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it's easy to be loved
when you speak a common thought

it's easy to be hated
when you speak an unpopular truth

we shouldn't speak for validation
but for the will to be who we truly are
despite reactions
when venturing down a long pale road,
one cannot plan to become tan,
but only to be burnt
in the end.
built on wishes
like snowy roads and clementines
never fully sinking in or forming
into the endless avenues of adventure
and taking things way too far

then suddenly
here you are

b i r t h
is imminent

d r e a m s
are real

i m p o s s i b l e
is done

you are here with me
f o r e v e r
heated blanket wonderland
bath bomb heaven
fruits and veggies all the time
go to sleep at seven

vitamins on the counter
decaf in the cabinet
yoga mat across the floor
gotta start new habits

research by day
snoring all night
gotta get this figured out
before you are in sight!
i skipped days 1 and 2
to be with me and you

also, i was in shock


who could it be?
a little bit of him and a little bit of me!
I never thought we could,
then we did.

I never thought to dive,
now we swim.
A rising tide that never crashes...
A sandstorm that never lasted --
Subsiding in our hearts;
Entwining like a work of art!

You're here now...
That's all that matters --
The earth will turn;
And it will shatter!


A piece of me...
Now a piece of you --
Is this a dream;
Or a dream come true?

Brought to Earth...
In all its hue --
To change the world;
To light anew!
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