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Raven Feels Apr 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, dreaming is my official drug;}

some wound some abuse came to an ache a demand

things I wont suppose an understand

ought for them to ****

brought to me bruised with arms no one to fill

why does it make me mad

quickly to the rush if your eyes I hand

corner stances of broken promises landing to your palm

scratches I seem to beg my lips to kiss to calm

I hate to admit it but

I got it bad to that devilish sword

whispers of magic into my mind taste of words

cutting my limbs in crap

drowning my heavens in a trap

cause maybe then I dream

on the moment unpast unseen

think your feels would come to me

horror of a real I disbelieve

or not come to the sleeping nights I don't need

or not embrace the lots adore me in free

fly my stars to a miraculous scene

so resented so loved

yet so hard to redeem

Gemini Jan 28
Black as a cat, purrs like a cat, acts like a cat. Even a bell hangs from his neck. Every trait of a cat. Emerald eyes and blonde hair. Sweet puns and romantic kisses. Who wouldn’t want a love such as Cat Noir? Try as he may to woo the lady of luck. The ladybug. Soon he’ll show her, soon the Lady of luck and the heart of the cat will become one.

A few more puns and saving should pay off in the end. This kitty just has to wait a little longer. A kitty as black as night. Eyes belonging to those of an emerald. Hair like gold and a heart made of sugar can make you melt the minute you lay your eyes upon him. Cat Noir is his name, and LadyNoir is his ship to sail.
Gemini Jan 28
Icy blue eyes. Frozen white fur. Surrounded by rage and pain. A boy with beautiful emerald eyes and blonde hair. Now became icy and cold. By the touch, you’d feel shivers and chills at the bottom of your spine. Under his control you were. Risking death in a fight to save your friend. Red and black spots were the first things you spotted. Unlike any normal spots, you’d seen before. The spots you recognized quickly, it didn’t even take too long.

Icy cold breath pressed against your cheek as he glared straight at you. The one you called a friend and the one everyone called Hero was staring you down longingly. The surrounding temperature. The surrounding temperature grew in worse freezing pleasure as blue freezing light-filled your vision.

He would freeze you.

You’d known long before he thought to do it.

Dashing out of the way, your head felt icy and cold. Freezing cold… Your fingertips ran past the top of it carefully. Your surprise, the tips of your skull were deep covered with stalling ice flakes. 

Your first thought was to rise and face him again. But now something seemed different. A light-hearted shadow covered your body as the same red and black spots, your eyes traced.

Like a ladybug….

The colors resembled.
Nora May 2020
Was it a fluke, or something more?
The answer remains to be seen, but
That expression in your eyes
Makes me want to believe
one word prompt challenge
vonny Apr 2020
the clouds are grey and stormy tonight

i sigh as i let the rain soak into my skin

cold and shivering, i look for a light

there is none and i know i cannot win

i feel the rain pour and it slowly stops

at least in a circle that i am inside

i see an umbrella blocking the drops

and i know he is there with all of his stride
this was inspired from that one scene in miraculous so shush

its about someone being your hope
Asominate Feb 2020
This lonely world,
I'll hold your hand
I'll pick you up
I'll help you stand
If you can't relate
If these of you don't exist
I'll still get it done:
Viji Vishwanath Dec 2019
Words swim as a swan
Or sentences fly as a bird
Or rhythms sing as of a musician’s music
Or alphabets dance as of a peacock’s feather

Don’t know how it happens my Lord
Some miracle playing with your help
Which help to write some powerful words

As it is made for your heavenly earth
It bring much peace in inner depth
To write more and more with no limit

But remember, it is not an occurrence
It is the influence of few motivators
Who mould us to believe in our powers

And miracle happen to those
Who believes to move
Without a stop

And they are the ones
Who are blessed
With a miraculous grace
Miracle happen to those who believe.
Sharmila Juliet Apr 2019
Look at your hand
There is a sparkle of
Enhancing light
started to sprinkle from it.
There is a magical universe
Blazing from your hand.
Say it as magic or illusion.
You are the one who can do
These miraculous things.
Unveil the wonders
Your hand can do.
Recoganize yourself
There is the creater hiding
Within you. The one
Who can make every
Impossible things into possible.
Realize it. You are ruler of
What you want to become.
Believe in you.
George Krokos Mar 2019
It has been said that ‘the Spirit of God moves in mysterious ways’
and that those whom it touches are blessed throughout their days.
It also makes them say and do many wonderful or miraculous things
which then confirms the saying that ‘Heaven on earth down it brings’.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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