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Cassius Moon Jun 2022
When your voice is drowning in an endless sea of chatter, and your life has been reduced to ash and sorrow -
in your darkest hour, in your blackened thoughts, at the end of the spectrum, there lies the tipping point;
the plunge into darkness or the ascent into light.
Jeremie May 2021
I sing the song of a withering rose,
who’s petals have lost the light of their beauty
and the attention of their beloved gardener.
Heaven has abandoned me and
shut its crystal gates before my face.
The radiant sun has betrayed me,
for it no longer fills me up with
the essence of life.
Now it only seeks to accelerate
the loss of my grace.
I’ve lost the affections of the wind and
every bee in this dreadful garden has
forgotten the sweetness of my love.
The drums of my ears can no longer
tune to the gentle song of this loving Earth.
The frigid echoes of Death are all I hear
“Embrace me, for I am near.
Embrace me, for I am here.
Embrace once again, for I have left..”
If I adore You out of fear of Hell, Burn me in Hell!
If I adore you out of desire for Paradise, Lock me out of Paradise. But if I adore you for Yourself alone,
Do not deny to me Your eternal beauty.

— Rabia al Adawiyya
I find myself within the darkest night
One with inescapable pain
And rocks chipping me away
I am in the dark night of the soul
One of the worst times in my life
I wonder how the moon ever looked bright

'Will I ever come out of this night?'
'I don't really know'
My mother told me when I was thirteen years old
I was already tired of life
Worn down to a crackling wire
That sparks to the touch
I'm dangerous to those who know me
And even those who don't, know enough
I'm trapped in the dark night of the soul
Can someone please open a window?

The dark night of the soul
Envelopes me in its embrace
Smiles as it kisses my face
'Hush,' she says,
'Everything will be okay'
But I have run from this night that has taken me, hostage
I have escaped this cage of the day unlit
I am past you now
I have beat the dark night of the soul
Now I can love
Those who matter most
Rocksteadylety Mar 2020
A poem can find a dark soul at night
The rebirth I had after I sat with my plight

The demons I held onto and encompassed me with their wings
Spoke of wild, dark, and wicked things.

And I felt warm there
I felt raw
Like an ice sculpture exposed to the sun.
Slowly waiting to thaw.

Or a cocoon forgotten in winter,
Made it to spring
I climbed out of my cocoon when I put down that drink.

I spread my wings when I had enough,
Enough of men who used me to feel tough.

And I flew high above the clouds
Right before my death I looked right into my shadow.
And she said, “I’ll see you again”
“You’ve won this fight, but not the battle”
annh Aug 2019
Clothed, I, in robes,
Sanctified by charcoal deities;
Widowed of this world,
And as yet unborn;
Mourn the galloping pulse,
Of the passing night divine.
‘Learning to weep, learning to keep vigil, learning to wait for the dawn. Perhaps this is what it means to be human.‘
- Henri Nouwen

‘The robe of flesh wears thin.’
- John Buchan
jane taylor Jun 2016
when in the midst
of the most bitter

oh dark night
of the soul

bow to you

how else
would i know

jane taylor May 2016
come hither
bring the next epiphany
tho’ it may be shrouded
in the darkest night of soul
‘tis too exquisite
not to know
the wisdom folded

jane taylor May 2016
eking out the ultimate gasp in my last breath of impulsion
i collapse without a touch of grace at race's end
how i made it i will never know
dazed and in bewilderment
i reminisce upon my journey

an aggregation of barricades assailed me
with iniquitous decadent delight
seeming to writhe in triumph at my possible demise
capitulating as it devoured and spewed me out the other side
i humbly reassembled fragments of my near annihilation

temporarily rehabilitated
i recommenced the toilsome climb
to the treasured peak atop the mount
when in would come the tempest with its furor
and render me asunder

mere exhaustion is not the word
for death experienced recurrently
ground to mulch and back again
screaming, pleading, surrendering
proved futile as i newly met the same demise

near incapacitation i miraculously emerged
and scraping pulled myself with broken heart and bones
scratching my way through the darkness
toppling at the pinnacle
to victory's end

with exhilaration it dawns on me
the long dark night is over
i passed the test to realize
it is not the finish line
but only the beginning

HRTsOnFyR Sep 2015
Though phantoms may be howling at the edges of my mind
Ripping away gobs of flesh until my soul lies exposed
Rotting off my skull, hanging loose from my tired bones
Whilst the terrifying multitude of my unseen fear
Hath become like the vile, gnashing teeth of night's Reaper
As I bare witness to the demons rising and writhing
Within the silver pool of my own lean, haunted reflection
Yet I cannot turn away; Even in my darkest hour
I must summon the courage to stay; For this is my reckoning.

— The End —