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Guden Oct 2019
When the wind blows
Through the drapes,
Half open.
A breeze
Comes from somewhere
To play with the smoke.
On the table
There is incense
Going up in essence.
The radio keeps talking,
And screaming
At me,
With me?
My imaginary friends
Would call me paranoid
If I had any.
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2019
Soon as you open the door
And I feel the touch of your skin.
I know I am home.
When my hands glide across the small of your back.
There is no greater absolute feeling.
My lips pressed against yours
Before the door can close.
The divinity of a kiss,
Revealed not only in places kept secret,
But the manifestation of each throb our heart begins to beat.
My hands beneath the small of your back.
The taste of chocolate swirling around my mouth.
Being here alone with you.
You've lit the fragrance of a passion burned deep,
And with each sensation that strokes this fire.
May we both wither like the ash
That burns in this ember we've come to know as home
Filled with a depth as satisfied as I am in knowing.
There is no greater place I'd rather be, than here with you
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2018
Light breaking through the clouds.
I sit with my dog on my lap,
My cat curled by my head
And an autumn breeze blowing in.

There’s no sound but breathing.
Smoke from incense curls in the air
Joining steam from my tea
Smelling of roses and jasmine.

The temple is at peace.
My mind and my body are not.
I sit at the altar
Praying my thoughts will burn away.
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2018
And like incense our scent takes to the air.
Ascending before we fall.
Her and I.
We burst into fire.
Our eyes a gaseous mixture. 
Ignited by the touch of skin.
Kindling the many thoughts we keep of each other.
A crackle blown out.
Accented in desire,
Our yearning ignites.
We hold ourselves unselfish,
Keeping warm.
Separate stems bonded as one. 
Our inner voice visible. 
Bypassing worry, our doubt.
A piece of us both, dissipating in a slow burning.
To give more than we've taken in unspoken communication.
We fell in ash.
Our scent a prayer sent to heaven. 
To always remain this way. 
Even after our extinguishing.
May we linger.
Forever more.
Falling fast asleep in each other's arms.
Leading each other to a place we call love.
Until the last ash drops
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2018
To my nose she was a stick of incense.
Filling me whole, her eyes.
The ashes fell,
Spacing her walk.
With smoke closely trailing.
The sun quickly set.
There's no where in the world I'd rather be.
An empty room filled by you.
A hint of spice mixed with something sweet.
The steadiness of warmth no matter day or night.
To relax and fall into deep sleep.
The smoke dancing through my dreams
In wait to be lit again
Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
Have you ever touched a flame?
I don't believe I have.
My body has burned
on coals and embers.
My fingers have scorched
on stovetops and lighters.
My hands have followed
sweet candles and incense.
And my eyes have danced
with the flickering dames.
But I ask you again,
if it isn't too much,
have you ever touched a flame?
Can a flame truly be touched?
Lady Ravenhill Sep 2017
The essence of
Your spirit
Sweet burning
Ratula Halder May 2017
Conch shells in unison
Upholding enchantment and prayer
The west beckons the setting Sun
Trails of a crimson hue, a sight so rare
A whiff of incense, soaring high
The trees swing, where the sweet winds lie
Westward, the birds make a merry flight
Out of time, at the cease of light
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