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Jul 2022
Illuminating the darkest chasms
Within the labyrinth
Of my mental construct

In the most lustrous colors
- You paint my soul;
with brush strokes unspoken of
heretofore & forevermore

I smoldered along the inferno
But you make me glow
Incisive as red hot knives
Cauterizing me to the hollow core

My twin flame personified
Guided by the Eye of Apollo
The fire crescendos bright but
Can we still burn tomorrow?

The comfort of being vulnerable
Something I’ve never known
Permeating the fabric of reality
From which we’re both shorn

In this abstraction I am magnetized;
Canvassed by your sanguine fashion
You’re a force of nature so I energize
Being your equal and opposite reaction

Mesmerized; when we synchronize
In utmost harmonious passions,
It intensifies the butterflies
Multiplying in my abdomen

Did I mention, my thirst for you is
Unquenchably vivacious? It’s like I’m Tantalus,
Stuck on the cusp & you’re the pool
I’ll always long to drink from

I crave your vibrations;
Sensations on strings which I hang on
-Your every word reinforces
The advances I can’t play off of

It’s not happenstance; Fates wove our path
Admirance enchanting our perspective
You’re in my reflection and suddenly
I’m projected to a different dimension

The sky splits then I’m wondering
If this is truly ascension
Flying on the wings of Icarus;
Longing to plunge your furthermost depths
Cunning Linguist
Written by
Cunning Linguist  28/M/An illusion of reality
(28/M/An illusion of reality)   
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