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Jeremie Aug 30
What did I do in my last life
to deserve you in this one?
Did I save a dying child?
Plant a thousand trees
in a barren land?
Or did I wander in a past life
so deprived of love and warmth
that heaven decided to correct
this injustice by blessing me
with the gift that is you?

This is why I believe you
are either an angel sent to deliver
me from the precipice of despair
or a love letter sent from God
to a past life of mine where
affection, kindness and companionship
were simply strangers and ghosts
to my longing human heart.

Your love is the marriage
between the love that I am
and the boundless love God
has for me, made flesh.

You are my love, my life, my Eden.

You are the answer to a prayer
that never left my lips,
the fulfillment of a longing
I never knew I harbored.
Every moment has been a journey to you.
For you are the hidden treasure,
the quest, the path, and the destination.
Oct 2021 · 553
Inseparable Love
Jeremie Oct 2021
Deep beneath the tapestry of my skin
you have woven your gentle smile,
your orange laugh and your lovely face
into every string of my once guarded heart.  
Even the cages of my ribs have opened themselves
to you, so that the heart of yours and mine
possess no concept of distance.
When your heart is struck by sorrow,
a mist comes over my eyes and
I can see your troubled face reflected in
the mirror of my own tears.
When you are dancing in the company of Joy,  
a warm smile runs across the canvas of my lips.
Our two heartbeats now one, have synchronized
to the silent melody of Love.
You will forever silently echo in every space inside of me,
like the hymns of the wind
singing in an empty boundless canyon..
“Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.”
- Rumi
Jul 2021 · 976
If it’s true ..
Jeremie Jul 2021
Does true Love stretch across the canvas of Time and echo in the deepest recesses of our soul, unearthing every memory that was lost in our transitions. From one life to the next, a faint glimpse of what we once knew, guiding us back to each other like a constellation only seen by our eyes.
You are all the evidence I need to confirm that Love transcends all barriers, all spaces of time, and all limitations of this earthly shell that houses my longing soul.
Jul 2021 · 2.0k
Jeremie Jul 2021
She said to me,

“Slow the pace of your touch.
You are blooming gardens inside of me
before Spring has had the chance..”
Jun 2021 · 1.5k
Love’s proposal
Jeremie Jun 2021
At the edge of our galaxy,
under the violet light
is where I found you.
I waited til the Sun shut his eyes
And the Earth grew silent.
Then with my heart on both knees,
I proposed to yours with a ring made from
the petals of your favorite flower.

“In your eyes is where I’ll sleep.
In your heart is where I’ll dream.
In your smile is where I’ll live.
Promise me the eternity of an eternity
spent in your arms. And I will promise you
the immovable sky will come to envy
the way the stars have left her side
and have chosen to live in your eyes..”
Eternally yours, now and forever
Jun 2021 · 470
What is Love?
Jeremie Jun 2021
Love is not a ebbs of emotions
that flow from the human heart.
Nor is it the reciprocation of
understanding promised by lovers.

Love is a dervish twirling
at the center of every cell.
Singing in the heart of Heaven’s soul.
With no notion of itself or another,
just Love and the silent music
of this ecstasy.
An impulse at the center of my soul
Jun 2021 · 515
Aspirations of love
Jeremie Jun 2021
What you mean to me
stretches like a redwood far
beyond the forest of this life.
It’s as if my love for you
has a Soul of its own,
and that the warmth of your heart
is the Heaven it seeks..
I write because you exist
May 2021 · 409
Eternity’s ending
Jeremie May 2021
Our eternity has come to an end.
Yesterday’s Love is now but a distant dream,
drifting away at the speed of death
with no agent of regret to slow it down..

My heart has sat within the field of our love, patiently waiting for you to return to the center of your heart and remember the pathless path that leads to this field.

Spring came, I laughed with orchids, prayed with trees that bow their branches before the setting sun, and learned the song of the bees that sing to the flowers within this field. But you, mylove, were nowhere to be found..

Summer came, I witnessed the innocence and harmony of nature, I watched the rays of the radiant sun make love to our fertile earth and bloom a garden in the hues of her emerald aura. But you, mylove, were nowhere to be found..

Autumn came, the butterflies told me stories of their harvest and their resurrection through death. I helped the Earth paint the leaves of the walking trees in orange, brown and red, and I learned the faith of a withering rose dancing in the light of the sun. But you, mylove, were nowhere to be found..

Winter has come, and you are nowhere to be found, mylove. The earth of my body is not made to withstand the absence of the sun. Shelter I must seek or I will die in this field, cold and alone. It seems I am doomed to hold you, only in my memories of you.

Grateful I am still! For in the haven of my memories my heart will find solace, as death carries me to a world where Love is found.

goodbye ..
“Death is not an end, but a bridge” said the butterfly to the caterpillar weeping in its chrysalis
May 2021 · 381
Jeremie May 2021
Beyond the clouds of my mind,
up above In the heavens of my heart
therein lies the Love I seek.
My mind only knows how to endlessly seek for what it never intends on finding. For if it discovers what it seeks it will cease to have purpose and be silenced in the stillness of my peace. So I look towards the wisdom of my heart to guide me to remember what I could have not forgotten.
May 2021 · 758
Dark night of the Rose
Jeremie May 2021
I sing the song of a withering rose,
who’s petals have lost the light of their beauty
and the attention of their beloved gardener.
Heaven has abandoned me and
shut its crystal gates before my face.
The radiant sun has betrayed me,
for it no longer fills me up with
the essence of life.
Now it only seeks to accelerate
the loss of my grace.
I’ve lost the affections of the wind and
every bee in this dreadful garden has
forgotten the sweetness of my love.
The drums of my ears can no longer
tune to the gentle song of this loving Earth.
The frigid echoes of Death are all I hear
“Embrace me, for I am near.
Embrace me, for I am here.
Embrace once again, for I have left..”
If I adore You out of fear of Hell, Burn me in Hell!
If I adore you out of desire for Paradise, Lock me out of Paradise. But if I adore you for Yourself alone,
Do not deny to me Your eternal beauty.

— Rabia al Adawiyya
May 2021 · 290
The seed’s prayer
Jeremie May 2021
My soul’s dark night is not a night
but an eternal dream that knows no end.
For I am the seed buried beneath the soil,
resting in the womb of the dark Earth.
Unaware that the radiant face of the sun
is happily smiling just above me..
Your patience reveals the strength of your faith
Feb 2021 · 389
Jeremie Feb 2021
The mermaids of your heart have
invited me to plunge deeper into your depths.
But you are an ocean with no shores.
The moment I surrender to the
endless tides of your affection,
I will exhale the touch of all past lovers.
Denounce all thoughts of tomorrow,
and devote my every breath to discovering
the pearls buried beneath
the ocean of you.
Happily drowning deeply in the ocean of your love.
Jan 2021 · 292
Phoenix love
Jeremie Jan 2021
Our love is wrapped in the glowing wings of a rising Phoenix. The pain that once burned us will become the womb through which our joy is born from
Rising from the ashes of our past wounds to meet in valley of our love
Dec 2020 · 215
Jeremie Dec 2020
The palette of hues that create
the portrait of our Love,
need both the shadows of your beauty
as well as the highlights of your essence.
So please, do not conceal your
darkness from me.
For what is a portrait of Love
without the hues of pain
that amplify the radiance
of our shared Joy.
All of you is welcomed, all of you is accepted, leave no fractal abandoned and no detail forsaken.
Dec 2020 · 158
I am you
Jeremie Dec 2020
“How am I to love you” I asked.
She replied

“Remove your veils before you make Love to me.
Do not shower me in empty compliments
that reek the seeking of my approval.
I need no words to remind me of my beauty.
Beauty is but one of my infinite names,
Grace is but one of my infinite forms.
Approach my temple only when you have recognized me as yourself. Til then be gone!
I do not seek a boy to raise or a man to groom,
only a King that has surrendered his ego to the
great Mother. The magic I contain Is sacred
I know this! The rivers of Eden pass through
my temple often, and many approach looking
to quench their thirst for eternity. Be present with
my body for it is the blueprint to heaven,
within this womb contains many rooms with each leading to paradise. If there is not care and reverence in your touch turn back. Approach no further.  When you have adorned yourself in your own love. Understood the child quietly resting within you. When the light of sincerity radiates from your lips.
Approach me, call to me from your inner silence
and I will meet you in the field of love where our hearts are free and roses sing to the hymns of angels”
Love is the absolute dissolution of separation
Jeremie Nov 2020
One night I lay sleeping in my bed of comfort, then before I knew it I was
dropping from my body and plunging into a world beneath the Earth.
A world shrouded in darkness, with only the candle of wisdom as my compass through the dense terrain
I heard the loud screams of monsters crying,
pleading for forgiveness, begging for a drop of love to fall and quench their endless thirst to be seen, to be heard and embraced.
Shocked by this sight, my knees fell before their feet.
My heart bowed before the spark of love that glimmered through their pain-filled eyes.
I cried an ocean that night, as I wept, grieved and prayed for their forgiveness, for it was I who had condemned them to this cave covered in darkness, with no windows for the light of love to enter and bring nourishment to their abandoned hearts.

“You are a sunflower that has bloomed with no sun, forgive me for the veils I created to conceal your beauty.”

they replied

“You have seen our true nature and our frightening appearance, yet choose to love us to despite it all.
You have given us the solace that we sought within this abyss.
It is your love and understanding that has been our daily prayer.
Eternally grateful we are for the warm blanket of compassion you have clothed us in.”
“What are demons that have been loved and understood?” “angels” I replied.

What we call demons are just
angels of a different heaven.

Gaze into the eyes of your
frightening shadows and
witness the light of compassion
gazing back at you.
Oct 2020 · 448
The greatest love story
Jeremie Oct 2020
Just as the sun chases the moon
counting down the hands of time
until their union.
I too am the same.
When I gaze into the eyes of infinity
I bare witness to the eternities
I have spent in your embrace.
We are lovers
who fallen from the same star
our union is written in the
libraries of heaven.
Our love story told
throughout the cosmos.
In the thinning of the veil,
when the lips of the moon
meet the crown of the sun
and the shadow of their love
swallows the earth.
Meet me in the field
that exists between here and now.
When we return to each other,
may we only speak
the language of our hearts.
It is a story of a Divine Love but not to be misinterpreted as one has to wait and be rescued and saved by a presence external to us. But seen as the reunion of two polar forces that long to be reunited and it is us who they have chosen as the rendezvous point for their fated reunion
it is only the kiss and embrace from our true Love that will awaken from our sleep. And that true love is the man that sleeps inside every woman, and the woman that sleeps inside every man.
Oct 2020 · 248
Wedding with eternity
Jeremie Oct 2020
There is a honey that
falls from the moon
when my soul, the bride of God
removes the final veil that kept me
from gazing at the face
of my one true Love.
As the sacred child within
spreads the roses of our love
across the church for all
to rejoice in our reunion.
And we recite the vows
that will bind us
beyond death itself.
I know now in this
timeless moment,
you have always
been with me.
Our separation was but a
beautiful dream.
Grateful I am, to rise
from the bed of forms and names.  
To unite Here Now in
Holy Matrimony.
Death is the chariot
that carries me to my
wedding with eternity.
Jeremie Aug 2020
“Why do you strip me of
what makes me beautiful?
I was tall, graceful and
my form was loved by All.
But now I am naked
clothed only by my longing to return
to that which I was.  
I was met by a flame that
promised me glory and immortality
How could I be such a fool
to believe in such a dream ... “

The Wind replied

“The initiating flames
that kissed your crown
and cleansed you of all form and name
launched you into my loving arms,
so that I may unveil your true essence.
I have not stripped you of your beauty
I have only invited your beauty to become
timeless and eternal.
Your sweet gentle fragrance is now
One with me,
no longer confined and
caged by time and space,
resting solely and fully in the
ancient present.
My child,
you are free just as I am
unbound, empty and
untethered from this world.. “
Death is the poem of the universe

The thing you lost at your birth , you will find at your death.
Jun 2020 · 84
Letters to my daughter
Jeremie Jun 2020
To my dearest Love.
I pray you don’t go after
a man who is handsome
or wealthy, or even a poet.

I pray you seek a man
who understands
your heart and the wounds
and bruises it may carry,
and how to tend to it
when they are reopened.

Your heart will come
with instructions.

They will be written
in your eyes, in your smile,
in your laughs and in your cries.
They will be printed on all the things
that move your soul.
I pray you find a man who is
wise enough to read them.
But more than anything
I pray you will come to
know, love and understand
your own heart first before
entrusting another to do so.
I’ve written countless love letters and poems to my future daughter. Sharing my realizations on life and relationships, what Love herself has taught me, and what I feel will be useful to her on her journey.
Jeremie Jun 2020
Trust me when I say to you,
That you are closer to Love,
Than the fish are to the sea.
Closer than the clouds are to the sky.
Closer than the trees are to the Earth.

“How can this be”
I asked

Why don’t you look
inside and tell me ...
Love is your very being, in your beautiful pursuit towards love, what you were in search for was and always has been with you, as you. It is so close that it exists as both “you“ and “I”
Jun 2020 · 156
I Write Because You Exist
Jeremie Jun 2020
In these moments with you
I can feel the oceans in me
rippling with gratitude.
Eternally grateful I am,
for the space you have created
in my world.

The warmth of your love
has healed the many wounds
of my fathers before me.

An angel you are.
An answer to all of
God’s daily prayers
as well as my own.  

I have built altars
in your name
within this temple.

Please mylove,
Come take a glimpse
into my heart
and know how much
you are loved.
A bliss that cannot be matched on Earth, nor exceeded in Heaven
May 2020 · 443
Never Apologize
Jeremie May 2020
Never apologize for standing up for your inner child
Never apologize for enforcing boundaries
Never apologize for choosing yourself
Never apologize for choosing to love yourself in this moment
Never apologize for being the knight and hero to your own love story
Never apologize for reclaiming your power
Never apologize for standing in your power.

For God gave the rose beauty,
gentleness and the fragrance of angels
but did not forget to provide it with thorns.  To piece the fingers of those
who would be so careless with its heart ..
Stand tall in your truth and remain grounded in your Love
Oct 2019 · 223
Illusions and Realities
Jeremie Oct 2019
the beauty of the human experience,
to experience the illusion of the "other" only in the end to remember that all that you felt from "them" was actually coming from you the whole time.
Anyone you've ever touched in true love is still with you right now. If you and Love is all that there truly is, where could they possibly go?
Oct 2019 · 160
Illusion of Powerlessness
Jeremie Oct 2019
The Power and Love
you are calling back was never taken from
you but only forgotten within you.
How could you lose
something that you are.
The illusion of powerlessness serves to awaken a desire, a fire within one.
Oct 2019 · 250
Jeremie Oct 2019
But if the winds of Time
should come for me tonight,
I will return
but not as a boy.
But as a butterfly.
So I may continue to circle
around her light ..
Sep 2019 · 379
Behind her almond eyes..
Jeremie Sep 2019
Behind those almond eyes,
lied an unexplored Nebula.
For all the men she had
given her time to,
only sought to
appreciate her surface.
Far too afraid to drown
in her depths.
To get lost in her mysteries,
consumed by her magick,
and transformed by her love...
Please do not settle for a love that does not ignite your dormant soul, that feels anything less than home...
Jeremie Aug 2019
Your light is only a threat
to those who have yet
to believe in theirs.
Promise me you won’t
sweeten or dilute yourself to appease the tastes of others.

God requests only one thing from you,
and that is to be yourself.
For when the time comes to return to
the heavens from which you fell from,
at the gates you will not be questioned on
the tasks you completed or
asked about the things you acquired
but rather on two things how did you love
and if you were yourself

— letters to my daughter
at the gates of heaven they will not ask if you were a saint they will only ask if you were yourself.
Jul 2019 · 288
Once Upon a Time ..
Jeremie Jul 2019
Once upon a time ..
There was a woman in pain,
waiting for a brave Prince
to ride into the forest of her mind,
slay her demons,
rescue her from this awful place
and remind her of her freedom.

But for some reason
her brave Prince never came.
Maybe he saw the dark forest
and countless demons
and immediately ran away.

But this somehow was a blessing
and a very tough lesson
for the woman to face.
So she stood up and knew
what she had to do,
She had to rid her mind
of that which was untrue.
She was not a lost woman in pain,
She was a Goddess with amnesia,
that had forgotten her own name.
Then she realized there was never
a forest she needed to escape
or demons that needed to be slain.
Only spaces within herself that longed
to be loved and embraced.
You must remember my Love, that you are your own Hero, Healer, Heaven, Best-Friend, Teacher, and most intimate Lover. For all that you see "outside" is only a reflection of the one true mirror(you)
Jul 2019 · 265
Grounded in your Love ..
Jeremie Jul 2019
The light from your soul effortlessly
pierces the veils of darkness within my own.
The warmth in your voice,
melts away the cold regions of my heart.
The softness in your touch,
heals the wounds left from former lovers.
The life radiating from your smile.
As if God herself is pulling at the corners of your mouth.
Provides me with the courage to face the unknown.
I am honored, beloved
and fully grounded in your Love.
Such strength & faith in your heart,
it continues to inspire my own.
I am eternally grateful,
For Love has touched us
and taken us to a place
where Time cannot find us.
Here we are One.
Jeremie Jul 2019
Despite the oceans between us,
the countless wounds left behind,
and the many years spent away
from each other.
My heart still asks about you . . .
Ancient lovers never forget the echoes of each others hearts. Just as I never forgot the sound of yours.
Jul 2019 · 364
Love’s Highest Expression
Jeremie Jul 2019
I believe the highest expression of Love that can take place between two souls is one that allows the other to be completely human. An honoring and acceptance of each other’s mortality, fragile hearts, and perfect imperfections
When we can honor and accept our friends, family, partners for who they are right now and where they are right now we simultaneously do the same for ourselves.
Jul 2019 · 377
Is this Heaven?
Jeremie Jul 2019
It is because of you my Love,
that I have mistook
this Earth for Heaven ..
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there." - Rumi
Jul 2019 · 265
If you are truly an Ocean
Jeremie Jul 2019
My Love,
if you are truly an Ocean
then please,
baptize me in the waters of your Love.
I wish to be born again,
in you.
Your love is an ocean with no shores
And I have drowned many times
Not once did I sigh
Not once did I cry
Only a smile :)
Jul 2019 · 276
Jeremie Jul 2019
Heaven only dances with you.
angels sing, only for you.
who are you, my love
and where have you come from?
“You may accept me or not
But I will be at your feet forever” - Rumi
Jul 2019 · 243
I Love You Infinitely
Jeremie Jul 2019
I speak of a Love that goes beyond infinity.  
An infinity that will continue to echo on
across time even after this shell
withers away into infinite pieces.
An infinity that knits two separate hearts,
two separate souls
and unifies them as
One heart, One soul.

From within these infinities is where I exist,
Silently piecing together the
shards of our forgotten existences.
From within these eternities is
where we are always together,
both this lifetime and the ones to come,
forever lost but somehow always found,
broken yet completely whole, in each other’s arms.
Jeremie Jul 2019
Your existence is truly a gift
to all who experience you.
I am forever grateful to be here
on Earth at the same time as you.
Jun 2019 · 234
The Love of a Gardener
Jeremie Jun 2019
I only wish to Love you
in the way a gardener loves
the flowers in his garden.
With only encouragement,
and laughter
as my gardening tools.
I have no desire to pluck you,
I only wish to water you
with my Love.
Nourishing your soil.
Soaking your roots with
positivity and kindness.
Supporting your ascension.
And when your petals wilt away,
I will create a space for you to bloom new ones.
Jun 2019 · 379
Lessons From a Flower
Jeremie Jun 2019
Today I have sat with a flower
and was amazed at how
Its petals reach and reach
far out to touch the heavens,
while its feet remained
rooted in the Earth that birthed it.  

Let us too,
look up to the stars
and far beyond
but with our toes still deeply
grounded in the Earth that raised us.

— The End —