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acacia Jul 14
A dopo, tesoro, il blu e tu!
À plus ****, chérie, le bleu et toi!
(want you in the world...)
Ritz Writes Jun 2
Embracing our own quirky ways to show our genuine affection for each other,
the silence between us spoke thousand of words which couldn't be said but felt.
He was like the wind that blew like a  gentle soothing balm to her aching soul
and she, the stimulus who pushed him hard to challenge the odds;
genuine affection through their quirky ways by embracing each other.
“I crave a love so deep, the ocean would be jealous” ~ Pablo Neruda.
Miss Luna May 6
così fredda
da poterti bruciare.

Nulla importa più,
nulla vive senza te,
neanche le fiamme.

Nulla rimane,
tranne la cenere,
senza il tuo amore.
natanaele Mar 8
se ti amo
mi tieni vicino
se ti lascio
mi farai rimanere
se ti faccio male
mi metti al mio posto
se ti amo
mi amerai anche così
c Dec 2018
I’ve begun thinking
In terms of music.
We are a decrescendo,
Falling from forte
To pianissimo
As the clock ticks
It’s rhythmic warning.
Your voice is always
In crescendo,
A cello when you laugh,
Mournful viola for those moments
Your strings are wound
Too tightly.
The way your fingers
Glissando across my rib cage,
Playing con amore upon my skin.
You taste like a symphony,
Brass and woodwind,
An opus on my lips.
Some days
You make me forget
How playing someone
Can be bad.
you're so high,
white glowing light,
I'll never let you go,
always blowing me kisses from the sky,
I send you kisses,
we're two in one,
you know all of my secrets,
we'll be together every night,
you've always been there,
you always stay until the sun shows up,
protecting me through the night,
every night,
white glowing light,
you're so high.

Now read from last line back up to the first.
~SacredInkedBlood ©112718 via Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold
The moon, my white glowing light, stayed with me my whole life when I was lone and afraid up in the sky you always laid. You knew all my secrets & what happened in our house at night and you still returned to stay with me every night.
Grey Oct 2018
Pity my weary soul
Yearning for beautys' soft touch
Nothing short of miracle, you've warmed my heart so cold
Pray to all the gods that this won't hurt so much

A dream, dare I hope to come to life
Eternity searching for you, my darling
Reckless thoughts, will you be my wife?
Though, this would be nothing short of daring

I find myself worrying about the next outfit to impress you with
I find myself wondering if you'd be mine
I find myself waiting for the right moment
I find myself wanting to just hold your hand
I find myself willing to be whatever you need me to be

Dear sweet rose.
Silly beautiful amore.

Love be kind
Love be sincere and sweet
Love be understanding
Love be cute and caring

Pray I will, amore, that you will love me too...
I have recently been given the opportunity of meeting a wonderful woman and she is truly beauty. Yet her heart has been stolen by a man. And she has stolen my heart...
you are drinking and smoking me

and i am feeling your energy

your breath surrounds my body

with the taste of my ****

in too deep we're on a roll

and you're set on automatic

i'm losing my ******' control

GPS cruising destination *******

your eyes beg let me

have your aching desire

i need you to take it

come quench this **** fire

your hot breath in my ear

mmm _ how you wanna do me?

i'm choking back the fear

wet between the knees

in too deep we're goin' to implode

you're touchin' brown skin parts

my resistance will _ gonna fold

ooh no! please stop! but it starts

you're going ******* the foreplay

turning my orchid drizzle to rain

my body can't take any more delay

got me thirsting __ sexually insane

Summer 2016
E over c2 Sep 2018
twenty one questions led to a hundred
and six months on i'm eager for more.
because baby half a year ago you touched my heart
like no one has before
and like no one will.
young and bold we leapt into love like nothing mattered
because at the time it felt like we had nothing to lose
but now
now we have the world to lose.
because we have each other.
my beautiful winter girl
you make me smile every single day.
you make me see the future as a goal to fight for.
i will fight for you.
fight to keep you safe and fight to keep you happy
til the day you hold me back.
i will protect you against every storm.
and make sure everyone knows of how proud i am.
to call you mine.
to say "she's here today."
you're here today. and you will be tomorrow.
with me.

with all that said
I love you more than time.
So when i go discovering the secrets of the universe
i'll be ready and willing to have you to hold my hand.
so here's to six, and many more.
Short, sweet.
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