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glass Aug 2023
this but and youre
theirs not is nor
some yet whether for
also, however.
though under in ontop
through was will wrought
be were could a lot
the while sure ought
stop! perchance.
anyway. so of been all
because since therefore i'll
hers thus had was
very we'll would wall!
once maybe yes now
never by about down
minus till despite,
within without alike - hype!
said did done it
went him forthwith
prithee thine then as
either neither ***** yeah!
glass Aug 2023
put stat this what
bother upper it, huh?
battle wonder with but
mister think the
twisted figure shrink bud
from hit wink one
soccer stippled mink, yuh!
glass Oct 2021
love time heart life
shove rhyme smart right
tub dimes hard strife
some lime start smite

dead turn bed longer
fled learn read somber
head burn red stronger
said spurn dread ponder

room living darkness lies
grew dripping harness dies
through giving starkness tries
slough gripping tarnished minds

young eyes seeing crime lying thine creeping mine
rinds peeling feeling slime re a lizing healing shine
boy talk stalk walker struck sad bad potter dock

duck sought bought luck rock tongue tied from nights stuck
stuck in muck of crumpled ruckus truckers buck.
Jason Feb 2021
Sullenly, I quote whilst I quaff

Softly stammered surcease of wroth

Consummately ****** I sputter and cough

Sloshed ale sloppily sopped

Spite shed, soft shadows soughed

Soggily satiated at brimful trough
© 02/24/21 Jason R. Michie All rights Reserved

Disclaimer: No alcoholic beverages were harmed in the shaping of this soppy silliness
Nora Jul 2020
i pretend through night
that the pink flower spring
is for us, wild woman
Nora Jul 2020
quiet storm,
i answer each dream
like wind
Nora Jul 2020
imagine, my gentle one
slow peace &
a happy truth of
something together
Dr Zik Apr 2020
Love, affection, compassion!
Gift of a tolerance,
modesty, good deeds!
sacred humour, aim, target
travel, destination!
humility and humanity,
sacrifice and help for all
L, V and U type all roads
are all the safety mirrors,
during the sacred journey
towards You!
O my Lord!

Bless us
Dr Zik's Poetry

An Extract from the Book: SIMPLE WORDS
Poet: Dr Zafar Iqbal Khokhar

The title is an extract from Dr Peter Lim's Book's Title;  (collection of 163 poems and 100 haiku under Lim Meng Sing (Amazon, kobo, kindle, eBay) Victoria, Australia)
Thanks Peter!
Derrek Estrella Feb 2020
Saffron, the pretender
Come to me in debauchery
Let me know not of this
But instead, vain camaraderie
Swiftly down the road
Forgive that violent tenderness
Of brass things
And parsimonious goodness
What teeth, critical states
Yellow signs coalesce
In this blood-drenched hour
I have lost my mind
And the light is dimmer
For this pious sinner
Listen to that gust
Two hundred and one stallions
Criticize my crystal eyes
I, the foreigner
A mistaken warrior
Dandelion child
Riding a ceaseless fountain
Holding a vase so ragged
And a sun so mild
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