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Julia Celine Sep 13
You made me swallow down these words
Only for them to come back up when spurred
At the tip of my tongue, my thoughts
Shout out angrily to be heard

You think it all as meaningless
When you wash away my sound
Now you're gurgling your excuses
And maybe I'll let you drown

I smile through your babbling
And grant you my silence as you prompt me
I know what you want to hear but oops,
I guess I choked again
Matthew Nov 2019
May your heavens part ways
Blasted in the atomic weight
And drops a hell's worth of hell
Upon your crooked leaning crown
Sabrina Apr 2019
You must think you're so tough
Well let me tell you
Since you're my ex-love
I never want you back in my life
Don't come crying to me anymore
I don't wanna hear your lies
So I'll just stand back and watch your tears pour
Think you can cheat on me with her
Come crying to me once you left her
You tore my heart in pieces
Then you left me, baby
I couldn't believe it
Now that I'm over you
Meeting people new
May even be ******* your ex best friend too
Never always liked how you treated me
But I dealt with it, baby
I can't even believe me
Rose tinted glasses must've blinded me
Like you said
Can't you see?
Go run away from all your issues
I'll sit back
Maybe I'll ship you a box of tissues
Emmanuel Mwape Feb 2019

I dearly did everything for you,
Your days deliciously I made blue;
My monthly money made you new
Then madly made you test beef stew!

You always turned me off!
Despite how hard I would chaff;
On this devilish day you will be my staff,
I will break bones! You will be my beef.

The walls in seduction,
The brain as lost its function,
Building up to an eruption,
Of pure ****** distraction!

I gladly gave you flowers and a dove!
I gladly gave you my love.
On my precious presents you did hove
You I took in my caring car then we drove.

It’s time to payback
Payback time is here! Scratch my back
My back yearns and craves for your back
Your back must mercilessly payback!

rrscc Jan 2019
Who, I am, is just the following of what,
What, I am, is just a stone away from where,
Where, I am, is just sails away from why,
Why, we are, is a planet away of who.

Who I am is just a person wearing a pretence,
What I am is just a character of what I try to commence.
Where I am, is this visage, carrying the drama in this scene,
Why we are, is where I merely am playing my part, as my actions are already set in the figurine.

It’s not adequately unexpected for the viciousness that is presented in human forms,
Its pretentious validity, in various forms, in vivid and foolproof flaws, as veteran as victim it withholds.
He desert, hides, cloaks or flees. He screams, breaks, vanish, retreats. He hides, shields, masquerade and juggles. All of these patterns that run in circles and hobbles.

We are not disarmed as much by the sword or bullet but rather by our past,
The whispers, the memories, the mistreat that is amassed.
For I too will have vengeance for myself,
For I plan a vendetta that will never be forgotten, and will haunt thyself.

To effectively grow I have to push past the point of my comfort zone and experience inhumane situations,
No expectations of thoughts and feelings, no blank lines or allowance of consultations because I will lose myself and make my own insinuation.

So please let your anger, hate, *******, intimidation,
Your screams, betrayal, pain, instigation
Thy emotions, force, projections and manipulation,
Be my entertainment that only helps my dissimulation.

For who, I am, is just the following of what,
What, I am, is just a stone away from where,
Where, I am, is just sails away from why,
Why, we are, is the vendetta that’s been bought.
Sabrina Dec 2018
Look at me go
Look at me shine
I'll leave you in the back line
Just like you did to me
I'll walk away with a smile
So bright it'll be hard for you to see
I don't deserve you
I deserve better
Give me a little credit
For putting up with you for too **** long
They should've bet on it
That you would leave
Now look at me
Look at who I am now
Do your eyes deceive?
I'm so much better off without you
little does he know
Megan Foukes Dec 2018
When you say sorry,
I only think of one thing:
It comes back to bite.
So, you better get ready.
'Cause karma's a *****,
And she doesn't play nicely.
I'm sorry, my dear.
a honey bee stung me
not because I disturbed the remnants of his hive
or stepped on the flower he sat upon
I watched puzzled as he struggled on the ground
after burying his sword in my arm
thus sacrificing himself
in honor of his brothers and his queen
you see
he was the last
he had no voice to tell me of their fate
the destruction we'd wrought
on this docile creature
this creator of sweet nectar

the sting was brief and I brushed it away
and continued on
as we all do when only temporarily impeded
the sting about to come
we have no idea
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
Squeamish much?

Did he really think he could call my bluff?

By the way his shoulders fold out to hide his face I assume he sought

Now he's cleaning his mess from the floor, shattered like red rubies

Because he was referring to God but only saw himself in my shades as he accused me

And morality falters with every exhale he can muster

The thought of ripping his spine out, God knows would satisfy my interest in watching him suffer

He stood before me and spat how I was a waste of a woman

Because I prefer soft hands and collarbones, with love as passionate as a dressing room kiss

I said it's perpetually misunderstood in all of its bliss, my preference doesn't hold you liable

Neither, your ignorance

Something about the power invested in the moan of a woman, the throb in my heart causes my blood to flow hotter and brighter

He said its blasphemy, frowned upon in the Bible

So I took his girlfriend for a joyride and taught her how to really smile
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