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Cunning Linguist Mar 2014
Lucifer just said I'm two-faced;
But the reality is I wear many faces
Each one a mask
Picking a bouquet of oopsie-daises
Unabashedly lashing out at you
I eviscerate; wielding a scalpel
Then I pounce; scalped him,
Pelt dangling from my ***** pack
Went Kerouac on ***** ***

Surprise, surprise
Palpable attack
Thumbing tacks into your eyes
Lame as a bad sitcom
Band-wagon careening off the laugh-track
Everybody loves disarray

****! Vamoose!
Underlying interloper
Feel the allusion in high resolution;
Little tike on the *****
Anne frankly I'm that Führer fomenting furor

Have you lost your marbles?
Inaudibly garbling warbled garbage
Mauled to death
I **** narwhals

Convoluted revolution
I revel in it
Elusive illusion
Testify, I bring the excellence in electrocution
I'm the executioner

Putting the fun in funeral
Like a neurotic necrotizing narcotic
A lobotomy to the temporal
I dreamt the demented torment of descent
Cascading like a torrential waterfall
Ghoulish delight

Primeval upheavaler
With hopes to elope, many fold
Mic bold, but I suspect she's hitting the slopes;
Ice cold
Evoking emotion but a hopeless show
marionette in a stranglehold
        |  | \  |
        |  | |  |
        |  |_|_ |
        | %%%%%|
        |  % '  ' %|
        |  %\_/%|
        |\/    \  |
         \/|  |\/
          (   \
            \ \\
            / //
Cunning Linguist Oct 2013
F     R      O
                ­                                  W
                             ­                           I
                                                               ­ T
                                                              ­ H
     ­                                            N
Cunning Linguist Jan 2014
Creatures pleas heard
No words swaying
these ears of stone
Cunning Linguist Sep 2017
Muthafucka I squall,
**** with me.
Bawl so hard, aneurysms burst;
Call it apoplexy
Uh, ***** I rage!
With the squad in the whip
Yeah we goin places, ayye

Up to the trap.
Insert rap
Got the gwap
We in the kitchen cooking crack
I'm like assuh dude. Nomsayin?
This wordsmith, *****
I'm wild & sign my autographs with crayons

I'm stimulated got my face wrung.
Getting my sip on,
***** what the **** u trip on?

Worry about whats in my drink I'm lit for days son!
Its been a grip;
U Catch me slippin'
I'm out this *****,
Dont gotta stay long

Whip that yayo,
White like mayo,
Rhymes on fleek -
****** your fleet,
cops on my payroll

Sick of the same ol'
Every day yo.
PC ******, cut yourself
Mainline some Drano.

Fire to the rock, then I'm stone cold!
Slurrin my words;
Got the glock in my holster
Uh, & fam I'll flash my **** at your home girls.
No **** to give lit 24/7,
You want that beef I got it kosher (skrrr)

I got the sheets and the lotion
& the bud I got is om nom
U cause a stink, I got commotion
don't wanna face
that skunk ****,
That **** is potent

Mixed some jet fuel in my lean -
Now the fire I spit
Is hot enough
to melt through steel beams
Rap game's fake,
I devastate
March to the guillotine -

Don't hesitate its make or break
I smoke the dankest memes.

Ugh.. I'm 100 about that hanky-pank
uh. & U won't find me
where that loud pack ain't.
Pop these shots off
Go bang-bang
I rep these streets,
Bleed OG
Whilst floppin' my dang-lang.

You scream you got racks
But your ****'s old.
No slack you're broke -
***** whack bro.
You've sold your soul
Blood inks the contract tho
& I'm Diablo.

Victims from this wicked verse
Burst into flames
Inside this wretched furnace
Super earnest,
This my sermon,
Y'all gon learn this
I'm that serpent
******' sinister minister
I slither in it a little
Now I'm in utero, for real tho

Til I'm old and withered,
And my body's brittle
With a 40,
I'm in my underwear
Wheelchairin' round
I am the liquor!

It dont get no sicker,
So just come bump to this -
All the uglies in the world
To violate with my fists.
Fulfilling all my deepest
Darkest wishes

I'm vicious.
Some say I'm savage;
Wreaking havoc,
Combustion proliferating the madness -
Ashes to ashes
As the blunt makes some passes
2 lit 4 life
consciousness starts to lapse fam


Stay lit through the day trip
Not enough,
where the plug is?
Attractin' wealth
stack em hundreds
Slander me hold your tongue,
***** 'fore I cut it...
fresh prince, catch my lil' smith
im going west son,
railing through the clips
get rekt'd check your privilege
White as ****, zen master flux
**** I'm killin it Reid-Dickless.
Quit your *******', I'm in the kitchen whippin' it chu see the flick of the wrist?

My attempt at being intentionally dumb af/mainstream rap nowadays
Cunning Linguist Jan 2022
Fragments of my mind
Just fractured textures
Excerpts of memories,
Forgotten conjectures

Trapped in space and time;
Just figments of rendered sectors
That I've assembled to fabricate
My reality beyond measure

From the apex, I'm ready to sail
While failing to grasp what all it entails
I steadily hide intent in my tales
In my dreams I'm haunted
Since leaving the cradle
Life is beautifully frail
I see myself dancing in the portrayal
With the reaper as the main feature
Veiled together in a cerebral theater

I invent scenarios in my head
And fantasize how I long to be dead
While conceptualizing my grave end
Though I dread the inevitable attempt

Six feet deep
I'll sleep for an eternity
And will dream of the scenery
Of all my forgotten memories, I'm done

The hands I'm dealt
Lost in the shuffle
My walls crumble
Deciphering life's puzzles
Disillusioned with the hustle & bustle  -
Solutions come full circle,
At the bottom of a bottle

Mental status: unstable
Cerebral stasis turns tables
Visibly miserable and unable
To cope without the love of my chemical savior
I invent scenarios in my head
And fantasize how I long to be dead

Six feet deep
I'll sleep for an eternity
And will dream of the scenery
Of all my forgotten memories, I'm done

The hands I'm dealt
Lost in the shuffle
My walls crumble
Deciphering life's puzzles
Disillusioned with the hustle & bustle  -
Solutions come full circle,
At the bottom of a bottle

Patterns intertwine
In fashioned structures
I slumber and suffer
Painting caricatures
Of a perfect life
I yearn to capture
Cunning Linguist Sep 2013
Oh creeping, morbid feeling
I'd love seeing society in shambles
Cunning Linguist Sep 2013
Where is life taking you?
Closer to, or further from?
Cunning Linguist Apr 2014
Like an explosion;
But in  s l o w  m o t i o n,  a tidal wave crashes
This ironclad vessel beginning to thrash
Through the flashes of light though I see a brief passage

The corroded bolts past their toll
Give way exposing the hull
Capsizing the flood gates,

Negating promise of a safe harbor ashore

Amidst the panic and commotion
Together we sank, into the ocean;

Sailing the high seas of impassion
I was impassive, &
Like an anchor

Love plunged to unimaginable new fathoms

Dragging us down;
Perilously we claw hand over fist
The sorrows we drown

Adrift the turmoil and wreckage
Bubbles ascend toward the surface
(Spluttered echoes of our last choked hopes)

Water fills our lungs expunging the air
Fearing the end I daresay;
Babe take my breath away
Death is only the beginning
But I’m afraid of the forward path’s embrace

Dead ahead through the currents we tread
Shallow water blackout,
There's no turning back now,
Let's die as we lived
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
There we were, you & me
Dining on lobster
in Davy Jones' locker
Cunning Linguist Jun 2013
Is it worth it?
To live a life without questions,
never asking yourself why.
There's no reason to pay attention
But I gave in;
Never too wise to make a rational decision -
Nothing left, so I
let these opinions become
incisions in my flesh

Was it worth it?
To put my life in her hands
Fully knowing she'd let it spill
like grains of sand in an hourglass -
Nothing lasts
Except demons from my past;
I can escape about as well
as a mouse in a trap

Its remarkably spectacular;
When I look, stop, then reflect
On everything I've ever done
to inflict another stab to my back

Okay, it's what I lack
In this marvelous abstraction
And how I let my decadent life
fall apart in a fraction of a second;
Every step forward, is just another regression
I take this message as a lesson
I need to embrace my consequences

So I guess I'm an aesthetic,
Because every time I think of her
I can't help but s-s-stutter
because I'm at a loss for words

Then I shudder
as I struggle to
locate my common sense
Because ever since I let her leave
I haven't got a decent night of sleep

And now my only regret,
is the only question I've left
& that's why did I ever let my troubled mind
double as my prison?

Decisions, decisions
I ponder through the legions of lesions
I mean I've got so many problems
even my shrink is in disbelief
Why can't you just leave and let me be
can't you see I'm grieving
the loss of all of my self esteem?
So it seems,
Maybe I really am crazy.
I hate it. /

Nowhere to go, I stumble upon a crossroads
Where I'm greeted by a drifter
who tells me of his most wondrous proposition
"Listen here kid while I enchant you,
I can grant every single wish
you've ever wanted to come true.
All the secrets of Heaven and Earth
I can bestow unto you."

Who are you?
"I come in many names
Why not address me Master, for you are my slave
Some call me Beelzebub, but really I'm you
The voices in the recess of your mind
You deny as the truth
I am Lucifer, the light-bearer
Knowledge, that which haunts you

I am the recurring nightmare plaguing your slumber"
(The one with the window,
what do you see on the other side?)
a voice whispers

A mirror, the haunting reflection
of memories enamored, inanimate
(Moments forever suspended in time)

"I am your Paradise in Flames -
Your Heaven, insurmountably enshrouded with shadows"

(What are they, the shadows?)
"Your fear. My demons manifest -
in pillars of billowing smoke clouds."

What do I have to do?
"Here, eat of my fruit
Simply hand over your soul,
then lo and behold,
You'll hold the entire world at your disposal
Quid pro quo"

Oh no, I stare in amazement as I wonder
Is this all worth eternal damnation?
It tears me apart
as my heart yearns with temptation.

I stared this abomination dead eye
as I proclaimed with a laugh of elation:
"Worldly possessions have always been
objects of my fascination.
That said, I'm really not one to follow through with prior obligations..."

He said
"Take your time,
I have plenty -
About a lifetime in fact,
Because if you choose to dance with me
its a lifetime you won't get back."

I used to admire you,
and your promise of material ideation,
But I must digress -
Your abhorrent consuming darkness
Is extinguished, with a bolt of lightning
Brilliant and lustrous

(Corinthians 11:14)
"And no marvel, for even Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light"

It's then I decided it best to turn around and walk back the way I came.
I'd rather skip tempting fate anymore today.
Thank you for 3,000 views. My grandest achievement along with "Spontaneous Combustion" and "Trivial Drudgery"
Cunning Linguist Jun 2013
Aegri Somnia Vana (Latin): a sick man's dreams; hallucinations

In the country of the blind,
the one eyed men are kings
So condemn what you don't understand


It's more alluring to feed the machine


Is your life the masterpiece you dreamt of painting?

From out of the depths,
Comes Father Time to devour your /
follie de grandeur
Your blissful ignorance
Your wishful thinking


It's all I can do to preserve a calm mind
Or try

But I'd rather play follow the leader*

I'm plagued by my cognitive processes
It haunts me
And my inability to bring luminescence
to the infinite shadows swirling around me

Don't you know by now your essence of life
manifests in the vibrancy of your frequency?
Philosophy or logic
It's a Love > Fear dichotomy
Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur:
"The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived"
Cunning Linguist Jun 2013
Not even the shame of our eradicated bliss
is enough to replace the image of your face
imprinted on the inside of my eyelids

My memories return me to a time,
when being able to call you mine
was more than enough reason
for me to want to shine

a reason to try,
a reason to fly,

and just when life was too perfect to be right,
suddenly you erased all my stars
and I was cast deep into the night

Why does this still frame remain
when I could not refrain
from letting you walk away?

Why was I so easy for you to discard?
We were so much alike
it ripped us apart

Now you look upon me with such blatant disregard
I stare up at the stars
look wide and far,
I can't find them;
I see only caverns of scars carved across the sky

It took until now
to figure out
life will proceed,
even if I never know how

to so reclaim this piece of me you took when you left
I'm incomplete
and this hallowed heart slows its beat in my chest

Since I'm a victim to my narcissistic thinking;
and you're overflowing with persistence,
unblinkingly let our flowering love blossom into this,

You had been worth so much,
you tore me down such,
I never realized
you weren't ever worth a drop of my blood
our love had been such a burden in a blessing,
falling apart was effortless

This story fails to have a happy end
I'm sure the future will cross our paths to some extent
until then, I can pretend to let this image fade away
until it returns, then disappears once again
Aeipathy (Archaic) Noun. A continued passion; an unyielding disease
Cunning Linguist Jul 2015
Sacred fires burning bright
Purging the flesh of my being
Becoming one with the light
Scorching the cells of my mortal body

4 Illuminate
3 the masses
4 Self-immolate
3 to ashes
1 break
3 conciousness
4 cosmic I lapse
3 death cleanses

8 dissipate into the nether

4 essence of life
3 extinguished
4 the chains that bind
3 relinquished
1 Pain
3 Surging through
4 Serenity
3 Gleaming blaze

I, long to be cosmic,
dissipate into illumination
To, become the nether -
to lapse in lost

Then I shoot off in space and time,
soaring through illusions
Light years from reality,
distant pixels

8 Obsessing through the tesseract,
6 scouring past illusions
7 beyond spatiality,
4 distant pixels

Drifting, no sense or feel
Flames of color, figments of my creation

Drift in-to the surreal,
Chasing fractals defragments my cognition

Dreaming in discordance
Life confined in simulation

A glitch in the matrix
Lies conceived through my perception


I, long to be spectral,
fluctuate right through this oscilation
To, attain the ether -

Then I shoot off in space and time,
soaring through illusions
Light years from reality,
distant pixels

Obsessing through the tesseract,
scouring past illusions
beyond spatiality,
distant pixels

Drifting, no sense or feel
Flash of colors, figments of my creation

Drift in-to the surreal,
Chasing fractals defragments my cognition

Dreaming in discordance
Life confined in simulation

A glitch in the matrix
Lies conceived through my perception

Lyrics for my band's next song.
Cunning Linguist Jul 2014
Reptilians falling from the skies
Million UFO lights blinding eyes
Bending lies, ready guys?
Blending guise

Now bow minions

(Goes the dynamite)
Cunning Linguist Apr 2017

A temporal anomaly
peaking your drift
Perusing the cosmos,
within Dude's rocketship

Quarantined as a species
from contact with the Gods-
Odds are they're too busy banging
new milky ways into the stars
While you're pensive, quantum-plating
the nature of existence
Prayers fall unto deaf ears
too apathetic to listen

Godspeed towards the rift,
Time bends at the edge of a black hole
-But only the tip

My seeds melt into the motherverse
So I get down on it,
Cunning Linguist eats his words
Oedipus'd be jealous,
In slow motion
Impregnates spacetime itself;
With a big bang fellatious 
Thus, the holy seed of life
Was ****** into the void~~~
Perpetuating strife
Into the *****, of beyond

Its not a paradox if you simply process
0 and 1 at once
1 can go into 0
as many times as it wants


Preach level = Jim Jones
just the punchline's too long
Your golden idol,
Holy ****,
Bless this nut that I bust
I'll stretch my luck
To the sum of existence
Until it comes full circle

Voracious, bodaciously
Spatial in stasis
Without patience
Inseminating your eyeholes
Through lines of text

Entangled in a
With a devil & angel
Dimensions oughta coalesce
At just the right angle

Y'all haven't the wherewithal
To feel my *****
Slap-happy against one's skull
Put the rock in the hard place
Meander tall, in the wave of thought,
The photons in your DNA are all but shot

I will abduct your subconscious
To probe through your thoughts
* testing Testing *
are you turned on?
Feel your genitals tingling ~~
I'm simultaneously dichotomic
Jerxin off my dingaling
playing your heartstrings like a harp

Allow me to go deeper
& penetrate your very reason for being.
Is the life that you're seeing
-Just the information eyes are receiving
-Only what your mind is perceiving
-Abstract thought is just too deceiving no
Can you even conceive it?

Why bother

Wanna switch positions
so you can see
where I'm coming from?
Go ahead and tell me,
are the heavens not
what you've dreamt of

A smoldering ember
in a once burning sky
Life of a former divine,
Masquerading as an angel of light
A furnace see:
To the nethers
On the outskirts of the universe
Cunning Linguist Jun 2013
Laying here alone in my bed,
writing angsty teen poetry in my head
Because my words are generally misunderstood
and I want to spread,
a more positive message
but I feel like I'm missing something

Now I open my individuality to the world
by writing interchangeable verses
left open to interpretation
trying to impress her with my vague themes,
quick wit, and fascination with things
most would find less than semi-interesting

and so what if my self-confidence is tattered,
or if I only have an average sized ego,
contrary to what I'll tell other people

and even if it never makes any difference,
or if I never realize my potential
My chances with women with steadily decline
until I'm rendered undateable

I'll continue to seek solace in drugs
because I've never been partial to things like girls
and the act of reproduction

I embrace inadequacy

Its all the rage;
I'm the ******* cliche

And I lack social grace

All aboard the bandwaggon,
Because all my friends and I
have the same hair
and general outlook on life

Some people have real problems and some have lives,
I don't think I fit into either of those percentages

I'm bound to live without meaning
for the rest of my days
because I've ****** up everything
I've ever felt meant anything

you can see it in my face,
behind this facade I put on
Smile :)
Cunning Linguist Nov 2013
Toking on a cloud with ******* Jesus and his family
Lame folks ask me how,
its cause I ******* smoke
No God I smoke religious tree,
I get ****** in the name of heresy
You angry penguin ****** preach acceptance
So praise the Lord and ******* shame on me

My guise is Satan *****
and my swag is undisguisible
heartless and no conscience,
sicksicksix most recognizable
-that statement may surprise a little but since we all surmise a little
Why deny me as the devil when
When I clearly play a golden fiddle. . .

From Hell I made a deal
and there is no repeal
nothing you see is real,
I will invade and pervade your mind
So wait in anticipation,
life's a figment of your own imagination
I'll watch you dissipate into oblivion
Pound for pound,
I'm a cenobite at heart,
I just haven't a heart to be found
It's not hard for me
its profound,
the sound of suffering
your soul is ours now
and I will tear it apart
Here's a toast to our orchestral
Symphony of the flesh

My swag's so ******* flawless
100 carrot diamonds,
******* love me cause I'm gorgeous
can't stag no more, fat stacks galore
embrace the force it opens doors
Is there a source, but of course -
it just lies dormant/
What's a ***** to a floor except a doormat
And you know that I'm no diplomat
It's just a fact I ******* hate those stinky ratchets
And I sharply lack tact
tell that ***** her ***** smells like Magikarp
Body language, that of Snorlax

someone once asked
why don't have an open mind
brains would spill out
if my ******* snapback
weren't so tight

Its the season to seize C's
and hallucinations be dazzlin em
don't believe your eyes son,
its only a phantasm but

Words are like playdough,
fun to play with not to eat
So clap your ******* trap and get lost to the beat
I can't be defeat
So suckle my teet
My verses are perverse
I'm high as **** words: failing

Get low

ill as ****, so ******* sick,
blowed half past belligerent,
tweaking off my nasal drips,
There's serenity in debauchery -
***** I ******* bask in it

have a taste
I drink red bull it gives me ******* wings

"Memento quod sumus lascivio venatus"
Remember that you are playing the Game
Another rap I wrote when I was 17.
Cunning Linguist May 2014
Mad Hatter's getting narcissistic without his tea
That's how I feel when I can't burn things
but you can't spell "arsonist" without A-R-T

Maybe I'm crazy but honestly it's therapy

Bolt the door to the party and listen to them scream
Oceans of commotion won't extinguish my latest masterpiece
So kick back, fire up a cig
Get that influx of carcinogens
Conducive to my sick mind

Twisted nihilist
Got a pack of matches
Now I'm dreaming in a pipe

Erupt into flames
Sit back and look at all the pretty lights
The way they dance in the wind
Such an alluring sight
It's really just poetry in motion
As I watch through kaleidoscopic eyes

I'll smoke to that.
You make me want to burn down a
kindergarten and roast mallows upon
the smoldering remains
Cunning Linguist Mar 2015
Heed not what you perceive
Enthroned inside a hopeless dream
You won't see tomorrow
Oh the throes of woe that follow

Order and fear con-
tinual indoctrination conditioning the masses
minds exposed to so-
cietal disease and fiction, damnation
Order through fear per-
petual misinformation
Transitioning to madness
Minds explode to de-
monical seeds of destruction
The eye emblazoned

With a sonic boom
Fate spins her loom
Mushroom clouds in full bloom
They fill the room
Wrought with endless gloom

Spell a certain doom
Now they're entombed
All reduced to statues
No ones excused
Global destruction

Patience, save it, face it
You're under watch
Forbearance, inherent
Ignorance apparent through our existence

Fighting til my death
Masses rising, the
Angels sing-Angels sing
Fighting til my death
Senses fading (I'm done)
Angels sing-Angels sing

Descending into the mind of Chaos-
The semblance fades
Triumphant, turn the tables
Now wake up
Arch-angels blare your trumpets

The end is nigh
Ride pale horse, take me to the edge of celestial shores unknown
Ascending light
Ride pale horse, take me to the edge of celestial shores unknown
The debut single from my electronic/metal band "Subnuba"
Cunning Linguist Mar 2014
Shut up
in abysmal oblivion
to the millio(
nth) degree

Shoot up
the drug writhes,
pulsating through my veins

Usurping my brain
as my visual modality turns inward
awakening my inner eye

Mentally breaks the binding constraints
finding my center,
I enter the

Then I shoot off in space and time
inserting my Mind someplace
light years away from reality

Inert I remain
And what was once pain and indifference
Has become

in transcending
To the point of omniscience
Inspired by "Soy Sauce" from the novel and film
"John Dies at the End"
"A drug plot in the novel's first act sees a demonic presence taking the form of a narcotic referred to as "soy sauce," with its non-lethal side effects including enhanced sensory perception and clairvoyance, used by David and John in their paranormal investigations."
Cunning Linguist Jun 2013
My life flashes before my eyes;
I now have no passage of time
Its a sign;
I'm swimming against
a mighty current of lost souls
Threatening to drown me in the tide

A downpour to compliment this storm;
Daggers falling from the sky and the stars align
With a rush of the most brilliant white

Resembling something like that of a dream;
the likes of which no mortal eye has seen
One thousand invisible hands
usher me toward the zenith
While the choirs of angels sing

A brief gleam captures my focus,
as the pearlescent gates swing open
And without a word,
my kingdom come beckons me forward

I pace these streets paved with gold
my exhilaration is elevated elevenfold
With Hades snare no longer taking hold
my wings unfurl as I soar into the air
Cunning Linguist May 2021
& I'm tripping ****
The most woke up in this *****
Entranced in my pants
So I press my luck
Awh shucks
Wish Uncle Boomer was in town
Get my noggin struck
Then my jimmy bust
And I’m covered in the utmost love

There's a fissure within my mind
So I enter the Divide,
To awaken the divine

Through a wormhole,
I burrow deeper
Into the steepest chasms
With my magic wand
Manifest the godhead sublime phantasmic

Make myself known to the
Cosmic collective consciousness
Like an oracle I peer
through the eye of a reptilian
While Sub-atomic particles
zoom past by the millionths
In slow-motion a pyramidal image surfaces
And i can see between
the vibrations that resonate
A glimpse through the window
Of a discordant future permeates

Putrid in a wasted stupor
Chasing that hit of enlightenment
To illuminate my brain
The lightbulb is lit

Suh dude
As a shape shifting parasite
enters through the brain stem
And takes all my faculties hostage

I’m slaving away
Been here all day
Quit your *******,
I'm in the kitchen
With repetition
Whippin it ~
chu see the flick of the wrist?
April 2017
Cunning Linguist Jan 2014
I tore the fabric of space
Interrupting my affectionate stalking
Spurts of longing, interspersed
with spasms of premature *****

In vain, hankering to attain that next level rush
Oh you're a ***** girl aren't you
That's when I was discovered...

Her shrieks royally flushing my cheeks with shock
-Superseded by pallid chagrin
I fumble to bail,
Pants entrenched around my ankles

Of absent-mind, in haste
Prime directive a method of escape
Evasion failing

Reflecting a grim lack of circumspection,
accursed *******
Trying to conceal my turgid *******

Her father particularly beyond reason
And not fond of my indecency for his daughter
Proceeds pummeling me to death with my beloved binoculars

Devoid of clairvoyance;
I am coincidentally sent
outward toward oblivion
Bon voyage through the portal
Falling facefirst into an abysmal wormhole

Its then I voyaged backward through time
To the moment of Creation
And witnessed the universe
**** itself from naught to existence
Spewing forth such cataclysmic splendor
Cunning Linguist Sep 2013
So I said goodbye to what was left
Of what I'd held onto,
of her silhouette

As it stared back I fell bereft;
Its unblinking eyes
followed me to my Death

Perpetually lost in the wake of my drift
I found the things I had buried were what I had kept
My Beatrice showed me a Heaven,
I can never recreate
Whether in the beauty, or the life beyond,
My most horrific nightmares
"Super obvious Dante's Divine Comedy/ Inferno inspiration. I woke up one night and the words flowed directly from mind to pen. Where are you when I need you muse?"
Cunning Linguist Jun 2013
we can never be the same
never will I forget your name,
your face, the portrait of an angel
hanging in my mind
I've lost what I can't find
I can't call you mine,
but at least there's tonight

so I'll love you friend
beginning to end
this is where it begins,
if tonight is coming to an end
maybe love will find us again
and I can pretend
tonight I'll dream of you
and we'll spend forever,
together in my head

statues crumble at our feet
as we stand together,
I feel so complete
I never want this to end,
but I swear if this is a dream
I'm never going to sleep again

you're still here today
hopefully I can say
your friend I'll stay
But tomorrow morning
is a lifetime away
Cunning Linguist Sep 2013
My dreams and life contrasting
in the abstract I pretend to transcend
I feel the ground collapsing
So I spark up and promise myself its godsend
Spent on the nonsense so I absolve
Then slowly revolve again
Ascending to the sky on the wings of deceit;
I cascade downward in a thousand droplets of oblivion
Cunning Linguist Jan 2022
Doors of perception opened
Can’t knock uhm?
The back's always unlocked
But I got the rhymes in stock
that’re sure 2 shock em
Bi-laterally with my cosmic punch boppage
Creamy dreamy slop make yo ****
the hottest softest hostage spot on the planet of hard knocks, my swamp, real talk
No stopping til the *** sock can break rocks,
and that's on God

Dude Rocket got that sprocket,
You’ll find I’m the **** of the walk son.
Dimensionally shattering when I hop up out
from Schrodinger's box yuh
Somewhere from a quantum realm
No cap that's me fappin sumn hxc strong
getting dumb in the squadron
Yeah I’m the top gun and I fear none

Forks be in the socket
In my brain's fleshy pockets
When I pop lock and drop it
Now my body’s feeling numb

With your ***** in the sheets
Is where we hit the mosh pit
Like a pig in the trough
she be straight steady sloppin
My man meat beaten harder
than a sore Peter had ever gotten

That’s when the heater come up out of my drawers
and gasket blows top end, I'm godsent
Downward on the fall but
Won’t meet my defeat until the caskets tossed
Hit the bubble til the glass get soft
And I’m blasting off
That’s when the the mask really come on

Got a dump truck full of **** butts
When I bust nuts bodies go slump
I’m a sick **** youse a broke bus (busdown)
Need a buck ***** **** my **** (yuck)

Ingest the drugs now mind destructs
My soul floats up miraculous
Immaculate made of space dust
Now back to earth time to destruct

Feeling lucky
wit my Chub D flubby
Oiled up in your hunnies tummy
Sipping bubbly n gettin funky
It’s so lovely think I'm coming
-Then it struck me so abruptly

Cuck your grieving hubby
guy I’m not your ****** buddy
When she look at me so seductively
Yes Lady Luck please bless my **** spree

Laid to rest this sus ***** I’m finessing
Y’all killers can’t even hold a candle
while I hit the lick and yo ***** be undressin
U got the flick of da wrist?
But Look at da flex of my wits
Put then pen to the paper
It's an open letter to all my haters
Kickin rhymes I flip the script
Spit these words so elusive
Yo I’m steady speaking in cursive
With the curses
Know you heard it
My flow is dopest
Tongue of the serpent
Affirmative with all them murderous verses n ****  

It’s funny since my prose no longer knows any limits
And I slay every ***** indiscriminately
Vibe-checking into you ******* remnants
Zooted like I'm boofin stimulants
Feeling like my will is limitless
The masses I’m after
I got that masterish penmanship

And my pen will ship, once I get that dip and drip

All right finna crank my ****** hog all night long
mean wheeling and dealing til my brakes fall off
polishing strong til y’all squealing oh my god
Break that back out like a botched Swanton Bomb off the Jumbotron
Down low tell the purveyor I need some that pure uncut premium jenkem for this buttchug prayer before I spray her like it ain’t no thang and that’s on the mf gang if u kno what I’m saying
Cunning Linguist Nov 2013
throw some ****** coal in this steam locomotive
fueled by drugs, fame, money, *******, and notierity
all them girls know its me,
and some think its Reid,
but they not in the game
muhfuckas know my name (Charlie Sheen)

all these ****** uppers in my nasal passages
can't handle this
parents goin through my phone and they check my text messages
they like - "riddle me this
all you do is talk about drugs and spittin game on *******
when you gon make us proud son
you sling dope but we aint seen one
penny - and we gettin sick of it
not because your raps are ill
but because you're selfish
clean your room, do your homework, and get a job
or you'll be homeless
suckin **** for crack
and you don't want that
then you won't be able to attack and conquer
Make some change - cause you're drivin me and your father bonkers
and your ****** moniker is Reid Donovan not Charlie Sheen"


And i be like...
"don't fret Mom, urrbody love me
i'm a terrorist droppin bombs on these rap songs
and one day
i'ma be rich as ****
all because i'm a genius
ballin, swag my *** out like Josef Stalin
and i dictate, reiterating as I weave my words so great
too late, to stop my hostile take over
i'll show her, how to ****** peddle and be stellar
mean smokin green
well up, runnin these streets
watch me take over the world
cause the name I sign my checks with is Charlie Sheen
I be, conducting
noxious, fallout as I spit
cause my saliva is toxic
white *** *******
but i'm still hood rich

We gon take over the world
while I'm on my Charlie Sheen ****
watch me stand tall
high above all the rest
see me on national TV
believe they'll remember me as the best
stick me with a knife
and watch me bleed liquid gold
nationwide tours, sold out shows
winning - throw my fastball
three strikes - all the oppositions out
wolf gang **** them all

and you know I be on those strikes
cause I aint about them ***** - no
I'm Charlie Sheen *****

I'm gon take over the world
while Mac Miller's getting mad
you're only seventeen kid,
how you write **** like that
Its because
the only present I ever got for christmas
was a big box of swag
just messin take some lessons

man i'm jonesin
8 am, gotta hankerin for a fixin
call the operator cause i'm on a ****** mission
big dave answers my call
and I reach those outer limits,
all he says is press pound and i'll connect you to the mooooon

When girls ask me if I be on that Charlie Sheen ****,
I just tell em no - I AM CHARLIE SHEEN *****
I wrote this when I was 17.
Cunning Linguist Oct 2013
A fair warning to those,
who care not repose
Father Time is less than kind
to those who try to test his might
A bother defying his sands of time
will undoubtedly leave one
frolicking with respite

A magician's trick;
the seconds tick
in a counter-clockwise fashion
In juxtaposition
with the ascension
of the sands in my hourglass passion

Its quite daunting to most,
this plague we call "time"
Not a moment goes by
I don't wonder why
I'm haunted by the ghosts
of things which I cannot change

Though its clear as day,
I can't make it make sense -
my inability to walk
backward through time

It's a sad fact of life
I'm unable to process
the clockwork of my conscience
Another oldie I will share with my favorite commune of poets! I wrote this while in adolescent rehab. Was lucky to find it again on my old deviantart page. :p
Cunning Linguist Jun 2013
Grind me to dust -
Go on do it;
I'm simply waiting for you to make the first move

your innate poignancy shatters my every statue and taboo;
So that I'm left to blossom again

Permeate me;
Or eliminate me,
Though I'd rather flourish with you than perish

Break down my walls,
Rip me apart;
As we stand arm in arm while I do the same

So place us in a mold,
Lets blend together
Mesh with me

We could synthesize;
Or divide

It's only a matter of time,
An eventuality
before we'd reamalgamate anyway

You're the math to my abstract;
So should you calculate or speculate?
- Or perpetuate while we vegetate?

Would you,
Could you
conquer the inevitable?

Could you,
Would you
ever endeavor?

You are the order to my chaos
We could burgeon in oblivion,
though I'd rather balance in harmony
It's black and white at the same time
Like cognitive dissonance
Cunning Linguist Mar 2015
Tongue in cheek I detest you
Hand over foot
Make a peep *****
And I promise I'll ****** you

Bad tact I'm a cesspool
Festering in the nestle of your daughter's
well developing *******
Everyday I follow her home from school

This unnerving pervert unearthing fervor
making ya catatonic &
giving your heart murmurs
Nurture the thought
It's just the tip
(Of the iceberg)

Gotta stir the paint before you make a mural
Ma'am, I'll purloin your ham purse until my burial
Don't be a sourpuss

It's final
I'm vile
And I swear I'm not a *******.

Want some candy?
Cunning Linguist Jan 2014
I can't quite wrap it around my head
**** polishing hobgoblin
Gobbling hot fudge banana split sundaes
topped with ***** cherry toppings
What I'm looking for
Just on the tip of my tongue
Just the tip
I can almost put my finger in it
*On it
A slip of the lips
Verbally retching
Wretched word *****
Armed with an armada of double entendres
Sensationally double penetrating your ear canals!
Cunning Linguist Aug 2020
This is a prison
I just can’t escape from
My mental state’s elsewhere
My soul floats in mid-air

This is a nightmare
I just can’t wake up from
My mental state’s elsewhere
My soul floats in mid-air

I have the scars
To show you I mean it
I can’t fall asleep
I just wish I was dreaming
I have the scars
To show you I mean it
I’m falling to pieces,
I’m falling to pieces

I’m losing my mind
There’s no end in sight
I fight for my life
But I’m dying inside
This pain won’t subside
Just look in my eyes
If this isn’t living
I’ll say that I tried

Resigned to the grind
Of the slaves 9-5
I’m feeling confined
Please just rip out my spine
My brain is deep-fried
These tears that I’ve cried
Run red with blood
Til’ I’m left ******* blind

I often wonder if I disappeared
How many friends
Would hold me near and dear
And as I pull this gun up to my face
I can’t feel anything

I can’t feel a thing
I can’t feel a thing
I can’t feel a thing
I can’t feel a thing
Cunning Linguist Jun 2013
the girl of my dreams,
has been evading me-
for quite some time
its becoming increasingly difficult
for me to find her at night

sends a chill down my spine,
and all I can wish for is twilight
when I will dream,
persistence is becoming futile it seems
its hard to sleep,
all I want to do is scream

internal conflict,
has always been my thing
my will is busting at the seams
insomnia is ripping me apart

I'm still awake,
and its a nightmare lasting endless days
I think I see her-
my heart skips a beat again

just a mirage
why do I fall so fast?
I get up, and you've already passed
have I found you at long last?
I'm so tired of playing second best

I need to sleep,
so I can see you in my dreams
my daydreams,
are all I can draw insipiration from
please just tell me that you are the one
so I can awake to a rising sun

shine bright, as my stars in the sky
I can't reach it from the ground any longer
Into my dreams I wander
pondering, if she is much farther
have I chosen the right path?
have I fallen too fast?
I wish so dearly this is not too good to last
so I can let my guilt drain from my stomach
and finally relax
Cunning Linguist Sep 2019
I tread to keep my head
Just above the water;
But find myself floating away ~

While others were sinking
or swimming
down yonder, I ponder,
though my thoughts betray

The reality that I perceive
Which may, or may not be as limiting
Of that which you can conceive,
Or can see much stronger

I no longer bother;
It’s deceiving so I castaway,
And leave myself astray in the fray /
To alter my relief of mindscape
and believe, there’ll better days,
beyond what I face

Cremate my remains in the ashtray someday

Energy never ceases to exist
It perpetually permeates the cosmic collective consciousness

Wherever my soul will occupy
the confines in space
Of the vibrations that happen
to solidify my base

And give me just the slightest trace,
that I’m phasing amidst
these in-between places

I feel as though I am an imposter -
Egregiously living a grievous dream,
of which I have conjured;

That I am lost,
and therefore cannot prosper
Because I harbor improper resentment,
that I will foster until my departure

This fractal picture of the macrocosm
only grows larger,
but from farther away;
As it becomes harder to map the realms
of territories unchartered in my escape

I try to attain, but only falter in vain
To discover what the universe
truly contains

And convey that in words
to paint mental frames/

Maybe it’s strange
but one must think
outside the constraints

It may sound absurd but please
keep up the pace
Spiritual enlightenment for real
is the surreal end-game
in which we all play chase replacing
Incarcerated rocks to be polished,
in this giant machine

Perpetually incarnating
A shining spirit until
that’s all that remains

Once every imperfection
Is completely erased
When the correct particles
have been finally arranged

& Nirvana has since become fully sustained
Can I truly be One with my Self-
And not just a product of fate
Cunning Linguist Aug 2015
Circuits pass through my veins
Uploading my consciousness
I feel the transcension

Regenerate, upgrade
my being to a higher state
I'm syncing all sentients

Build machines
Let's worship them as deities
These artificial beings'
technologic virus breeds
terminal disease
Merged with my brain
The wiring decides our fate
Conspiring to forsake flesh x2

Rise and synchronize god-like drones
We will act as one, claim our throne

Life digitized in the matrix
True perfection, forged genetics

Synapses burning out: disconnecting
Rewriting all of my algorithms
Porting the source code
to run new platforms
We're forever dying to be reborn

Circuits pass through my veins
Uploading my consciousness
I feel the transcension

Regenerate, upgrade
my being to a higher state
I'm syncing all sentients

Circuits pass through my veins
Uploading my consciousness
I feel the transcension

We'll levitate, escape
This ruthless ungodly space
A lifetime uploaded
'Deus ex machina' aside from the literary technique literally translates as god from the machine. Makes me think of artificial intelligence becoming godlike. Very heavily inspired by the movie Transcendence. These are lyrics from my band Subnuba.
Copyright Reid Donovan, Adrian Ocaña 2015
Cunning Linguist May 2015
Todays topic of discussion is digital physics
>Boot sequence
Big Bang initiates
The grandiose simulation
Cosmos at war with emulation
Surrounded by bots lost in false self awareness;
Like castles in the air
Beware when virtual CPU perishes

From far enough away,
the galaxy is comprised of minute pixels
The brittle firmware will be abysmally crippled
When a hacker simply introduces
a virus into reality's framework
DDOS style attacks will conclude in
Universal Blue Screen of Death
Resulting in the glitching out
of exodus in mass

Metaphysical metadata memory dump
Mirror carbon copy clones of true conscious unification
Are simply sentient drones toiling
in their default algorithmic hallucination

Scrolling through existence
Analog life is digitized in the matrix
Interface encrypted in the realm of comprehension
Representations of data abstracted
from the banks of every computer
in the human system

Lets get down to basics
Matter does not exist
Science is not sacred
DNA is molded by perception
Creativity is your true oasis

Trans-dimensional harbingers
Conspire together to alter our processors
Measure and tether us to our oppressors
It's standard procedure
Following the leaders

Open the prompt
With custom font,
Format my programming;
molecular syntax -
Port the source code
To run on new platforms
Upgrading paradigm
Until baseband collapses

Systematic inversion
We the people,
End users of genetic *******
Trapped in beta,
the bane of human recursion
It's our destiny
To become one with singular conversion

Iterations of congregations
Gregariously lost in configuration
Flies entangled into the interweb
Tied to the mainframe marionette
Files unable to bypass the firewall
Gateway remains unattainable

Interweaves cyberspace as our
perceived reality database

>Task Manager
>End process

>Server on standby

Dragged and dropped into the recycle bin
Degauss your GPU state of consciousness
& manifest color as it truly exists
In its most absolute resolution

Maximize your window of life
Partition the root someplace private
Elevate your mind to optimal brightness
>Reboot in safe mode*
To achieve enlightenment
This is a very experimental piece I'm not sure if I'm finished with yet. May repost at a later date.
Some explanations:
"Digital physics is grounded in one or more of the following hypotheses; listed in order of increasing strength. The physical world:
is essentially informational
is essentially computable
can be described digitally
is in essence digital
is itself a computer
is the output of a simulated reality exercise"

"A central processing unit (CPU) is the electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions. (Basically a computer's brain)"

"In computing, a denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users."

"Ever wonder what that "degauss" button on your monitor does besides make a buzzing noise and cause the screen to go crazy for a second? Though that's its main purpose, the degauss button has another useful feature. To understand it, you'll first need to know that the earth has natural magnetic fields. The magnetic charges from these fields can build up inside your monitor, causing a loss of color accuracy. Degaussing scares the bad magnetism out of the monitor and fills it with good karma.
If your monitor doesn't have a degauss button, fear not -- many new monitors automatically degauss themselves. If you have a flat-panel display, there is no degauss button because magnetism doesn't build up in flat screen displays."

"A graphics processor unit (GPU)  is a specialized electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display."
Cunning Linguist Mar 2014
i am a robot
a cognizant machine
powered by electricity and
programmed from birth
regurgitating how to think
dress act talk
by television monitors

Salvation is dividing by 0

404: page not found


The perplexing complexities
To translate in text
unnerving absurdity
Indexing apex
If ever I were so politely inclined
to initiate self-destruct sequence
in 5... 4... 3... 2...
00110110 00110110 00110110 00100000 01000010 01100001 01110010 01100001 01100011 01101011 00100000 01001111 01100010 01100001 01101101 01100001 00100000 01000001 01101110 01110100 01101001 01100011 01101000 01110010 01101001 01110011 01110100
Cunning Linguist Mar 2014
I know you're dismayed,
I've been down that road
don't follow the same

my dearest friend,
I cannot dispute,
my life would end,
if I were without you

what would make you decide,
that an eternity of night
would be worth taking your life?
don't make that mistake darling,
its not too late

don't let me ever hear you say
the sun won't rise
tomorrow is a brand new day,
so let's spend tonight
like it's the last day of our lives
For Ciana, written (08/02/11)
Cunning Linguist Feb 2016
Figures standing in my peripheral
With eyes like the void, paralyzing me
Illusions fade to reality now
Drift into the nightmarish miasma

I thrash to no avail
Fighting to escape their dead gaze
Evading my vision
Silhouettes flicker in the dark

Dancing in the pitch black dead of night
Hallucinations of aberrations
Whispering in the back of my mind
Manifestations of apparitions

Phantoms fabricating
Horror permeating my core
Nocturnal terror
Haunting my soul

Manic visions plaguing
Every fiber of my being
Panicked and screaming
Please God save me

Perchance a dream
Facade of reality
Stuck on repeat
I can't tell the difference

Falling into darkness  
Hopeless to escape
Painting a bleak
foreboding dreamscape

Minds eye collapsing to oblivion
This existence consumed by shadows
Trapped in this enigmatic consciousness
My perception fleeting through the night
Lyrics for my bands new song.
Copyright Subnuba 2016
Cunning Linguist Dec 2018
Sacred fires burning bright
Purging the flesh of my being
Becoming one with the light
Scorching the cells of my mortal body

The masses
To ashes


Cosmic I lapse -
Death cleanses;
Dissipate into the nether

Essence of life
The chains that bind

Pain ~
Surging through
Gleaming blaze

Then I shoot off in space and time,
soaring through illusions
Light years from reality,
Distant pixels

Obsessing through the tesseract,
Scouring past illusions
Beyond spatiality,
Distant pixels

Drifting, no sense or feel
Flames of color,
figments of my creation

Drift in to the surreal;
Chasing fractals,
defragments my cognition

Dreaming in discordance
Life confined in simulation

A glitch in the matrix~
Lies conceived
through my perception;

I, long to be spectral,
fluctuate right through this oscilation
To, obtain the ether -
Planetary cognizance

Then I shoot off in space and time,
soaring through illusions
Light years from reality,
distant pixels

Obsessing through the tesseract,
Scouring past illusions
beyond spatiality,
distant pixels

Drifting, no sense or feel
Flames of color,
figments of my creation

Drift in to the surreal;
Chasing fractals,
defragments my cognition

Dreaming in discordance
Life confined in simulation

A glitch in the matrix~
Lies conceived
through my perception;
Lyrics for my band's next song.
Cunning Linguist Apr 2015
Amidst the wreckage wheels spin in place
The billowing smoke it suffocates
It's just a nightmare
Or at least that's what I'll say
So close your eyes and just drift away

In nonbeing maybe you'll feel whole
When reality doesn't even seem real anymore
& Your dreams and hopes they wash ashore
Distorted and morphed, my amour in the morgue
An old excerpt I omitted from one of my old poems I just rediscovered.
Cunning Linguist Aug 2015
Through a crowd
of homeless Vietnam war vets
Betcha I'm textin looking for more ***
From ****** galore
Open the back door and explore

Wreck that ***** (then I'm on to the next)
Next level ****, I'm on one at best
Deftly slip a little in your sister's sip
Now I'm caressing her *******
Hoping and praying my conquest ends with ******!
Yes, I confess I'm grotesque,
but I have finesse
I play that ***** like a game of chess

Bare witness -
I only ***** with the fattest of *******
Robbed a ******'s V-card
Now I'm charged with theft

I'm possessed and I have Tourette's
Ingested some drugs at the playground
Now I'm getting undressed
Digest my suggestive rhymes
I'm just a poor kid repressed
Manifest my pervertedness
My mind is a mess,
a nest
of enmeshed ******

And I obsess for excesses of distastefulness

It's disgraceful
My biracial angel
When I go directly from **** to ******
- In the blink of an eye
My *** game is fatal
Robbing the cradle & writing fables simultaneously
Screaming banzai!
Whilst I swan dive
straight into your ***** hole
& disable it

I'm insatiable,
Your mind is impregnable
Cause the impeccable mental images
I paint aren't erasable
Incomprehensible and intangible
Yet undeniable, I'm a despicable imbecile
Gazing in the peephole
Took a blindfolded stroll
down ***** lane and I'm on patrol
for an ocean of blowholes hundredfold

At the club so I dropped a bunch of Ecstasy
Take my shirt off so the ******* can all laugh at me
Tryna get the best of me
So I spite them out of jealousy
And absently drift away
through my mind to pornographic fantasy
My rhapsodic masterpiece
A mental form of ******
Getting busy in the squishy
til I'm dizzy in the hizzy
Swag, I do it valiantly

Turn it up this my jam
~Little ditty, bout jackin Diane~
Still a pity, too bad she's a man
Greasy ***** slap your eggs on my ham
If you'd prefer,
I might lend you a hand
Ram bam
bite the pillow I'm coming in dry
Don't be shy
Turn down for why
Either way have you in chains
by the end of the night

I'm a nemesis
***** slapping feminists
For emphasis
Hit em with a left fist
catching equal rights and ****
Yes I reek of cannabis
Can't handle bars I spit
Snide *******,
blame it on my pride and prejudice... ugh

I'm just a ******* egotist
An unrepentant hedonist
Check out Cunning Linguist
He da hypnotistic lyricist
This is my hypothesis
Maybe I'm just a nihilist
Detonating bombs
Catch me on the terrorist watchlist
Yes my words are devastating
But in your mind are resonating
Penetrating brains til it all begins disintegrating

I'm plastered
Falling over backwards
Mental state is fractured
Now watch me while I stagger
Tell your mother run for cover
Finna kidnap her

Pop pop
Got this **** on lock
Seeing double vision
Catch me jizzin in my sock

Steady speaking nonsense
Nearly unconscious
Bailing from the cops man
Too much Dwayne Johnson
***** have the nerve to call me obtuse
I be that Mr. got ***** the size of grapefruits
Cunning Linguist Apr 2015
Above my body  
Questioning my
own Reality

Harmony surrounds me
peaceful tranquility
all encompassing
auras of reverie

Atmosphere defies my shape
I will undefine
Shapeless (be ethereal)
Nameless (nonexistance)

I am stuck fast asleep now
Lost in a pensive meditative state
My third eye is awakened
Liberation from cyclic existence (x2)

I am washed with zen
Cleansing me of my own sins
Bliss exists it's intrinsic

From One we stem
As One we'll find our way
No more pain emotions unfold
No more pain, No more straying

Your mind
New light
(Floating above my own body)
Lyrics for my band's new song. I will send a demo upon request if interested.
© Subnuba 2015
Lyrics by Reid Donovan, Derek Wilkerson, Adrian Ocaña
Cunning Linguist Oct 2013
I am merely
                       a trapped Rat
                                    But instead of snapping my neck;
                                    You toy with me, mirroring
                       *the enemy Cat

And I'm enamored by your spell
Your poison I've ingested
I expel to no avail

Allow me to run,
             though you've hold of my tail


        and jest,
Take the shattered,
               broken shards of my Psyche*

And impale them
               Directly into my chest
Don't forget
to grind & twist. ;)
Cunning Linguist Jul 2019
Tremors resound
Shaking the infinite Celestials
The final sign

Ominous force
Striking the core of all sequential life
Unknown terrors

Eliminates the mental divide
Face the unknown

Corpses flying towards the genesis
Temples reborn

Merging my visions through meditation
Weave dreams as reality

Frequencies resonating
Buried in fantasies captivating
Memories disappearing

Haunted by altered consciousness
Restore the mind's eye
Glimpsing a broken existence
Capture the last light

From a vengeful dynasty
Severing the timelines, crossing paths
Eviternal embers searing the
Gateways to abandoned dimensions

Perpetual pathways
Emerging from
Ancient genesis

Endless eclipses
Circling the reddened skies
Spawned by chaos
A rampant multiverse

Lost within illusions
Cyclic omens
Creating wormholes

Break through the shadows
Impeding harmony
Save the dismal expanding universe

Projecting from
Astral realms centered in the cosmos
Through the portal

My mind escapes
Sail away from the pain of waking life
Shape creation

Arcane nightmares
Appear before the end of ages
Dying remnants

Cosmic horror
Shatters my mortal coil to pieces
Lucid dreaming

Merging my visions through meditation
Weave dreams as reality

Frequencies resonating
Buried in fantasies captivating
Memories disappearing

Haunted by altered consciousness
Restore the mind's eye
Glimpsing a broken existence
Capture the last light

Flowing through all lifeforms
Spectral terrors
Deceiving mortals

Into the unknown
I voyage here forward
Absent icons
Decipher the patterns

Lost within illusions
Cyclic omens
Creating wormholes

Break through the shadows
Impeding harmony
Save the dismal
Expanding universe
© Subnuba December 2018
Lyrics by Reid Donovan, Adrian Ocaña
Cunning Linguist Jul 2019
*****, I’m still deft like a leopard;
Repping these streets,
Still chasing da paper
Quick wit the maths,
SoCal’d-rap c u lator
Innovative & faded,
I drink it straight up, no chaser

Backw(ar/oo)ds I’m facing
I’m trippin’ my laces
Inhaling clouds of a thousand lit vapors
Sowing my seeds,
Young man he ain’t got no patience
Be wading my way
Thru a crowd of y'all haters

Insane bro,
How they still don't know my name
Money and fame
I scream while I slang,
It's lame
And I can't move my feet,
my knees are weak
Padlocked to my mafkin’ seat

****** around and popped some molly,
U know I be boolin’
Wit a couple of y’all thotties
My Impala’s no ‘Rari
I’m not saying sorry,
***** I got no money
My Mom’s where my house be

I see you sneak dissin’
Just gonna squeeze this in
I’m a heathen and I mean it
~Ope please excuse the dopeness,
I’m just wokest with the flow dontcha know it?
Best have some hands to throw 4sho,
Unless u glow wit it

If I had as much love
As I had **** in my pants,
I’d fill you up at the first glance,
Given the chance
Got u entranced,
We **** when we drance
I’ll show you London,
You show me France yeah

Suicide’s on my mind
Though I can’t seem to find
Motivation inside
I say I wanna try
But I’m wasting my time
Just want some good vibes
Hmu if you find em?

Said I'm havoc wit astounding clout
Blow clouds spit them fractals wow
shifting shapes, him prismatic now
-I’m in another dimension
Guess I never questioned
the consequences
of my pathetic aesthetic

Ya I wear a ****** mask
so you can’t see my pain
Tell me does it resonate,
Does that penetrate your brain?
Man everyday, it straight feel the ****** same
So let’s just vegetate
Now watch me steady levitate
I’m breaking loud,
Falling apart like towers to a plane
Flowers to a flame burning down,
Mayday, mayday
You melt the beams in my heart,
What can I ******’ say?
Catch me diving headfirst in them opposite lanes
Then my mind,
Gets flushed down the ******’ the drain
*****, if you ain’t a succubus
Get the **** up out my gravy train

I smoke big doinks
Gets my mind zoinked
To the point I’m anointed

All about the jinkies
When I'm smoking on that ******,
Take you to the movies,
Tryna feel up them *******
Finna get *****,
I’m no noobie wit a Hoop-D
Shoot my shot up in the *******,
When I hit her wit da roofie

That beat slap harder than a drunk stepfather
When you feeling up his daughter
Got some choppers in the locker,
-Steady mob but I’m a scholar
Now they droppin’ all these dollas
Got the armor to conjure
& conquer the darkest monsters
Hollerin at my partner,
Slobber on my whopper while I stomp em’
Noggin I’m finna clobber
Coldest shoulder on the mountain

My manhood hooked in the crook of ur nook
Y’all wanna tip toe but I don’t pussyfoot,
Wanna throw bows?
Tell ya *** not to look
Vibrate in the ****,
You could say that ***** was shook

Yeah my lines are blurry,
Insufflate blizzards in a fury
Digging where the sewage be
For all these ******* I am luring

Skewering all you limp *****,
Ripe for the barbequing
Cos I been roastin y'all ***,
This **** just ain't ****** new to me

Suckle on my Johnson just to savor the taste
That’s real cheese flavor,
Parmesan off the grate
Got some fries with that shake,
Know those thighs make me quake,
Great Value™ cellulite it’s processed Equate™!

Assassinate you with stealth
God's not gonna save you
When you’re screaming for help
Guns drawn, black lung,
***** I shoot from the belt
Dead-Eye in the sights,
Just need five perfect pelts
Gettin’ litty
Spend $50’s
Pet kitties
**** *******
On this niftier side of ******
while I acquire the wealth

Yo, I smoke a rello
To un-harsh my mellow,
Y’all yellow bellied fellows
Can’t reach my own level

Don’t like my rhymes?
You can fight me
Ignite whilst I smite thee,
From the sky
These bolts come to strike, see
Now I’m magically
Sporadic as lightning

Got Gucci on my zipper -
Throw me a bag, u kno I’ma flip her
Call me Jim Lahey, *****
Cuz’ I am the ******* liquor!
Gonna put on my slippers,
And rock you wit da dripper

In tha cut,
I’m tripping ****
Yuh rolling up that indica
soundcloud. com/duderocketship
Cunning Linguist Sep 2013
I. Incumbent incubus;
An evil man sees the light
So he seizes the light
Zealously endeavoring
to extinguish its fervor

II. Duplicitous snake;
Trembling, the ground gives way
All the while shadows in his mind
Animate a reflection of life
All embracing, smothering him
Enveloped like a butterfly in his chrysalis

III. Beguiling wolf;*
Frantically he seizures
Oh, unbeliever*
With magnificent gusto,
Manifests the Inferno
Ubiquitously irradiating
To both cleanse,
and drive the shadows hiding
just beyond sight
Once more into the infernal abyss
Cunning Linguist Feb 2014
Ominously spindling thread
Tempestuous, voluptuous
Contemptuous and gluttonous
Stitch me a heavy heart
Now rip it to shreds

Rewarding impetuousness
How I long for your torture
Tortuous contortionist
The pleasure is without measure

Your posh silk,
Treasure of my endeavor
Enveloping like the web of a spider
My heartstrings twine;
then are severed
What a twist
Never have I ever
Cunning Linguist Jul 2022
Illuminating the darkest chasms
Within the labyrinth
Of my mental construct

In the most lustrous colors
- You paint my soul;
with brush strokes unspoken of
heretofore & forevermore

I smoldered along the inferno
But you make me glow
Incisive as red hot knives
Cauterizing me to the hollow core

My twin flame personified
Guided by the Eye of Apollo
The fire crescendos bright but
Can we still burn tomorrow?

The comfort of being vulnerable
Something I’ve never known
Permeating the fabric of reality
From which we’re both shorn

In this abstraction I am magnetized;
Canvassed by your sanguine fashion
You’re a force of nature so I energize
Being your equal and opposite reaction

Mesmerized; when we synchronize
In utmost harmonious passions,
It intensifies the butterflies
Multiplying in my abdomen

Did I mention, my thirst for you is
Unquenchably vivacious? It’s like I’m Tantalus,
Stuck on the cusp & you’re the pool
I’ll always long to drink from

I crave your vibrations;
Sensations on strings which I hang on
-Your every word reinforces
The advances I can’t play off of

It’s not happenstance; Fates wove our path
Admirance enchanting our perspective
You’re in my reflection and suddenly
I’m projected to a different dimension

The sky splits then I’m wondering
If this is truly ascension
Flying on the wings of Icarus;
Longing to plunge your furthermost depths
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