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MisfitOfSociety Dec 2020
**** the lights.
Take my eyes.
I don't want to see,
What is left of me.
Dez Apr 2020
If I had a heart I could love you
But the one before you cut it out
Sew me up but you’ll find no pulse
That poor girl didn’t know
When she said, “its time for me to go”
She tore out the one heart that loved her
Now all the memories are just a blur
And when these new lovers come
I can’t help but be numb
For the life that was once there
Is now cold and bare
I’m sorry new lover
I just can’t discover
A way to replace the old heart
For it was ripped apart
By a girl who never new
That she killed me when away she away flew.
Cat Lynn Jan 2019





《▪》 never get under the influence of it's false hope and lies that come straight from hell...
Maude Laurent Nov 2018
To what awaits thee,
I fear,
Death is near

Ever nearer
It so comes,
Mentally painful

The excessive hope
Thou tries to find
Has left, but brings
Some peace of mind

Assessing the fate
Of what horror lies
Thou ever awaits
Beautiful demise

Why beautiful
You say?
For isn't death
Much better than life?

Oh, the terrors in life
But in death is rest
And isn't death best?
Far more better than pain and strife?

Watch the deathly gleam
Of the object of your worries
Does it not calm you
To know death is close?

Or does it fuel it's decent
From your fear?
Oh, how it gets near!
Goes here, to there, to here

It's goal is you
It's purpose is true
It does not want you here,
So leave.

Leave this world!
Thou wishes to stay?!
It will not allow you another day!

It strikes you with gladness
With every stroke it pains you,
Blood flows forth from your skin
There is no more, no more thoughts from within...
A small poem about Edgar Allen Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum" but in this one he dies in the end.
julianna Jun 2018
I'm being bled dry.
The water turns a drip-drip
Over the edge.
My squirming,
Twisted mermaid legs
Shrivel in pain
I'm ugly and deformed.
I gave all I had to give.
So I'm bleeding
And screaming
In this bathtub prison,
But no one will find me here.
Inspired by the song Bathtub Mermaid by Mili... I'm feeling bled dry, stuck in a bathtub. As if I have nothing left to give and I'm just waiting for an end to my slow death.
Maude Laurent May 2018
A sister by chance
A fate that she'd meet
A prince at a dance
To sweep her off her feet

Kept a house-maid
By her evil step-mom
She was not at all paid
For the work she had done

A fairy godmother
Who made her look grand
With a beautiful dress
That was certainly not bland

Killed the prince at the ball
Got away with ******
Got away with it all
Because nobody knew her

Poisoned her mom
Disembodied her dad
Killing her family
Wasn't so bad...

She didn't **** the animals...

A twist on all fairy tales, grim version!!!  Already on the third poem, can't wait to finish Life's a twisted fairy tale 3-Sleeping beauty, I promise I will have it out as soon as I can!
elvie Jan 2018
i want to hang
myself with a

live wire-

struggle, strangle, sizzle
my neck as it

catches fire-

life, love, liberty
all cliches that are

no longer dire-

positivity acts
blindly as an

egotistic liar-

gawkiness, ugliness
burns my love on an

antisocial pyre-

that consumes me
as wet sound echoes

a vain lyre
Vulpes Nov 2017
I used to have a puppy,
I rang a bell once before I fed him, every day,
I knew he loved me even if he bit me every night,
Until I couldn't raise him any longer.
The puppy grew larger and larger and ate more.
I rang the bell two times.
More. More.
Three times.
More. More. More.
I never rang the bell again.
I lost everything and couldn't afford any more food.
Then one night I abandoned him.

Years later he came back home.
A bony old stray dog.
He looked at me with puppy eyes and I,
I couldn't resist and fed him once more.
Just one time before sending him out into the cold again.
I held out my hand and he bit off my fingers.
A starving animal will always feed.
And I had nothing.
He ate parts of me.

I didn't let him leave.
I cut the dog apart.
And ate him.

I felt alive.
Zoë Green Sep 2017
My arrow drives deeply into his neck and knees by halves

I draw the arrow out drowning him in his own blood

Shifting my aim across the bow

I curve out my knife, look at the wound

clutch it like it's me who's dying

That's the day I stopped believing in hopeless life
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