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Yes, once I did a newsboy job,
With a newsagent I did hobnob,
Our little town at four o'clock,
In depths of winter, quite a shock,
In New Blithering I did search,
Why did Heathcliff leave me in the lurch?
Not to be a drama queen,
I did retire from that scene,
It was quite amusing I say,
Second breakfasts every day,
No wonder we were obese and fat,
No longer a newsboy, that's that!
Feedback welcome.
Johnny walker Aug 24
One can walk away from this
life but not from oneself you can try shut yourself away from the world and Its suffering but
than later
one's has to face reality face up to responsibility for we all played a part In the dreadful state our wirld now finds Itself In global
One can turn away pretend Its not happering or learn to be responsible and hope that It's not to late to save our planet from
I fear our efforts will be for nothing for the kind of changes we are now trying to make are years to late the damage has
already been
the fuse has been lite the time bomb Is ticking the real sadness In all of this Is our children for we have raised them but to what kind
of a future do we leave
I was born In the 1950s much different time back then less pressures work easy to find the wages one earned were worth far
than today's money
At the age I am today life personally doesn't concern me to much I've had my
but what greatly concerns me for our children who have to try and make something
of their Inheritence a world left In a terrible state for they were born Into a world of grab
what you can for It won't last can't take It with
and to me that why the poor and most vulnerable suffer In poverty because of
by those who are so selfish and have a total lack of compassion for there fellow humans shame on them
I'm sat watching the world go by that all I seem to do these days for I have no desire to do anything
For life Is just not the same as it was once with my sweetheart but she gone now I accept that but it this emptiness
Don't think this feeling will ever go away and that the problem every day a struggle but have
to carry
Let me feel the tremble in your body when you cry.
Ill hold you close like there is no world around us.
No star, no burning sun could dampen your light.
You're a flame that burns too bright for this earth.

Let me break my heart into a thousand pieces so i may love you with each fragment.
I can't continue with you, and i can't continue without you.

My kitchen tiles know the taste if my tears as I lay, pining for you early every morning...
Johnny walker Jun 27
When falling at night to my dreams that Is so much more easy to do In the cold winter for the memories of Helen that will warm any
bitterly cold
Remembering her laid In arms to feel the beautiful warmth from her loverly body and the kiss from her oh so sweet lips just the
feel her
At the end each day I close my eyes and here she Is with
me for she comes to me In my dreams to where we love each other all over again for I never stopped thinking about
Johnny walker Jun 26
I wouldn't have had It any other way my life that Is
that what I
myself each every day wouldn't had lived my life any other
for had all that wanted from this life Couldn't
loved her anymore than I did gave her my best that I could In life all I've been
In life the wrongs and the rights things I should have done and never did all
presented to me In life but never had the will to carry through
but all said and done I wouldn't have had It any other
Johnny walker Jun 16
When I fall to sleep at night
I go hanging around In my dreams two lover In life once did live but now we've taken to hanging around
In my dreams to relive our time together for our hearts to become as one again for love Is more powerful than anything In life or
I believe love Is more powerful than anything In this life for It never DIES it lives on through others who carry the memories on
Smoke Scribe Apr 2018
Passover or Easter or Happy Any Ole Thing, Sam I Am

asks me good naturedly
which to wish me - a happy this or that
and a poem’s immaculate conception is instant arisen arising
hot ****

rueful smile and unruly reply
a solid out loud Ha!

neither either or he writes and so believes

for I am a god loving man,
whom we’ve -Him/It/Me have agreed
that I may call
Sam I Am
and the answer to your question is
why not

for most quests and questions can be well-answered
why not!

my genes my historical beings my ancestors and my issue
all declaiming that I am a jew who left egypt, no defaming, a slave to no man who cannot love another like his own self

but some in all that I write, this deity boss slips in quietly unseen in one of his jokes-on-us-disguises like singing ave maria

and thus whose to say
his rightful name, is not
Sam I Am

my choice and the big D
     (a self-employed informal his choice, nom-de-guerre)
has agreed via his acknowledgement in his normative style of
low volume taciturn tacit acceptance

so wish me a u happy
anything you want-to-call-it-day

don’t matter. but know this u were there
when, all on that happy day where, @ the manger,
when this Sam-Approved-Appeared
poem was born and Sam blessed it with a
hot ****!

she laughs, tosses back in my face, some schematic I
prior penned that I can’t recall the when or where or my
nom-de-guerre employed but fits this ex-slave perfectly

“there are no lines or lies in my writings
there are no definitions and
perception is only your truth”
Johnny walker Mar 25
Left alone with unpaid bills as If the loss of love
was not enough felt like packing bags to run
just hide from this world  
but stuck around to see It through the most
Important thing In life my wife and now she
with nothing left So I don't care all bills can go hell for not giving up to no one
not even
for people who make all, there demands they don't what It like grief show no compassion or perhaps It's they just don't
money always comes first but I don't care, my wife comes before and above anything else money matters not to
Bills to me don't mean a thing
even though my wife has gone she means more to any bills one way or they'll get their way I just don't care
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