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Lovely Feb 6
They say, "Don't you dare. Don't you go there, cutting off your long hair. You do as you're told".
They say, "Go put on some makeup. This is a phase you're gonna outgrow. You're gonna quit this show".
They say, "What stress? You'll be fine. Now, go put on your best dress and heals."
They say, "Wipe those tears. We don't have time to go over all your fears. Can't you see, we don't care?".
They say, "You're so good at letting us down. You're the family clown. Why don't you go drown yourself out of our lives?".
I say, "I'm gonna buy a bottle of the best champagne. I'm gonna raise a glass in your names. And I'm gonna cry if I want to. It's my party without you. Here's to all the pain".
I don't need any of you anymore.
Bryce Jan 11
Finally, that we may be all at once all at once, when the coil is unwound and exhausted and begins to cool
And the corneal fillaments glaze into placid glass marble lakes, reflecting the small spurn of the world they held

That our soul should be upwelled
To the lapping stones of Valhalla, to be arisen by great arms and carried to our tableplace
To jest eternally of the great disgrace...

And woe of our whales, lost long afar
And the men who hunted them incessant
Pleasently warmed and vibrating with the humming mumble of the upper yards,

Worn travellers return to tired halls.

And sing,

"Hei do Yey-- be come what may,
High winter hünde beheld at bay
And Yeh they feed in rare reprieve
On souls of such we will not say.

Hei do lum-- what will be done,
What valor hark thy martyrdom
Upon thine breaths and storied crests
Upon thy tomb, thy charter won

Hei do ill, ye sum thy will
To heed thy lands upon the hill
Down back from whence thy kingdom lent
The battle-horn, heard she so shrill"

And I confessed,

Yenson Dec 2018
These little things with their little things
( aptly, like pigs in blankets )
sit in their little worlds with little minds
With little senses and little knowledge
they look at all things with little perceptions
and little understanding
cocooned in their little lives with little desired
and little expected

which means

A lot of time for self loathing, a lot of time frustrated
A lot of time depressed, a lot of time unfulfilled,
a lot of time for mischief, a lot of time for hating
a lot of time deluded. a lot of time wasted nursing delusions
a lot of time fantasizing writing deluded *******,
a lot of time projecting their ignorance and in pain
a lot of time for anger, a lot of time for mediocrity
a lot of time for distraction, a lot of time to be nothing
but totally and completely foolish and repulsive


Spare a thought for ignorance is bliss
and misery needs company
how can the unloved want others to love
why would a little one wish to know a magnum is in action
why would the frustrated ******* want others to scream in
******* throes
why would little damaged things want happiness for others
why would restless frenzied things want peace and goodwill
when they are just little things with Ninety nine problems
and ******* helps hide their twitching

These little things, with their little minds
and their little lives
         poor pathetic little things .........
“With ignorance comes fear – from fear comes bigotry
“People who love themselves, don’t hurt other people. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer.”
“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something sometime in your life.”
Sophia Dec 2018
you kept asking
asking asking asking
if i had any more love to give

but honey, i gave it all to you
and you ****** me dry
and left me
a thirsty well.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
To where I came from and
where I'm going there Is
nothing  In between but for
a No man's land  can't go
forward can't go back
nothing to do but to walk
this Barton land alone now
without my true love by my
side a land  to where I'm no
longer recognised
Since my wife passed I've
lost my Identity to walk
amongst people Helen knew
that no nothing of me now of
Helen so loved by all, but I
was always more than happy
to take a back seat that just
the way It was, I would not
have It any other way
No other way in life would U have  had it
my one true love
Saint Audrey Nov 2018
A generic question
You're all right
Stop this misdirection

So defined
Now that the past is over
The simplest mistakes
About to ******* over

Nothing's real
What's the strength of reason
You aren't real
There's nothing left to ground you

So ill defined in your heinous head start
Ill fitting precedence, tear me apart
Providence save me, i need your autonomy
I need your everything, what will you save for me

Take what is mine, a good enough start
Betting it all on this myopic part
I don't need your foresight
Don't need your "told you so"
All I can hope for
In this, just my clarity
Bryce Nov 2018
Arguing above
The corvids seek a meal
caked upon the ground
Saint Audrey Sep 2018
chasing shades across the borderline
Living shadows leave me misaligned
Shaking hands, release compounded ideas
Violent dreams

Slipping farther from an open mind
Blue and broken, for end of time
Parting ways, never could decide
Just how it should be

Counted down all the time i spent
Reuniting with my arguments
Running lists of all types, worthlessness
Not that hard to see
Assumption begot,
     that cumulative generations
     bred tiredness weariness zap
ping ability to remain awake,

     nope even enough energy
     to feign opening maw mouth
     evincing a yap,
and if equipped

     with smartphone app viz whatsapp
would shear lee ask ewe
     if Androids dream of electric sheep,
     but limited options,

     asper talking via two lipped gap
reduce modes to communicate
     keeping shut tight denture
     "FAKE" toothed trap

affixed to gums by (James) bonding agent
     necessitating manual finagling -
     careful NOT to snap
dentures, thus

     leaving garbled speaking
     where gum shunned rattletrap
disallowing articulation,
     enunciation and pronunciation,

     making worthy words
     sound like discombobulated pap
hoping to convey tiredness affliction,
     sans this poe whim, whereby i map

imagining yielding curling (catlike)
    upon ample sized maternal lap
whether gentile,
     or Jewish princess i.e. ***

pan knees, which above
     quasi Semitic iteration hap
puns tubby what occurred to me
     for no particular rhyme or reason

     hoping ya ponied mental effort
     to breeze thru my sad dulled verse
     with neigh saying horsesense to giddyap
whereupon woebegone

     sleepiness could perk me up -
     if ye could purchase far me a large frap
pa chin oh otherwise
     fate twill point this chap
to Google search how to buck up vitality
     vis a visa deer lee sought app.
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