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DAF Apr 23
You always loved your coffee
Me though not so much
I always loved you
Now I drink three cups a day
heated blanket wonderland
bath bomb heaven
fruits and veggies all the time
go to sleep at seven

vitamins on the counter
decaf in the cabinet
yoga mat across the floor
gotta start new habits

research by day
snoring all night
gotta get this figured out
before you are in sight!
MC Hammered Oct 2016
A well-rehearsed dance,
the waltzing waitress tosses The Times
on table 1 as if she’ll actually finish
the Sunday crossword this morning.
She won’t.

Grease lined lights flicker on one
by one.
Like spotlights on a stage.
It’s show time.

Twostepping while taking down chairs,
she flows to the rhythm of ritual,
across a worn checkered dancefloor.
No applause.

In a dining room of Astaire’s and Rogers
she is the coffee choreographer.  
Pirouetting to the ***,
then a sidestep, quick! Quick!

Warming up now, she stretches.
Switching on the metal machinery.
It grinds and growls as if it prefers

Rings from rusted bells
hanging from the door chime
to the beat. This is her

— The End —