2017
I respect your mama
because she's
a part of you
I love your girl
because she's
your heart.

I honor your baba
because he's
your idol
I like your son
because he's
your goal.

Your shadow is
in my heart
and I'm melted
around you
I miss you, my friend
though we're apart
I must say
You're spellbound.
Kaitlyn Dec 2017
you’ve got me crying since i’m a fool after you’ve told me that i have your heart.

didn’t trust me enough to let me keep it.

by doing so you only broke me. m the one that’s going to set out.

set out in this big world to see more than you could ever promise me.

just remember that you will forever be that person that has my heart... and i’ll always love you.

i’m sorry that i was casted to play the role of the jokers
i’m sorry that i loved you even though i was in no position to do so.. after all i’ve only had minimal contact with you that actually worked to anything... right? :(
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