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Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2021
The sunrise
Promise of a new day is a blessing I don't deserve

The autumn
Chance to change it brings is a gift I won't accept

Thoughts of beauty make me resent myself

Pulled me up a thousand times yet I still dig yet another hole to crawl back into

Dormancy making heart itch with restlessness

Living life in a frightened state of inactivity

Leaving pain somewhere I won't find it again but somehow it always makes its way back home
Like a lost pet
George Krokos Jun 2019
Under the cover of darkness people try and get away with many things
and then they may suffer the consequences or scorn this activity brings.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Esther L Krenzin Mar 2019
I catch a glimpse of myself
in everything
a miniscule glimmer
a tinkling whisper that floats into
my consciousness
I see it in wild beasts
who flash a feral grin
I see it in the wind
as it tears across the trees
It is even in the sun
when it folds into the horizon
"Like calls to like"
Some say
and believe it to be true
Clenched fists
choked laughs
trembling lips
A ravaged piece of me contracts
at the aching heart I know
is within that beautiful exterior
Perhaps, deep down, our soul is sewn
of the same material
Perhaps there is a single stitch
that binds us together
And all it takes is a single
to cleave it in two.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
What brings us together?
What tears us apart?
Marianna Oct 2018
i was told once
as a joke
that i bring the rain
everywhere i go

i clenched my teeth
and softly laughed
while looking at them
shining like little suns

their sun-rays danced around the room
pure and free
and untainted by the rain
that was pouring all over me

i felt my eyes turn into oceans
as i gazed at the cloudy sky
while the rain was pouring down
every single drop felt like mine
i am a cloud sorry for my rain

There is no love in my life
No one to hug and hold tight...


I don't feel that presence
To know they'll be there
I'm not warm and secure
By somebody who cares


I am empty; alone
Only hollow inside
On my face show a smile
But just want to cry
I am trapped in a cage
My one wish; To be free
Can't escape my own skin
Life's a joke played on me
Written: October 4, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Iambic/Anapestic Trimeter then Anapestic Tetrameter format]
Jenna Aug 2018
your  look  saturates
your  focus  brings  me repose
and  rattles  my  bones

my  heart  overflows
as  I  witness  your  passion
all  day  I  could  gaze

dire  desire
shivering  at  the  thought  of
a  vanishing  graze

never  more  than  a
fleeting  glance  or  short - lived  touch
our  blockades  entrench

our  confines  have  names
mine  is  called  he,  yours  is  she
our  shackles  we  vowed

our  love  manifested
if  perhaps  time  allowed
us  as  one  maybe

left  unrequited
we  are  left  unsatisfied
us;  left  unanswered
Àŧùl Dec 2016
I invested in love.
Then I kindled it,
With faithfulness.

I sowed the seed,
Then I watered it,
With so much care.

I am so well-versed with life,
Then I know a thing about it,
With patience, it only ripens.

I want it to grow,
Then I must care,
With high patience.

I planted the tree,
Then I must wait,
With selflessness.
HP Poem #1326
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —