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Nora Jul 27
i pretend through night
that the pink flower spring
is for us, wild woman
Nora Jul 27
quiet storm,
i answer each dream
like wind
Nora Jul 27
imagine, my gentle one
slow peace &
a happy truth of
something together
Dr zik Apr 17
Love, affection, compassion!
Gift of a tolerance,
modesty, good deeds!
sacred humour, aim, target
travel, destination!
humility and humanity,
sacrifice and help for all
L, V and U type all roads
are all the safety mirrors,
during the sacred journey
towards You!
O my Lord!

Bless us
Dr Zik's Poetry

An Extract from the Book: SIMPLE WORDS
Poet: Dr Zafar Iqbal Khokhar

The title is an extract from Dr Peter Lim's Book's Title;  (collection of 163 poems and 100 haiku under Lim Meng Sing (Amazon, kobo, kindle, eBay) Victoria, Australia)
Thanks Peter!
Saffron, the pretender
Come to me in debauchery
Let me know not of this
But instead, vain camaraderie
Swiftly down the road
Forgive that violent tenderness
Of brass things
And parsimonious goodness
What teeth, critical states
Yellow signs coalesce
In this blood-drenched hour
I have lost my mind
And the light is dimmer
For this pious sinner
Listen to that gust
Two hundred and one stallions
Criticize my crystal eyes
I, the foreigner
A mistaken warrior
Dandelion child
Riding a ceaseless fountain
Holding a vase so ragged
And a sun so mild
Zywa Mar 2019
He dressed you in underwear
lightly twisted the left foot
then compromised the leg

I stopped for a few seconds
because where did the idea come from
that you might be the same

You both stare through me
so independently and quietly
what is there to see in my soul?

I was looking for a difference
you look so much like her
by then, the window dresser was ready
Collection "Greeting from before"
Emily Miller Mar 2018
The smell of salt water invokes the image of the sea shore.
The flush of red in lips makes one feel lustful.
A rocking sensation reminds one of the comfort of the womb.
But here in this bar, the sight of that Jameson bottle on the wall makes me think of nothing
But you.
Unholy you,
With one hand brushing back unruly locks,
The other fiddling with a half-empty glass,
And that look on your face
Because you know exactly what’s going through my mind,
And that green bottle perched on a shelf.
The bartender tries to hand me my gin and tonic,
But my eyes hover above her hair,
On the dim haze of a gleam on the dusty glass,
And suddenly the haze becomes hazier,
Blurry with the unexpected moisture pooling in my eyes.
Because it’s not just from you anymore,
The **** thing is a part of me,
Because I’ll never forget when you said my eyes are the color of the glass,
Your favorite bottle,
With your famous mischievous grin,
But a softer look in your eye,
So that I know what you really mean.
It’s not just that subtle bottle green color,
It’s the fact that you can’t get enough.
Drink after drink thrown back,
And just like your glass,
You throw me down,
And you say
“I’m thirsty.”
You consume me as easily as you consume whiskey,
And I’m an essence in a bottle to you.
Bought and sold,
A commodity to be replaced,
Because you’re insatiable...
But as I stand here with my eyes on that bottle,
I realize…
I don’t want to be your addiction anymore.
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