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Payton Feb 24
I've had a hole
growing in
my stomach for
Butterflies are
wrapped up
in the ribbon
in your
tapes, and
they come inside
and tie
little knots around
my bones.
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This poem was written in 2016
Keyana Brown May 2020
She was honored
for her passion.

She was known
for having a
sense of fashion.

A lady who had
a perfect vision
of swirling ribbons
that could hang
upon a tree.

Which is why
she was full of
zeal and glee.

Through the ruby-reds
and the jet-blacks
she sets them
in multiple stacks.

She can't help, but
make the ribbons
start with red
then add a pop of

One day, she found
her first true love
and he gave her
a rose.

Her lover
noticed her obsession
for ribbons were
getting outlandish
and old.

She later
became famous
after she left
her lover over
her irreplaceable

After all
it was always
her passion
that keeps
her drivin.
A little fiction that I wrote when I was in middle school.
Poetic T Apr 2020
Bandeau effortlessly draped
                    over her physique.

I wanted to open my gift.

  As the sash descended,

                              she bit her lip.
Swathi eruvaram Mar 2020
A twirl of blue satin tugged between your fingers
Twining hard trying to keep it intact
Crossing over, squeezing under and pulling out
Learning to make your first knot
Finding bliss in a tangled ribbon
My son learnt to make a knot
Mind Matterer Oct 2018
It’s like a drug
-except that it doesn’t come in a little orange box
Or in the shape of a little white pill,
But rather through a shiny, sleek, sharp blade
That grazes over your skin
Just like a red ribbon swaying in the wind.
Solaces Oct 2018
Above the passing clouds the stars were moving..
As they would pass by they would sometimes split and travel to another dream..
We were watching this from my Grandmothers backyard in the past..
The night was cool and the grass was soft with a touch almost as cold as rain..
The stars became lights on a massive vessel that passed by in the past of my dreams..
My Dog Prince then came to me..
He has been dead for 24 years..
But he was there laying beside me in the cool dream grass..
The star vessel had no sound..
It was almost as if it was floating by like a massive balloon..
The ship left behind a streak of glowing rainbow ribbon in the night sky..
It slowly faded away into the now starless black sky..
My dog Prince was gone too..
I was now in the present awake in my bed...
Departure for heaven..
MawaLin Sep 2018
she is your silken stream of thought
a delicate knot braided firmly
around your side
never to be united

"she was made from your rib"
"she was made from your rib"
Elk Öberg Jul 2018
Flesh is stripped away in grisly ribbons,
It wraps around their mouths— suffocating.
Twisted into the red string of fate,
It ties stone crosses
To the backs of martyrs,
And crowns their skulls with poppies.
Still, the rook will crow,
And thick blood runs in opaque veils
Down the innocent’s face.

The ribbon floats back home,
Washed up on English rocks,
Where the lover, the friend, and the family member,
Allow it to curl around their littlest finger.
Their tears join the sea.
Danielle May 2018
What happened?
To that fragile moment we held tight in our heats?
Red glorious ribbons of Fate.
The quiet comfort of long nights
Pulled apart, worn by age,
In which we talked.
They lie dirtied on the ground.
Till Dawn whispered to the stars,
As they left, her tears washed it all away.
I forget where the idea of red ribbons came from, but I enjoy the idea of people being romantically linked by them. But when it falls apart that's where the imagery can really come alive in a way.
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