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Izzy Aghahowa Jan 19
my father
the holy spawn
who swims in black and blue catharsis
white needles
now grey and gold
empty gun chambers
that leave dead air for dead deers

the smoke from your frozen lips
causes a destruction that no one sees
except for the Father you keep

you roam around at night
it seems you've lost yourself in the moonlight
you leave trails of dust behind you
when you leave pieces of your life for death to find

i don’t see eyes
i see glass and vapour
and a life, that was left unloved
by a holy one
Shin Dec 2018
Christ’s chains pay homage to his hollow hardship.
Breathing brimstone and sulfur unto their laps.
A gnarled knuckle ending in a curved claw strips
skin from bone ‘til their souls seize, and they collapse.

Come the eve they howl their harebrained hearsay.
Licked by forgotten bone and beasts’ bloodstained whips.
As Joan stares down Judas, before her horns flay
Him down to splintered, shadowy mangled wisps.

Muscles contort, mutilated in a mound
their guts greasing the hall’s cracked nooks and crannies.
When out from the back came the man who was crowned
Lord of the Flies, and beneath his gaze life flees.

With barren fingernails he scraped the stone wall
cold unblinking eyes searching for his next prey,
until they rested on the disciple, Paul.
A sad huddled mass that fervently prays.

He spat a cruel cackle and readied his blade,
As Paul feebly raises his fists, burdened by chains
and whispered, “In lord’s name may I please be saved.”
Yet alas, in a mere moment he was slain .
The end of days
I am the very model of a Fundamental Disciple
I rightly divide scripture, and I'm strictly Dispensational,
I know the kings of Israel, and I quote the fights historical,
From Jericho to Babylon, in order categorical;
I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters metaphorical,
I understand Ezekiel, whether current or prophetical,
About Creation Theory I am teeming with a lot of proofs,
With many fearful facts about the source of the world-wide deluge.

I'm very good at induction and practice good exegesis;
I know the certain answer for when verses seem anomalous:
In short, in matters Biblical, and Spiritual, and Doctrinal,
I am the very model of a Fundamental Disciple

I know our church's history, Saint Peter's, and that old John Knox
I answer hard agnostics, even on the Free-Will Paradox,
I work each week with great effort to get kids on the old church bus,
And oft equate the trials there to those of Paul and Barnabas.
Now, I can tell undoubtedly a prayer warrior by worn out knees,
I know by heart the chorus to the hymn called "Bringing in the Sheaves,"
So I can scorn at others for "I've never seen such sin before!"
And judge them all while sinning worse when I'm behind my own closed door.

Then I can write a Gospel hymn so good it makes the heart feel warm,
And critique every item on the church's budgetary form,
In short, in matters Biblical, and Spiritual, and Doctrinal,
I seem the very model of a "Fundamental Disciple"

In fact, when I know what is meant by "sacrifice" and "soul-winnin'"
When I can tell at once a faithful preacher from wolves ravinin'
When such affairs as modern-age philosophy I'm wary at
And when I live my life each day as if His coming's imminent,
When I have learnt just what it took for Jesus to give all for me,
When I realize the Church lies not in steeples or the nunnery,
In short, when I stop following this "Check-list Christianity,"
You'll say a better disciple you've never had the chance to see.

For now, my life is squarely boxed by sayings and dogma-tacy
Which helps excuse the way I let my flesh get on more comf'tably
In short, in matters Biblical, and Spiritual, and Doctrinal,

I SEEM the very model of a "Fundamental Disciple."
A parody of ""I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General"" from Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance"
adeline Jun 2017
Falling leaves as for I wish another day to live
From all the battles that I've fought with; will you consider me brave?
For what it is seen; this is not my home
Who were loved by many; trashed by some

As for I was once a sinner here on earth
Now a lost soul who is seeking for the truth
I say to you; thank you for the wisdom
From a disciple who aims to enter the divine Kingdom

Despite of this; I will arise
As an angel in disguise
Engulfed by the love
From the heaven above

As you bend your head
I am lying in cold and dead
Steve Page May 2017
Reach to the back of the old,
Reach behind the boxes entrenched with dust,
Reach beyond the shelves of tarnished trophies,
Reach beneath the tarpaulin brittle with age.
Reach and ignore the stains of the years
Stretch, *****, seek
And your fingers will brush
Against unfamiliar, new-to-you gems.
Reach and from unexplored corners
Reveal new treasures from the storeroom;
Treasures to enlighten
Treasures to surprise
Treasures to delight
The disciples of the kingdom.
Matthew 13:52
52 He said to them, “Therefore every teacher of the law who has become a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.”
The Disciples Of Light is a brotherhood to bring Souls to Christ
Our mission is to bring peace and faith to the people of the world
We have a God that is caring, knowing, loving and powerful
The Lord is Immortal he controls the Universe
His power knows no beginning or end for he is the Alpha and Omega
God loves the world and his creation which is mankind
He created your soul which is the essence of your very existence
However, your soul is Eternal and its focused on the spiritual journey
We all have different paths we must follow in Life
Nevertheless, is important to have a relationship with God
When you are spiritually broken he will come to restore you
God works in mysterious ways and he knows what's best for you
Just let him lead you to where he wants to take you
Trust one thing ... It's better to follow the Lord closely
Hence if you follow your own path alone without him your life
All your efforts all your prayers all your wisdom
Will be just empty attempts to reach Holiness
Due to the fact that you must know what is Holy
You can never attain such a thing without the Lord
But becoming a disciple of Christ is the first step
Give your daily prayers to the Lord he will hear
Because rejecting the Lord is the fastest way to go to **** in here...
©Franko the Christian Poet
Giving back to God becoming a new you...slowly transforming and becoming what you wanted to be.
The essence of the pure spirit
The path to the Holy of Holies
Inbuted with the Holy Spirit
My Soul roams in a world of darkness

Dear God allow your light to shine thru me
Let your prophecy land upon my shoulders
Allow your parables flow thru my mouth
Heal my soul from my worldly afflictions

Do not delay Lord for I am weak
Silence consumes me
When I was *****, you clothed me
When I was hungry, you feed me
When I was lonely, you accompanied me

Lord, your hands created me in my mother's ****
I thank you for my 26 years of living
You are the living God I praise thee
For your Kingdom be sustained forever

You are King of Kings Lord of Lords
May your Holy Grace fall upon us
Please forgive us for our evil transgressions
Deliver us from Evil I pray Lord...Amen!
©Franko the Christian Poet
Jesus Christ the Alpha and Omega King of all Prince of Justice and peace. He shall sustain order in the final call.
JR Rhine Aug 2016
I am here to spread the gospel.
Yes I do declare I am a diligent disciple.

I have come to gaggle the good news,
to proselytize the perpetuity of heavenly wisdom.

I have come here to speak on behalf of poets everywhere:
young and old, alive and dead,
of all nationalities, ethnicities, genders, ****** orientations,
of every human being loitering upon this lush and teeming rock--
I have come to spread your word!

We, the poets,
beg you to hear our words
and put them in your mouth.

Store them in a cheek;
chew thoughtfully, and don't floss,
so we may linger between your teeth--

ready to eject with your spit we shall speak for you
and you shall speak for us.

We lie dead in the dirt until you breath life into us.

We sit poised on your tongue waiting for you to lash
into the air piercing thought bubbles with your voice.

We are instruments lying collecting dust in their cases,
ready to be grasped within calloused hands
and clasped between ruddy lips.

I have come here to tell you how to become a disciple as I:

Lovers, bring us to share!
Speak to your hearts from within worn and jaundiced pages;
we are merely ink stains until you make sense of it all.

Until you speak us into life
Until you soak us into your soul
Until you weave us into the very fibers of your being.

Fighters, bring us to bear!
Shout to your foes from atop grainy soapboxes
embedded within the grassy earth;
let your commanding footing propel you into the heavens!

Feel the wind carry your voice across the open plain and

They shall know the fear in their bones
and the goose flesh under their rattling armor
like death prickling the hairs on the back of their neck
until they become trodden in the earth like footstools--
until you walk across them head held high and victorious.

Pedestrians! Love if you dare!
Whisper these words under your breath,
holding doors and blessing sneezes,
smiling lovingly and making eye contact purposefully.

Take the joy in stranger's company or in solitude;
we will linger like pleasant specters,
like a lover's ghost:
waiting for you to follow me into eternity.

Yes, I do declare to be a diligent disciple,
and I roam through dusky towns with no pack on my back
nor a shelter over my matted head;

shouting through barren city streets into the desperate night,
roaming these dusty corridors praying a stranger opens their front door
and turns on the porch light
and lets me in for supper and a place to rest my weary head.

Though I'll soon be on my way again in the morrow,
my prayer,
the one of every aching poet in the midnight haze,

is that I'll linger.
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