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Aug 2018 · 511
it's easy to be loved
when you speak a common thought

it's easy to be hated
when you speak an unpopular truth

we shouldn't speak for validation
but for the will to be who we truly are
despite reactions
Apr 2018 · 245
A Pale Road
when venturing down a long pale road,
one cannot plan to become tan,
but only to be burnt
in the end.
Mar 2018 · 433
built on wishes
like snowy roads and clementines
never fully sinking in or forming
into the endless avenues of adventure
and taking things way too far

then suddenly
here you are

b i r t h
is imminent

d r e a m s
are real

i m p o s s i b l e
is done

you are here with me
f o r e v e r
Mar 2018 · 366
yoga mats & decaf
heated blanket wonderland
bath bomb heaven
fruits and veggies all the time
go to sleep at seven

vitamins on the counter
decaf in the cabinet
yoga mat across the floor
gotta start new habits

research by day
snoring all night
gotta get this figured out
before you are in sight!
Mar 2018 · 337
day 3 / blessing
i skipped days 1 and 2
to be with me and you

also, i was in shock


who could it be?
a little bit of him and a little bit of me!
Mar 2018 · 131
never say never
I never thought we could,
then we did.

I never thought to dive,
now we swim.
Mar 2018 · 319
A rising tide that never crashes...
A sandstorm that never lasted --
Subsiding in our hearts;
Entwining like a work of art!

You're here now...
That's all that matters --
The earth will turn;
And it will shatter!


A piece of me...
Now a piece of you --
Is this a dream;
Or a dream come true?

Brought to Earth...
In all its hue --
To change the world;
To light anew!
Mar 2018 · 242
no more wine
as life creeps in
like flowers mid-winter;
you wonder how
you walked this far alone

when noise grows silent
like nothing else matters;
before or after
is all quite unknown
Feb 2018 · 400
down the coffee cup
one day you wake up,
look down the coffee cup
& out into the world
into memories furled

and suddenly you see
this is the life of me
where ever did it go?
i'd really like to know

like the wave of a wand
it's here, then it's gone
we do and we don't
we can and we won't

oh, let's make the best
take care of the rest
surrender to the tides
and just enjoy the ride
Feb 2018 · 164
You (II)
Thank you for watering me each day, like a summer rose,
even on the days when my thorns ***** you,
and even on the days when my petals fall.
Feb 2018 · 207
Love's Twinkle
Maybe like a star twinkles, so does love;
It can't always be at its brightest, but it is never completely dark,
& just as you may glance away,
the tiny light draws you back into its line of sight
so that you can gaze upon it and watch it grow back into something beautiful that you never want to leave.
Feb 2018 · 122
Your Light
Do you see how brilliant you truly are?
Your light shines on every soul in the room,
no matter how near or no matter how far:
your seeds wander out, are watered, and bloom.
Jan 2018 · 140
Ambivalence (remastered)
Are you a brush for my golden hair,
or a stunningly sharp dagger - so rare?;
Small ends of my skin stand up
in applause for your arrival,
but the question of survival still remains:
A garden of day? Or a garden of night?
I am no owl, but I can see in the dark.
Normally a dog runs at a strike,
But I may look back, I might,
As I watch the sun fade...then grow again:
It shrinks as the light fills me, so warm!
As we share; can we love,
with an endless melody, rather than
an excerpt of being?
Whether yin or yang, I still see the air between...
Is it you too, or only me?
Be my daggerbrush,
because my hair still needs to be cut
after some time --
So, keep me in line,
and I'll look after you, truly.
Jan 2018 · 120
luring pixies into your swamp
as i catch fireflies on my tongue
we all have our habits, don't we?
Jan 2018 · 157
a gift
it is in our least comfortable corners
that we find a gap deep inside us
that we have a chance to fill with love
Jan 2018 · 152
Don't look back!
Let's dance forward...
amidst the waves of your ocean eyes.
Jan 2018 · 387
message for you
May you one day feel
how you deserve to feel.
Jan 2018 · 182
Here Now
Pay no attention to that circle.
We're here now:
the real me,
& always you;
just us two.
Jan 2018 · 167
Tunnel Vision
wandering eyes of the past
shrivel and crack

all i see is you
Jan 2018 · 122
I think anything we can imagine
exists somewhere.

Maybe not in this world,
but somewhere out there.
Jan 2018 · 151
life is a stage
each step

is merely

one stage

leading to the next

so that we may





as they boo

and they clap
Jan 2018 · 119
Our stories are written

by the actions we create.

Make a story

you would love to read!
Jan 2018 · 136
something more
it is easy to create a smile when you are the teacher

it is when you become the student

that a smile becomes

something more

a smile

soon represents

strength of overcoming your weakness

and building a heart which achieves limitless possibilities
Jan 2018 · 141
it is as if

i have been here before


it is different now

time and time


i find myself here

in tears of joy

meeting my friend

named 'time & connection'
Jan 2018 · 241
We Must Be Invincible!
My skin's been burnt by thought and flame...
My other, frozen in flurries!

Smiles, laughs, jokes - adrift...
And your joy is all I know!

But forward-bound; determination...
There is no doubt, we've had frustration!

When love arrives; manifestation...
We must be invincible!
Dec 2017 · 310
déjà vu
déjà vu
and suddenly i'm here with you


how does this story end?

moving parts
all connected

paste regimes

future projects
souls collected

which path do we endure?
has any of this happened before?
and how can we be sure?

multiple lives passing through air
of another world next to ours

through and through and here i am
again with you and not too far

and then
and then
and then

here we are again
yet its different now
here we are and then

suddenly i'm here with you
déjà vu
Dec 2017 · 132
reality of love
when one day you wake up and realize
it was never the fairy tales that brainwashed your joven soul
or the kind words whispered from a mothers mouth
or the hug from that hard-working father

it was something so opposite and deranged
now forcing you to accept what you had never once imagined
as you slowly heal from the ever-unfamiliar
and walk through flames you never thought you'd touch

then you wake from the ashes of an old reality
as nostalgia is the only place you can call home now
you can never touch the innocence or the perfection of what was
but solely reflect on the future in this new place

and how very foolish you were in the past
and how very cruel the world was for leading you to be

this is it
but somehow
it is still worth it

because it is still somehow substantially better than any other feeling
in the entire world
edit from 10/01/15
Dec 2017 · 135
go out there

find what you want

never let anything

subdue your hunt
Dec 2017 · 226
The Precious Beginning
As you walk through the garden of life,
you will be asked to go left or right...
Always go right.
Always do what is right,
no matter how many
adventures and surprises
await on the left.
If you choose to go left,
and you are unlucky,
you may never go back to who you once were
in the precious beginning.
Fortunately, I am lucky,
but this is a warning:
never go where I have gone.
Dec 2017 · 134
as one
the road to a happy ending
goes off course
but no matter who is driving
you are both in the same car
finding your way
back on the path
to happiness
as one
Dec 2017 · 459
contradictions & hypocrisy
you yearn for freedom
then you crush it

you ask for time
yet you rush it

you preach equality
then ban all others

you look for knowledge
yet hide under covers

you want perfection
then you complain

you ask for sanity
yet behave insane

you say this is home
then tear down the flag

your heritage unknown
yet willing to brag

you ask for no lies
then don't believe truth

you ask for more money
our debt's through the roof

you look for happiness
and you long for peace

you hold onto a grudge
but you need release

you say you're a dreamer
but you don't believe

that we can do anything
that we can perceive
Dec 2017 · 271
facts bounce off me like rubber
wisdom sticks to me like glue
why is it i cannot remember
all of the things that i do

when i am lying wide awake
and think of all things near
i can always remember
the reasons why i am here

i may forget quite a bit
but it doesn't matter to me
as long as i know what truly matters
i will always remain free
very rough draft
Dec 2017 · 202
before // after
I used to go to bed at midnight
every night before I met you.
I used to build houses out of dreams
that I made up on a whim.
I used to go outside and stare at the stars,
looking for two that match.
Then I found a light shining from afar;
it wasn't in the sky, and it didn't make much sense.
It felt like I had been asleep,
and then I woke for the very first time.
I had risen from dreams time and time again;
I had lifted myself over and over,
but no one else had carried me.
Then as you looked down on me,
like nothing else was more important than our gaze,
I felt something strange like never before;
I never wanted to sleep again.
1st draft
i waited for words
to arrive
and make my heart swing

i waited
what seemed like a lifetime

no one gave them to me
no one gave me the words i imagined
inside my head
or in my heart

then you came
and gave me something better
exceeded my expectations
and gave me something more

for this
i thank you
and for this
i love you
Dec 2017 · 344
The Teacher
And as the teacher said goodbye to her graduating class
filled with children she taught so much to,
she wondered where they would go,
and she wondered who they would be...

Would so-and-so make it through high school?
Would what's-her-name keep dancing?
Would that-one-boy ever stop talking and begin to listen to others?
Had she done enough to help them all?

It was no longer her responsibility;
she had set them free.

After a nostalgic sit, she walked home to a simple house,
in a simple town. Her husband waited
at the dinner table, silently admiring her curls,
as she sat down, ready to take in food and new information.

When she was at home, she was no longer the teacher,
but the student. Her children filled her soul
with things she never knew or imagined.
Her husband smiled and reminded her
that no one in this world is perfect,
but in his eyes, she was,
and that was all that need matter to her.
Dec 2017 · 254
Sometimes, we ourselves do not even realize our own faults,
until they are so blatantly pressed to our eyes
that we cannot refuse to feel the heat seeping from underneath
and burning with each touch our hand releases to the outside world.

Then, we either find ourselves trying to eliminate these faults,
or we wait until they eliminate all that is good in us
to the point that we no longer know what is right from wrong,
and we no longer remember who we were as a child.

That person whispering in your ear, it can be you or someone else,
but know, it will tell you not what you want to hear,
but what you need to here, so go.
Dec 2017 · 434
look up
look up
it will only be a bit

look up
you know it is worth it

look up
you've been places much like this

look up
dig out of the pit

look up
you see the stars from here

look up
the future's bright and near

look up
gone with all the tears

look up
there's nothing left to fear

look up
until your neck is raw

look up
you traveled and you saw

look up
just wait for the applause

look up
but don't forget to pause

look up
you know which way to go

look up
and trust the ones you know

look up
darkness 'round the low

look up
you'll be the one who glows
Dec 2017 · 791
coffee thoughts
winter coffee
l o o k i n g  b a c k . . .
now reflecting
o n  m y  p a s t . . .

passive attacks
wishing wells
emerald eyes
silent spells

spring coffee
i t ' s  s o  f a r  . . .
new beginnings
s t a y  w h e r e  y o u  a r e  . . .

to what could be
myself to see

summer coffee
f u l l  c i r c l e . . .
cannot wait
l i g h t  d i s p e r s a l . . .

bumpy tides
turn to gold
joyful times
we grow old

fall coffee
i  c a n ' t  w a i t . . .
time to change
n e v e r  t o o  l a t e . . .
1st draft
Dec 2017 · 383
weights fall off

as we dance toward the light

another day down as we

wake from the night

as time grows on

it slows down with you

how could it not

with such a wonderful view

our future like the sea

everchanging and bold

but without some risk

a good story is never told

so I take your hand

as you grab my hips

and we both decide

to make something of this
Dec 2017 · 591
Verus Amor in Oscula
when love comes down
and grants a kiss
there is nothing
sweeter than this

toss it around
leave it amiss
you will regret
messing with this

after long months
of fleeting bliss
nothing is better
than true love's kiss
Dec 2017 · 528
i can: flip a switch
i can:

flip a switch
just for you;
sometimes i do,
forget how to

flip a switch;
one day it's on,
then it's off,
and i am gone.

i get lost
when in love;
lose myself
to some kind of

dark energy
taking hold of me;
flip it off
then i am free.

something inside
tugging away,
causing me
to toss and sway -

with so many
wordly distractions,
and so many
wild interactions;

with such embrace
and so much joy,
we have no reason
to set decoys.

you fell in love,
it was with me;
why can it be so
hard to see?

flip a switch
until it's habit
give me patience;
i'll give you practice.

don't look away,
and i will not
look away
like i was taught.

you have me,
battles won;
no one else
can overcome.

flip a switch,
i will do.
flip a switch,
for me and you.
Jul 2017 · 219
Who Knows
Things just seem easier when I'm around you...
but maybe I'm not built for an easy life.
Jun 2017 · 246
i visited
you were a prisoner of your own thoughts,
and i visited your cell far too often
Jun 2017 · 336
catch 22
she never liked the others
the ones that always talked
but never walked

she looks in the mirror sometimes
and knows she can be like them on certain days

she still doesn't like them

not even the ones who walk a little

but when she goes home at night
with no one else around
she feels lonely and wonders what the others are doing
May 2017 · 220
And then,
I realized I had been chasing a fantasy my entire life;
that what I had wanted more than anything, was not real.


shock subsided as the intense sensations of stomach movements prevailed...

What kind of world is this?

What kind of place are we living in,
where { we can imagine what is perfect to us,
but never obtain it } ?

I am broken from defeat.
I am ready for the next world.
May 2017 · 994
Queen of the Flames
& from the flames she rose,
as she looked down at her toes
and saw the dirt beneath,
where all the plants would grow
Apr 2017 · 256
Please Reply
Why am I so in love with the wounded?

Is that you...
Is that you too?
Do you know how I feel?

Please reply.
Apr 2017 · 278
We Don't Die
you can't drift by
but you can sift my mind

you can't lift anything -
not even yourself; why?

a down-tempo mystery
who once said "i love you"


you saw the good in me
that's hiding inside you

maybe i love you
because i see the bad in you
that's hiding in me

what does it all mean?
we don't die...
{ inspired by Tricky and Francescas's "We Don't Die" & a past relationship }
Apr 2017 · 348
Feminism Pt. II
You can choose to listen & react to the negativity, or you can just live freely and wait for them to see that they were wrong.
Actions are always louder than reactions.
Apr 2017 · 349
Feminism Pt. I
When you want to be something, be it.
Don't complain about not being it.
That is all I will say on that subject.
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