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Aug 2021 · 63
Empty inflation
Nora Aug 2021
I spend what I don’t have
To feel all that eludes me
Body and mind
In pursuit of harmonious high —

The clock ticking taunts
A timed expiration of my bliss
For it won’t be long
Until I’m bereft again
Empty —
Aug 2021 · 51
Dinner Date on Brand
Nora Aug 2021
Sipping miso soup
In lieu of a hug
Warm convalescence
Ephemeral reprieve
For a perpetual hunger
That ceases to leave
Aug 2021 · 125
Ambivalence in Despair
Nora Aug 2021
I know not which place is worse
Calamitous inundations of
Unrelenting grief —
Or the frigid chill of
Empty apathy in its wake:
Icy, salty stalagmites
Where tears used to be
Jun 2021 · 221
unspoken ode
Nora Jun 2021
The smoke exits my mouth
In a tired exhale
I kiss the mesh screen and
Wish it were your lips
Soft, tender, melting into mine

Your image flits idly
in my mind
a hazy reverie
An image imprinted
So delicate and fine

Yet still you elude me
By volition or chance
I sit back, defeated
But still enmeshed in a trance

Assumptions aren’t truth
But they’re all I know —
And my darling, I sense it
Yet I can’t let you go
May 2021 · 84
the sound of silence
Nora May 2021
Words never failed me
Until I met you
And how hard it is, darling —
For I’m enamored of
So few
May 2021 · 105
divine intervention
Nora May 2021
What would it take, my sunshine?
For us to thrive and climb?
I’d capitulate to god
If it meant you could be mine
I love you so
May 2021 · 98
Baby bottled blonde
Nora May 2021
baby bottled blonde
Do you think of me at night?
As you drift into slumber
Soft — alight —

Baby bottled blonde
Your radiance transcends
O’er three thousand miles
I’d sweep you in my arms
To your soul I would tend

Baby bottled blonde
How I’d caress your appled cheeks
Kiss you in the moonlight
My tender heart — it leaks

Baby bottled blonde
It is you and you alone
My desires, selfish —
How do I atone?


I hate to be selfish
But I feel you should be mine
All this dodgy playtalk
When together, we could be divine?
May 2021 · 66
Nora May 2021
I would never want to write your narrative
Even if you should pay me no mind
I sit here, tortured
At the very thought that you’re not mine

I would do anything for love
To feel whole once more
But my darling
I wonder if you’ll ever open the door

You tell me I’m pretty
I laugh with ease —
But my mind, it falters
Will I ever find peace?
May 2021 · 59
Heart Hunter
Nora May 2021
Delicate wisp of a flower
How hard it is not to pluck you
And call you mine
I gaze upon you like a lovestruck fool
Every inch, a consummate canvas
Adorned with adoring ink,
Tied together with bright blue eyes
I watch like an incapacitated panther
Wanting to launch myself into you but
Something stopped me deep inside
I could never mar something so fragile
So beautiful and wholesome
So ethereal it makes me want to die
Feb 2021 · 317
musings on alcoholism
Nora Feb 2021
Morning caresses my lips
With a squalid kiss -- the taste of last
Night’s stale liquor, a greeting most
Usual and unwelcome all the same.
Sated beyond means, I still am
Stricken by thirst, dry lips parting in
Consternation, heavy hands
Fumble aimlessly for old reliable, that
****** bottle of advil that may as well
Have its name etched in my dresser drawer
The morning after may be ripe with regret,
Hazy recollections draped in uncertainties --
But at least one thing remains surefire and
Constant --

Thump -- clank
My head, the door, my achy feet
Taking their first apprehensive steps
Into their habitual walk of shame
The mirror salutes me with the
Visage of a woman worn, tired and wildly aged --
There’s no way we’re the same person
Or are we?
Jan 2021 · 270
carving board
Nora Jan 2021
I retraced the hieroglyphs with frenetic precision
running my fingers along each
ridge and valley with
unbridled vigor, desperate to be heard for
words had abandoned me.
soft, glowing red --
the essence of life
playing god
in my hands.
The story, unfinished --
i hope it never ends.
Jan 2021 · 281
Nora Jan 2021
Meticulously maintaining
Impossibly feigned nonchalance,
Toying the cigarette ever so slightly
In her fingers -- careful so not
To appear as too calculated

The pariahs parade the dancefloor,
Shades of ignominy culminating in a
Prismatic rainbow, heightened by
The stale odor of ***** and body heat

Still, she stays in her perch like a silent sphynx
Waiting -- watching --
Aimlessly, but with direction, such
Carefree flamboyance below her,
A stoop to which she’d never deign

And so she watches, resigned
To fate, as much a fixture in the joint
As the gilded barstools --
The closest she can come to confronting
The fact that she is no different
Than any of the rest
After so many years, finally attempting to resume my cinematic poetry project — this one based on 1934’s WONDERBAR, as easily inferred
Jul 2020 · 205
food for thought
Nora Jul 2020
uppers and downers
feed the human machine
popping tiny missiles to
launch at rocket spreed
Jul 2020 · 964
lucid dreaming
Nora Jul 2020
i pretend through night
that the pink flower spring
is for us, wild woman
Jul 2020 · 667
Nora Jul 2020
quiet storm,
i answer each dream
like wind
Jul 2020 · 277
Nora Jul 2020
imagine, my gentle one
slow peace &
a happy truth of
something together
May 2020 · 510
Nora May 2020
Does she take you there --?
Wet warm wild ride
Summer noon,
Her bed
made from word magnets
May 2020 · 162
Nora May 2020
It’s hardly a flicker,
A flash in the dark -
But it’s markedly something
Perhaps a new start
one word prompt challenge: glimmer
May 2020 · 754
Nora May 2020
Sadie, of satin
Sables who dances the swing
Pretty little thing
one word prompt: sadie
May 2020 · 137
Nora May 2020
Soft and gooey, or
Hard and **** --
This delicacy owns my heart
one word prompt: cheese
May 2020 · 97
Nora May 2020
What’s your prized possession?
How do you measure your worth?
Diamonds dripping from your fingers,
Or perhaps a crown of gilded spoons --
Do you adorn yourself with petals
Or proudly dress in thorns?
one word promot challenge: bejeweled
May 2020 · 101
Nora May 2020
Was it a fluke, or something more?
The answer remains to be seen, but
That expression in your eyes
Makes me want to believe
one word prompt challenge
May 2020 · 96
Nora May 2020
The fly on the wall that got too comfortable,
Now sitting in the way --
I’d chase you with a swatter
But I’d be giving into bait
one word prompt challenge
Jan 2020 · 196
picking the pen back up:
Nora Jan 2020
Tired, uninspired
Whatever happened
To the way i used to be wired?
resuming poetry after a long pause is so incredibly HARD.
Jan 2020 · 103
ravenous appetite
Nora Jan 2020
My ***** is hungry but
My heart hungrier --
I ache for love over touch
Time over a singular burst
A lady to call my own over a
Transient lover,
An angel’s caress --
A sensation like none other
Jan 2020 · 133
plodding onward
Nora Jan 2020
I dug myself out of
The trenches only to find
Myself inundated, the
Thick mud tugging at my
Ankles like quicksand --
But isn’t it fortunate
That it’s malleable,
That I will mold it
To my own liking and carry on?
Jan 2020 · 144
Nora Jan 2020
Amore mio,
Ma solo se sapessi
Quanto ti darei così che
Potremmo insieme di nuovo --
Ma non devo essere triste
Perché mi ha regalato qualcosa
Che non mai dimenticherò
Jan 2020 · 200
bacio d'aria
Nora Jan 2020
Le nuvole mi abbracciano,
E potrei morire nel uno momento così
Dove la sola cosa che possa trovare
è la bella tocca di tranquillità
Jan 2020 · 141
il mare
Nora Jan 2020
Voglio essere una con il mare
Trovare tranquillità nel sfumature di blu
Mio cuore piange per la sua libertà
Ma ancora rimasta nel il stesso posto
Pieno di voglia, che sono incapace di
Mostrare, anche se affogassi nelle onde
Dec 2018 · 265
Nora Dec 2018
i miss the way my head lay
cradled in your thighs
how you arched your back
sending shivers down my spine
clenching fists and quiet sighs
our skin -- together --
my hand -- inside --
it was then that I found paradise
Dec 2018 · 354
Nora Dec 2018
a growing distance
of interlocked souls
what once was love
has now grown cold
though moments flicker
before my eyes
in the end
it’s still goodbye
Oct 2018 · 267
portami indietro
Nora Oct 2018
I know I should have closed the door
But I left it ajar
I couldn't lose you,
but as it stands right now --
You're already so far
Come back and let yourself in
It's never too late
To birth a new start
Oct 2018 · 380
Nora Oct 2018
they say I'm wasting away --
paper thin
hands and clothes swimming on
tired limbs
‘I do it for my protection --’
i said with a grin
'cause no one can hurt me
when I have nothing within
Oct 2018 · 350
self medication
Nora Oct 2018
benzos anonymous in my head
cajoling me to stay put in bed
to think is such a dreary blur
and i'd much rather abuse my cure
Sep 2018 · 307
Nora Sep 2018
Hospitable I am
With the company I keep
They’ve settled quite well, the
Feisty little creatures --
In my mind they burrow deep

Generous I am
To the voices in my mind
Feeding them so they flourish --
Whispering persuasive hatred
With every chance they find

Gullible I am
Because I listen with open ears
Gobbling up their words in
Idolization, never questioning
Any sound that I hear
Sep 2018 · 375
Nora Sep 2018
Have I broken your back yet
Like I pulverized mine?
I know I'm a heavy burden --
With weight I cannot leave behind
Sep 2018 · 207
Nora Sep 2018
The words won't spill,
Even though I'm overflowing
Mounting pressure with no reprieve
So many things that need to come out
But instead they fill me until I can't speak
Mar 2018 · 227
Nora Mar 2018
No dam could withstand
The entirety of my every feeling.
I break everything I touch --
I always stop and hesitate,
knowing --
That I’m just too much
Mar 2018 · 278
la ballerina
Nora Mar 2018
The world was my enemy
Until I met you
And only then
Were my problems eschewed

I never knew love
Till I felt your embrace
It took just one touch
To find my happy place

A step and a leap,
Then a bound and a twirl --
You waltz through my mind
My beautiful girl
It has been ages since I last wrote ... This one is for my amore
Mar 2018 · 305
Nora Mar 2018
My heart swells when laughter
Washes over your face --
I long to freeze the moment
Forever, but even a picture
Could never suffice:
Eager eyes and flushed cheeks,
A vibrant grin that’s worry free
Joy in its purest form, unmarred
By any single thing

I want nothing more in life
than to keep you there with me --
We’ll take this moment now
and make it an eternity
May 2017 · 405
Nora May 2017
Auburn haired dame
She’ll never be tamed
Dressed up to the nines
In ball gowns divine
With laughter like song
So prideful and strong
The freedom she’ll dance
Has the world in a trance
She’s beauty, she's strength
Standing firmly in place
And her whole life she’d chance
For her name is France
Inspired by reunion in France  (1942)
May 2017 · 367
Nora May 2017
Just when i think
i might deserve better
i sit shaking, soaked
in salt water tears
sobbing and settling
for the lack of love,
the absence of affection
in the the boundless
desert of my life
May 2017 · 303
Nora May 2017
Just when i think
i might deserve better
i sit shaking, soaked
in salt water tears
sobbing and settling
for the lack of love,
the absence of affection
in the the boundless
desert of my life
May 2017 · 665
fate's gamble
Nora May 2017
the reins slipped my hand ---
or maybe I never truly held them
like rolling die
falling from the sky
the odds of fate
are far from reach
May 2017 · 1.8k
prophetic paradox
Nora May 2017
Self appointed prophet
Putting forth prayers and
Pamphlets as you tear
The room asunder --

No regard for mortals,
But you brush it off with
A smile so sweet, a touch
Of the arm and divine influence --
After all, it’s your duty

Hands raise in the air,
You plead us to join you,
To save our souls and
Get redemption in turn
For a half-hearted prayer

If searching souls and
Turning them pure is your
Mission, then dear Susan,
You need to face the mirror
To truly find God
insp. by susan and god (1940_
Apr 2017 · 991
Nora Apr 2017
You never missed a mark
Firing right for my heart
Sent the bullet rippling through
My flesh and left me gaping

Whole, i thought i was before
You came along, taking aim
With your charming darts
Darling, I’m ****** I missed you
When I shot up high
insp. by annie oakley (1935)
Apr 2017 · 568
gaps we can't bridge
Nora Apr 2017
We cannot maintain
Twenty years of change
Hoping things still might
Be the same, even when
You and I well know how
Far apart we’ve grown

We cannot pretend
That our love didn’t end
When I ran off without
Goodbye, wanting nothing
But for you to thrive even
If I struggled to survive

I cannot return
To what we once were
Ill suited from the start
Older man and the young
Bright lass, the dame
Who stole his heart
insp. by goodbye, my fancy (1951)
Apr 2017 · 735
Nora Apr 2017
Two camps, divided;
On which one will I stay?
Little did I know
The road I took
Would **** me someday
inspired by Humoresque (1946)
Apr 2017 · 2.5k
irreplaceable you
Nora Apr 2017
Irreplaceable you,
Drifting into my world
With so little a care
As the heat of the evening
Turned into a sordid affair

Irreplaceable you,
Riding me gently, tamer
Of heavy waves
Tangled together in shadows --
For you, I’ll always misbehave

Irreplaceable you,
Slipping from my grasp
And into another’s  --
Trembling toward your kiss
Tell me I’m your only lover

Irreplaceable you,
But replaceable me
Left to wilt at the shoreline
While you sailed off to sea.
inspired by Humoresque (1946)
Apr 2017 · 640
Nora Apr 2017
I’ve climbed the wall
Been up high,
Basked in twinkling lights
Told the past goodbye
Trapped in a corner
For so long, a passive
Doormat for you to come
And stomp your shoes on
In hopes that one day
It’d be me who once more
Swept you off your feet but
I have risen, I have seen
That life goes on, that
I could grow and change
And yes, my darling, it’s true --
I no longer desire
To be married to you.
Go and turn around now:
The door is open --
I’m telling you goodbye.
Inspired by East Side, West Side (1949)
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