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Chained Apr 4
You killed your soul, so long ago
And decency right after that
You've been driven by your ego
Faking smiles to collect hate.

You think you’ve got your holy grail
So white, so clean, untouched by dirt
Who you kidding with fairy tale?
Can’t please both worlds and still on Earth.

Will you be one? Will become one?
You, plastic men, nature’s asking
Will you offer your plastic heart?
To be cut off by Holly king?

You’ve chosen the ugly stuff
With fancy names, which might vary
You left classic, beauty and life
To be modern, contemporary.

You are *****, blind, unholy
You lack the shame your fathers had.
Even if death hugs my body
I’ll never blame that times were bad.
you yearn for freedom
then you crush it

you ask for time
yet you rush it

you preach equality
then ban all others

you look for knowledge
yet hide under covers

you want perfection
then you complain

you ask for sanity
yet behave insane

you say this is home
then tear down the flag

your heritage unknown
yet willing to brag

you ask for no lies
then don't believe truth

you ask for more money
our debt's through the roof

you look for happiness
and you long for peace

you hold onto a grudge
but you need release

you say you're a dreamer
but you don't believe

that we can do anything
that we can perceive
ConnectHook Jul 2017
You're ****** and doomed.
Your soul's not saved.
Virtue-signal all you want...
the road to Folly, fully paved
is Fool's Gold gleaming all the way.
Virtue's valiant vanguard, you...
the banner of surrender waved;
Facebook-friendly memes of mention
pointing to your selfish cause:
socially just desserts. Attention
paid to certain liberal flaws.
Virtue-signalling to the flock
gesturing, gesticulating;
hieroglyphics of deceit.
You're up for take-down, ours to mock,
bleating to your followers, prating—
well-assured in your conceit.
Keep on virtue-signalling.
We are doubtful...
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