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BA Khan Apr 24
"A "Sufi" doesn't question any one..
Otherwise he is not the One..
Let the World run its Run,
It has its own caretaker, from whence we all come,
Who are you and me to decide why all this fun."

This was in reply to @ameerniaznoor on twitter on April 24, 2019
memoona kazmi Mar 18
bahir sufi naach nachawey,
andar ishq dhamaalan paave
Sheherazad Feb 18
Your exhausted heart longs
for the pillow
of my beating one
As much as
your weary head
yearns to rest
there too

But do not cry,
my love
That we are apart
in this world.
What is separation
for a single soul?

We are two aspects
of a single breath
Think of
how deeply we are exhaling
  what a relief it is
to have found you!
though you were in me all along

We are not apart
No, not really
For we cannot be parted
How does one sever an ocean
Or an eternal flame?
You are not my life
But we are life itself

And look how much we are living it.

Life is a veil
And we are the riders
Carrying opposite corners
to vast expanses
Spreading it over the world
and coloring gardens beneath
in the deep scarlet
of our undying hearts

Do not cry, my love.

We are a compound
that cannot be split.
    We were always
    one element

Originally published on my poetry IG @sheherazad.poetry. You can also follow me personally on @soraya.beheshti
Batool Dec 2018
تلاش خود کی
ملا خدا ہے
میں خود کہاں
گر خدا یہاں ہے
I n f i n i t e l y
I yearned  f o r  senses
W h e n  lit wisdom came
O’    s e n s e l e s s    I
B  e  c  a  m  e

✒ ℐamil Hussain
You  l e a v e  me
With your manner of veiling
N o w,  emerge  in  my  h e a r t
And  let  me  treasure  you
O’ manifestation
Of  love

✒ ℐamil Hussain
Farooq Ansari Feb 2018
Once upon a time,
there was a town by the eastern sea
where all the roads and rivers
led to the cathedral

not so long ago,
sheltered underneath the dome
we caressed the walls, the ceilings
with our hands dreched in colour,
the visions of Eden

all was right, all was well
we danced when we took rest
we sang after our feet had bled
a chorus that echoed beyond the sea

then on a fateful day
an oasis peered beyond the waves
calling us to be one with the divine,
the trees, streams and cascade
our visions of Eden

with paint still wet on our hands
the oars were held with passion
and curiosity flooded in
where once was devotion

we saw upon reaching the shore,
the trees, vines and bushes
wrapped around its inhabitants
servings of precious fruits and reveries
and them being ecstatic in constraints

so we sailed for the harbor
the one where we strayed from,
we took to the streets of our town
but the roads wouldn't lead us home.
May  the universe
I n f i n i t e l y   b l e s s  You
In  s u r p r i s i n g  and joyful ways
May the excitement of victory, gladness
And harmony join your new sparkling days
May the exhilarating, colourful and divine
G a r d e n   of   love be all yours, O’ for
You  t h i s  soul forever  p r a y s
Happy  N e w  Year

✒ ℐamil Hussain
Ye Aalam Shauq Ka Dekha Na Jaae
Vo But Hai Ya Khuda Dekha Na Jaae

This state of excitement, a disguised affair
Is he an idol or the Lord? O’ I am unaware

Ye Mere Saath Kaisi Raushni Hai
Ki Mujh Se Rasta Dekha Na Jaae

Accompanying me, what form of glow is this?
O’ I cannot grasp my path by its glare

Ye Kin Nazron Se Tu Ne Aaj Dekha
Ki Tera Dekhna Dekha Na Jaae

Today with what aim did you stare
O’ your staring I could not bear

Hamesha Ke Liye Mujh Se Bichhar Ja
Ye Manzar Bar-Ha Dekha Na Jaae

Detached from me, to forever become
O’ this scene always stages a scare

'Faraz' Apne Siva Hai Kaun Tera
Tujhe Tujh Se Juda Dekha Na Jaae*

O’ Faraz, apart from self who is yours?
To tear you from yourself, it is so unfair

✒ Translated by ℐamil Hussain , Sung by Tahira Syed
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