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Vachaspathi Oct 2019
Like a knife, she cut my heart into two.
She grabbed one half and left me another.
Never thought sharing would be this blissful.
cammie Mar 2019
shrieks from the fallen ones
haunt your memories
faces slowly fading away
as the time rushes by

yet everything seems paused
moving along in slow motion
watching everyone else live their lives
smiling, laughing, enjoying their time

while you sit back and wonder
what happened here
why me, why us
things could have been better, different

how have i managed to survive
can’t believe i made it this far
i had your help
and now i have nothing

the silence stings
but the emptiness hurts the most
cupboards left open
couch cushions askew

stains on the carpet
hard to accept the fact
that bang bang bang
that slash slash slash

has now led to you all

i’m sorry
b Jun 2018
theres a
blue jay out there
with a
for my

will it take
my guts for
or see the slash
in my belly as

would it take
me naked?
glitch personified,
i knock three times
at the door.
its cold and i
am ready
to die in your
arms again.
TheUnseenPoet Oct 2017
I wish I was a musician,
Wrote riffs for my guitar,
Earned loads of cash, looked like Slash,
And drove a fancy car.
I wish I was an artist,
Created worlds with paint,
Banksy as my bro, a huge afro,
At my feet London would faint.
I wish I was an actor,
For all the world's a stage,
I'd win awards, tread the West End boards,
And make 'portly' all the rage.
It's pants being a poet,
Scribbling odes year after year,
But I'm not flighty, I can write in my nightie,
And post it all on here.
Zero Nine Jun 2017
Move. Shift. Effortless.
Leave. Return. Don't.

Where the love was grown.
Dejected earth.

Cry. Wallow. Fatigued.
Return or Don't.

The flora found the trashcan.

Have your empty earth.
4 of 4

thanks for reading.
love ya'll
Zero Nine Jun 2017
what are we, i ask myself
   i own
      no statement
only feeble questions

i see your blushing face asleep on trash
but i could never see my freezing heart
at ease at the fire's eager edge, only in it

now i offer life anew at your brick and mortar altar
where once i'd incinerate my own skin
maybe if i pray hard, i'll pray your apathy away
when words are all i have to give
it's the most fitting gift to receive

i suppose

when i consign my primal urge to dead space
i consign in full view of destinies lost
grow dead to human touch

sniffing all the lacquer off your short nails
quick to bed, while high i await morning's rise
wakeful through the night, tooth to lip

   my wanting hand

      silently crawls

     my tender thigh
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Zero Nine Jun 2017
**** me

all i ever do is run from myself

all i

do is done in pursuit of bad health

drain the well

dump me down

if you won't

then i will

trust fall into

the hungry depths

all i

do is done in pursuit of bad health

at the tragic end the sadness is

that despite outside approval

i never knew

to approve

of myself
Do what I want.
I'm looking for a wild card, a badmash
Not a monster that will want to leave a slash
When i let the troops come into my base to visit
I hope the firefight inside is with passion and not bullets.
Love ups the flames but so does misery.
Solaces Nov 2015
the moon was bright// light of the night...

sing to me tunes// early summer in june//

shine down your old light// borrowed from the sun tonight..

don't feel ashamed// you are not to blame//

i am sad because of me// all the things i didn't see..

not because i am blind// i just couldn't see her shine//

please don't hide behind the clouds// i swear i will not cry out loud..

i can see you shine// but your light is borrowed, u have always been dark inside//

she is the same// and i am to blame..

for she is the moon// and i am her sun.........
On slash of words.
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