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Lorena Nov 2020
in other worlds..." he corrected himself -

"The being in constant astonishment in other worlds - words, dies. Starves from too much food."

such astonishment to be unlearned in the meeting of two friends on a bench,
the opening of curtains to a blue-gold sky
the sheer pleasure of creating a world -
- and a person and a FEELING
from a black-inked nib and a white scratched page

trapped alone in astonishment, a seer
Cassandra of ordinary happenings.

look at the living that is being LIVED!
- and never believed.
Karisa Brown Nov 2019
Words are forms of vibrational starts
Pure white light increases
Downward I feel healing
SelinaSharday Oct 2018
Shall I..

This is my moment..
Apple crispiness..juicy sweet.
I'm feeling vulnerable. way down to my feet.
Shall I..

I'm so dang vulnerable...Something fluffy to behold.
Soft plushable..
I'm gonna melt richly fulfilling someone's precious soul.

Shall I...

If I walk into your galaxy.. look into you deeply..
Search you intensely..
Do you take it personelly.

What's in your universe..
Will what I find be just rehearsed.

Uncovering Your galaxy..
Will it be welcoming to me.
Stepping away from poetry..
run away with me..

Shall I..

With you spread my wings and fly.

Like chewing spearmint gum.
Minty fresh.
Popping Bubbles..
secrets in my chest.
Glowing cause I'm at my best.

Are your skies friendly..
Are your intentions  sacred given purely.
Like diamonds treasuring me favorably.

Will You!
Be vulnerable with me oh gentle you.
Trust me to be what you should pursue.
Take my heaven its something new.
Creative awaiting you.

Will You......................!

selinasharday rose..S.A.M 2018
@She's ready, flowing, giving,, ripe and vulnerable
Michael Briefs Aug 2018
S       I found myself on a sheer rock face of desperate desire.
H      Holding on to her presence, in the danger of my devotion.
E       But I lost my grip. I missed a step
and my heart skipped a beat.
E       Then she was gone...
R      And I was loose! Plunging, caught by a force of nature.
R      White noise filled my ears and dread filled my heart.
O      In a primal panic, a terrible cry shattered the blackened sky.
C      Her face faded away and I was left reaching for a line --
K      Trying to avoid the rocks below.
F       I tried to find some way back up the mountain.
A      I clutched for the breath in my lungs,
C      The breath that was there before I fell;
E       That moment skipped over,
F       When I lost my grip and you were gone.
A      I carry the pain inside, searching for release.
L       But life goes on and on, day by day.
L       Outside, I am quiet, I hold a steady gaze.
L       But inside, the scars grind like metal on metal,
O      Between a rock and a hard place,
V      Until the edge within becomes razor cold.
E       Like a steely blade inside a silken sheath,
H      The knife buried beneath, poised to draw blood,
O      When the balance is tipped, the pressure too much.
P       Will I crash on jagged agony below or will I let go the dagger,
E       To reclaim the climb? To reach again and find her face, aloft...
Yup, this was the big one. The all-time heart break of my life, circa 1986. Just obliterated, shattered, vaporized me. I am still trying to find my way back up.
Jamie King Jan 2015
The mirror dent, my reflection cracked in several
ways, wallowing in wonder whether mortality is my faith.

My eyes
marry clocks
and drift away
with time, to lands of  broken  hour glasses.

Where eternity invites the reaper to shape short destinies.

Fears smear
amongst peers,
many phobias
being but one
clear path
death is here.
Death is everywhere but we live ignorantly I guess it's one way of being optomistic after all "ignorance is..." well you know
17th Aug 2014
I always wonder if I am ever going to be reminded
or forgotten between those beautiful leafs
maybe someday we'll all forgot everything
everything that seems important today
will be useless and irrelevant

my ribs hurts
as much as that afternoon
when you said you felt so blue

"you just can't stop thinking about it
you can't help your selfishness
you can't stop shattering this love
but I know someday we'll be colliding ourselves
into each other's paths"

now I'm full of bashfulness
feeling so small
I'd like to take you back
it's 3:45am please understand

— The End —