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Nora Dec 2018
i miss the way my head lay
cradled in your thighs
how you arched your back
sending shivers down my spine
clenching fists and quiet sighs
our skin -- together --
my hand -- inside --
it was then that I found paradise
Nora Dec 2018
a growing distance
of interlocked souls
what once was love
has now grown cold
though moments flicker
before my eyes
in the end
it’s still goodbye
Nora Oct 2018
I know I should have closed the door
But I left it ajar
I couldn't lose you,
but as it stands right now --
You're already so far
Come back and let yourself in
It's never too late
To birth a new start
Nora Oct 2018
they say I'm wasting away --
paper thin
hands and clothes swimming on
tired limbs
‘I do it for my protection --’
i said with a grin
'cause no one can hurt me
when I have nothing within
Nora Oct 2018
benzos anonymous in my head
cajoling me to stay put in bed
to think is such a dreary blur
and i'd much rather abuse my cure
Nora Sep 2018
Hospitable I am
With the company I keep
They’ve settled quite well, the
Feisty little creatures --
In my mind they burrow deep

Generous I am
To the voices in my mind
Feeding them so they flourish --
Whispering persuasive hatred
With every chance they find

Gullible I am
Because I listen with open ears
Gobbling up their words in
Idolization, never questioning
Any sound that I hear
Nora Sep 2018
Have I broken your back yet
Like I pulverized mine?
I know I'm a heavy burden --
With weight I cannot leave behind
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