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james nordlund Nov 2017
No "upgrading the nuclear arsenal", as President Trump has promised;

No more threatening the world with nuclear war, as he has done.

"...We(e),...", are all downwind from nuclear war, accidents, waste.

'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'.  A bird in the

Bush is worth two in the hand, at least.  'A stitch in time saves nine'.
Nora Apr 2017
Two camps, divided;
On which one will I stay?
Little did I know
The road I took
Would **** me someday
inspired by Humoresque (1946)
Nora Apr 2017
Irreplaceable you,
Drifting into my world
With so little a care
As the heat of the evening
Turned into a sordid affair

Irreplaceable you,
Riding me gently, tamer
Of heavy waves
Tangled together in shadows --
For you, I’ll always misbehave

Irreplaceable you,
Slipping from my grasp
And into another’s  --
Trembling toward your kiss
Tell me I’m your only lover

Irreplaceable you,
But replaceable me
Left to wilt at the shoreline
While you sailed off to sea.
inspired by Humoresque (1946)

— The End —