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Zack Ripley Apr 2019
Look, I understand.
You don't want to open your eyes
to a world full of despair and lies.
Believe me. I was the same way.
Numb to the core acting like I don't care anymore.
Then I realized that's not true.
I care just as much as you.
I just had to realize we aren't defined
by the actions of a man named trump sitting on his golden ****. Now I know the world's not that scary.
It's extraordinary
because I see the fight in the people who keep the light alive.
Who want to do more than just survive.
Don't say ignore the haters and the doubters
because they are the ones who fuel our powers.
I hope when you read this, you don't cheer or hate.
Just resonate with what I'm trying to say.
The problems of the world won't go away tonight or tomorrow.
But if we band together, our strength will grow forever and ever. And maybe one day, we can rise up and say
let's not make America great again;
let's make the whole world great again.
This is the clean version of my first attempt at a rap lol.
Keith W Fletcher Oct 2019
I am beginning to realize the depths of corruption ,and absolute hatred necessary  to fracture the very  foundation that is needed for any  civilization to exist within the framework of world history,!  Time alone dictates when tribalism becomes the natural antidote for the ills of entrenched  governments- not borne of true rule  of law or any visionary enmeshed enlightenment,- but one simply conjured up by the latest charlatans of any era. The ability of persuasion is probably more powerful when introduced to the upward mobile societies because the very same momentum that is required to navigate the rise is also the fuel that will widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots.
   No goverment ( as we understand such elements today)  could step into power here and make a balancing  attempt short of totalitarian austarity , simply because those who have become the rich and powerful riders are not concerned by who , what why or how they are allowed to ride so comfortably up the rise . No ,sadly they only care about their seat and making it secure for themselves and theirs, not the multitudes of laboring hungry ,abused and neglected who have found their life is simply 1 of 2 choices . 1 is to just push and survive for themselves and therefore their families or quit pushing and try to get out of the suddenly backsliding monster , hoping to salvage something - anything - from the eventual catastrophic collision as the future propels itself into the reality of an ever looming past ; that is time itself and cannot be stopped. Certainly not  by our insignificance, no matter how vainglorious we believe we are !  In the end ,; as in any beginning,  time has shown that we are nomads to entrenched stone fortresses back to nomad to bigger,  stronger fottresses that never hold forever- time sees to that as it passes by ,carryjng the latest brand of tribal nomads with it and crushing all in its wake. The world ,- I fear - has never seen the likes of the  American  nomads, who are now being.manufactured as we stand here today ,arguing about what MAGA means and what bathroom should be used . In literal terms again indicates a return to something we were , which is something time simply will not allow , as those riding high and unconcerned are determined to see for themselves  as it flashes before their eyes . I am no longer pushing or encouraging others ,who may believe a rest will exist when we reach the crest. No crest exists because time is constant ,its march always steady and its path is a flat endless plane while we create the rise and angle of ascent  in mathmatical precision ...calculated by the number of and energy needed by the ones   pushing  multiplied  by the unknown factor of X (what it takes to stay alive )
.   Hungry hopeless ,frightened sick and neglected people ( no matter the good will and pride ) cannot keep going if more energy output  only steepens the angle. Time runs this show and you know what that saying is ...only time will tell.
Absolutly correct ...only this go round we may still have an internet connection linking us back to who you were and what you did to your family name . That will be your legacy ,but it may well be the heavy chain of shame that your children and  grandchilren will bear the weight of for generations to come- and only you know why they are sentenced to do your time as  the Amercan version of untouchables
Lawrence Hall Aug 2019
“...Poisoned Chalice”

              -Macbeth I.vii.10-12

We commend each other with curses exchanged
Between a cop and a hard place in space
Red MAGA caps against ****** berets
All of these accessories China-made

Our battleground an asphalt parking lot
Our forward first-aid post a coffee shop
Where Communists glare over their nitros cold
And Fascists froth their frappuccinos hot

We commend each other with a chalice defiled
Over the broken body of a Child
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:

It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

Zane Safrit Mar 2019
The CAFO trucks roll past
Smelling of hog **** and ***
Their passengers squeal maga,
We are not afraid, they cry
Our **** is in your water
You breathe our **** all day long
Who’s crying now?
Maga, they cry. Hahaha

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
ConnectHook Mar 2019
Jussie walks ! Money talked—and talked loud
To the Trump-hating race-hustle crowd;
And they break forth in cheers
As star Smollett appears
For their drama-queen makes them so proud.

For a moment Fake News became tense:
Jussie's narrative made little sense.
There were lies told in spades,
But the incident fades;
Now it's on to more current events.
ConnectHook Feb 2019
Donald Trump has made many quite fussy;
as he did for one actor, named Jussie.
In the end, the abuse
was revealed as fake noose,
two Nigerians, red hats, and one *****.

It's so rotten, one almost can smell it
and it's painfully shameful to tell it;
but this fellow named Smollett
reached deep in his wallet.
Some bought it, when he tried to sell it.
Just corner Kevin and ask him about it:
Richard Yeans Feb 2019
My friend
My brother
Just got nicked by ICE

I'm going to stab
The next ****** I see in a MAGA hat
AvengingPoet Jan 2019
The sounds of another toxic culture
Letting out their voices
In red and white hats
With ******* answers to ******* problems
That don’t exist but the man on the cold screen
Told em’ it was true
Well, my friend, they told you a lie

What’s real or fake
It’s hard to tell
When the businessman
On the television
And tablet screens
Demands once again:
“It’s fake news!”
And the uneducated eat it up
Ignoring the fact
It’s like eating a Big Mac
For breakfast and lunch and dinner
Clogging your brain with absolute junk

Another day
Ten thousand more buzzes on my phone
Of breaking news

Maybe I should just throw the **** thing in a ******* river
And meditate and medicate for as long as I can
God knows I’m tired
God knows I’m tired...

And the kids in the red and white hats
Are standing in the way
To keep on a legacy
With historical ignorance
That only says:
“I belong here. You don’t. Stay out.”

God knows I’m tired.
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
If we taught tolerance instead of fear,
how many lives would we have spared this year?

If we taught acceptance instead of hate,
if we taught kids to commiserate,
to see what others have on their plate,
that would make America great.
I saw a banner
“See something say something”
bestriding a Union City street
raising eyebrows of suspicion
in a hood’s ***** retreat

I see blood red MAGA caps
embolden distemperate fits
ready to answer jingoistic dissings
with an *** kickin liberty chit  

I see a Blue Line stained flag
It slices a field of united states
a wall to seperate us from them
God save us from reprobates

I hear shouts hailing militarism
saluting troops marching to war
Patriots offer sons and daughters
from families of the nation’s poor

I see a hoisted Gadsden Flag
boasting Don’t Tread on Me
true liberty a hissing asp
venomous country tis of thee

I see the stirring marches
aggrieved white nationalists sing
Confederacy of Blood and Soil!
cries for freedom ring

Lotte Lenya in Alabama Song
by Kurt Weill recording 1930

George Grosz
Vienna Street Fight

i saw something
i said something
just saying
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