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Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2020
Lone leaf hangs onto the branch of a tree on the cliff side,
Nods at the breaking waves below.
The hustle of the wind,
Cause the autumn leaf to fall,
Twisting and turning through the rough air,
Like a butterfly in flight.
Down, down it flutters,
Whispering, singing exhausted.
The diver saw the pain and beauty in the leaf,
Caught it in mid air,
And both shimmered down onto the waves.
Even the smallest leaf must face its destiny,
Saved by the battering waves,
It was buried in the diver's garden.
Sheherazad Oct 2019
I let go and fall, fall, fall — ever so deep —
Into the cracks between your pieces
They’re the only way to your heart.
Let me swim through the crevices
Like a diver in the mines.

Ive struck gold.

midnight Nov 2018
She was at the bottom of the ocean -
like a sunken city that no one bothered to look for.
She was found once by an amateur diver
But that diver can only settle with looking at her from afar -
For he neither knew how to dive deeper nor to explore further.
K Balachandran May 2018
Placid water parts,
Up flies quick, a cormorant;
Epiphanous this!
K Balachandran Jan 2018
a scuba diver,
stunned by coral display,
forgets his way back!
IcySky Aug 2016
Breathe, relax, slowing sinking beneath
the waves of fear and insecurity,
realizing the deeper you go under,
the safer you feel.

Just go with the current,
don't try to force it,
relax, and trust it...
Watch the beauty unfold.

As you dive deep down,
into a world unknown by many,
you discover possibilities,
you never sought possible.

The cold and warmth work in unison,
The beauty, and the beast, side by side,
into a world unlike no other,
Take a breath, dive deep down.

Watch as the bubbles ascend above your head,
letting all your worries go with it,
each breath, easing your mind,
and relaxing your body.

Only to emerge from the deep blue,
looking to land on one side,
and open, infinite possibilities on the other,
so much to explore, in so little time...

Deep down we dive,
searching and looking,
for new possibilities,
endless excitement for years to come.*

Dive Deep Down
Into The
Deep Blue
As I stand there preparing I'm wearing a face staring off into my own world

The board flexing and bouncing the announcer announcing its my turn
In my head I'm thinking will I succeed or will I burn

As I walk I think of every correction, all directions my coaches gave me
I go and it went well but you still can't tell with the judges opinion

But as I dive deep into oblivion everything fades..

The dive the meet how I should compete my team my coaches the approaches the world around me, everything

As I'm in the water looking around I forget everything. I feel the peace I have tried to reach and as the calm comes I am finally at rest

There is no test in the water deep below, you can be whatever you wish nothing bestowed

That is the reason I love to dive, that's why I strive.
Solaces Jan 2016
His white sun fire eyes burn deep into my soul and aura.  He already knows that I am here to stop him.  But yet he still welcomes me to his darkness eating light.  

I then try and reason with him.  "  I cannot let you advance. I will allow you to keep this quadrant of the universe.  You will be a grand galaxy size star that will shine eternal.  Many will look to you with hope and wishes beyond measure.  You could shine forever here. Bring hope to many who have none.  I know your intentions are good. But they will end all life as we know it.  It will put an end to all the colors ever known.  There will be nothing left to define what you have done except the very nothing you will become. The light then will forever be known as nothing at all.  I beg you. Take this offer.  Shine eternal. "

His eyes then seem to shine brighter. He then spoke to me with a whimsical voice.   "  The darkness has taken more from me than you can ever comprehend Stardiver. A being much like me made out of darkness took my universe away. It took all light away. I was able to find this universe in my last desperation of life.  Don't you see! If I absorb all the darkness here I can finally destroy him.  There is enough light here yet to do so.   Join me Stardiver.  Please help me get revenge for my universe drowned in darkness. "
An offer to shine forever.
Solaces Jan 2016
Ill try to explain and describe what I am seeing inside this massive expanse of light.  

Inside is outside and outside is inside.  The light kisses my armor and soul with such a welcomed embrace I am certain I will soon be a part of it.  I will shine forth eternal never fearing death.  I will illuminate all that is dark and vanquish all that is evil.  

After my thoughts run rampant for just a moment I see at this center an ocean made of watery light.  I then realize I am floating in it.  The waves of light water take me under and I am back in the expanse of light.  This seems to happen more often as I near the being at the center of this expanse of shine.  

Imagine being surrounded by light.  There is nothing to see.  Nothing but light.  But at this moment I am looking at a light that outshines all other light.  It looks a lot like a sun that has turned into a diamond. A sun filled diamond.  So beautiful a dream could not conjure it.   At the center of this was him.  This diamond sun that surrounded him was in fact a sort of barrier or shield protecting him from all light and darkness.

His eyes were made of white sun fire.  He looks to me and embraces me with his eternal shine.   He speaks only one word.  " WELCOME"  
I welcome you to the light...
Solaces Jan 2016
I have come to a corner of the universe where the balance has shifted insanely toward the light.  Its like being inside a star.  There is no darkness whatsoever.  Darkness has no place here.   There is a being here that is emitting this near infinite light.  At the center of this galaxy sized mass of light he shines and burns away darkness.  My armor begins to absorb this near infinite light.  My power levels reach a level beyond thought.  I want to be part of this light. Vanquish all darkness.  I close my eyes and feel the light course through my soul and aura.  This light however is not pure.  It is made out of love, revenge, and hate.   Its intentions are good.  But the ramifications could be catastrophic.   It wants to rid the universe of all darkness.  Everything would become illuminated.  We would lose the night. We would lose our shadows.  There would be nothing but light as we would become a part of it and then one in and of itself.  Simply stated it would be the end.  I must stop him.  This being of light.   S-DIVERS
Toward the light I bring the hope of darkness.

— The End —