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LNI Nov 2019
There’s a place where the tune has been fretting
Where newborns got cricks in their spines
Where ****** old soldiers are sweating
Drinking whiskey pickled in brine

I hum the melody of the doleful tomorrows
I dunk some gloom into some caffeine
To forget some meaningless sorrows
Wish to be lonely, wish to be seen

There’s a boy who mumble his sadness
There’s a girl who’s speaks no more
And some ghosts who emerge from their darkness
Where pregnants are eager for gore

I got no role to play or a purpose
I pinch some pennies for liquor and wine
Here is the place I must be
Wish to be lonely, wish to be seen
You say that you hate it
No longer be playing
All those misbehaving
Watch out
'cause you're slaying

Relationships fraying
Lose more every day and
No train at the station
Don't matter
Not waiting

Full force
No more being patient
Before, vanished; They went
Without dedication

It's not a vacation
Sent to the space station
Left out in creation
Just imagination

A mere calculation
One thing
I'm just saying
Been set back and waiting
But now time to weigh in

This angst
On displaying
While you out here hating
Think those you erasing
You're simply replacing

Your demons need facing
Not running and chasing
A loop
You've been placed in
Self-made your own prison

But not by decision
Somewhere lost your vision
Sent back to beginning
So stop and just listen

Remove hesitation
There will be frustration
No capitulation
And not giving in

Beyond preservation
Give birth to a nation
A 'star'
Who is facing
Each day with a 'win'
Written: June 18, 2019

All rights reserved.
Johnny walker Aug 2019
Sat drinking coffee In my local cafe and watching
the world pass me by and can't help wondering why maybe
It's just
But sat here asking myself
what the hell Is this world really about now I'm  retired I look at things In
We begin life and all In between seems to me we're
just working towards the Inevertable
Life how strange I find all this to be and all we do between birth and death at the end of the day means very little at
So I guess It comes back to the age old question what the meaning of life and why did It come to be so I guess the answer to this
will never be answered for I don't think anyone really knows If they do they're certainly keeping
quite about
Ken Pepiton Jun 2019
to live happy where I live,
one must believe
that squirrels are no problem and
weeds are flowers that last longer
than those from the grocery store
and crows only sing in choirs for a joke,

all musty beliefs,
whose aroma lifts me and leaves me
among other worthy ideas that hang
with those
musty beliefs
when I notice being happy, after
the inefficiency of evil,
this day, enough, a sufficiency
of failure
every day,
to staunch my pride from damming
living waters flowing from
the kingdom within to
this rest of the world I partake in
as the joke the crows were singing of.

(You are so vain. ) What a line.
I thought the song was about me,
that line, anyway.
My thirst quenched, gentle breeze from the west. A zephyr I'd say were I specific, at the moment.
Chris Jun 2019
She was my first love.  I wasn't her's.  She loved to lead me on and tease me.

So like an infected limb, I cut her off.

a very long time passed, my wounds healed, she texted me out of the blue.

I've never been good at resisting siren songs, even when I know of the dangers awaiting on the shore

Last night we met up for the first time in five years

We started out with drinks
at a bar in my neighborhood

She ordered us 3 rounds of tequila shots

More than the alcohol
Her smile makes me buzz

When she laughs it's like hearing an old forgotten favorite song

It was a cold and dreary night, but in her eyes I found a Hawai'ian sunset

After drinks
we went back to my place

This girl owns a key to my heart
She let herself right in and made herself at home

It was raining and muddy
and she tracked her mud inside

Doesn’t she know how long it takes to clean mud stains?

I just barely got her last ones out.

Now she’s gone again

I’m left with a muddy home
and that same empty feeling that I thought I had seen the last of

I wish I knew how to change the locks on my heart
so I could keep her out.
If something dramatic should happen to me
And by ill chance my time is now through
How would anyone here at Hello Poetry
Be informed; They would not have a clue

No delusions of grandeur or somehow believe
It would matter to more than a few
But I know that for me there are many I read
And look forward to anything new

If I checked and I see nothing new on their feed
Would be curious what happened to
Know that they hopefully are okay; Possibly
Just got busy like most of us do

Understand, doesn't change in the slightest degree
Could not help in some way; I'm no fool
But don't like to be left in a dark mystery
Take a test but results kept from you

Throughout life there are things in and out we will weave
Separate paths, we walk in our own shoes
Some are mandated, others though we choose to seek
Course was set when the winds of change blew

So no judgments are passed if to write poetry
No more time or you feel you outgrew
Only ask if you could, a small note when you leave
People here maybe care about you

May seem weird in some way or just hard to believe
Someone you never met; Barely knew
You have touched them somehow deep emotionally
Planted seeds are developing roots

There are people who care because they're human beings
And love for each other just proves
They have souls full of goodness and deep empathy
Treat each other how we're supposed to

It together creates a strong society
That's a caring and closely knit group
In this place we express and are totally free
Without fear or the pained ridicule

So sincerest of 'thanks' I deliver to thee
Can't express my complete gratitude
Evey bit of your kindness and commentary
A bright light from your heart shining through

All of you are so special and fully unique
Every message is honest and true
Reaching into your souls; Tear it off as you speak
Is commendably full of virtue

Do not let your voice silence but if you do leave
And decide that you must say 'adieu'
I cherished our time; Whether was long or brief
It was special 'cause shared it with you
Written: February 6, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter/Trimeter format]
clever Feb 2019
everything is changing
and my heart is still breaking.
i didn't mean for it to be a lie. i wanted it to be true so bad.
Haylin Jan 2019



Oh, and education, I guess.
Rain Dec 2018



Oh, and education, I guess.
Pretty much sums it up.
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