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Neville Johnson Sep 2017
Patience, the most important aspect of spying
They teach that a lot
Some are born with it
Can't be bought
Me, well I've gotten better after all these years
I try to have a book I can read
For it's boredom I fear

Hey, you get to see the world
I've been all around
Got stuck in Southeast Asia
Myanmar still astounds
A culture in contrast
So rich and poor
When it comes to human rights
The world doesn't understand

So here I am in Timbuktu
I'm talking literally
This is the life I have chosen
It works fine for me
My spouse comes along
To help me deal with the insanity
Such as finding good drinking water
Poor pitiful her and me

Aw, but we love it
This life in espionage
I help to save the world
The frequent flyer miles are large
One of my many spy poems
Is she an ancient chaos serpent of death?
    Is she the prototype of the witch?
        Is she just a myth or,

Has she been created?


Wo­uld you
call my band,


-if I named it Satan?

Might you expect your government
to name a division of itself after Lucifer?

Can this be a,

"Christian Nation,"

...when it runs a Devil's game?
Government is the personification of Evil.
Francie Lynch Nov 2016
I needn't wait until dark
For the killer to stalk,
But I'll unplug my fridge,
Turn off the TV,
I won't use FaceTime
Or socialize on FB.
My cell screen is dark,
No Snapchat or Podcast,
Or Instagram and Vimeo.
The Cloud has been compromised;
In short, disconnect,
For the killer's inside,
And knows what to expect.
"Wait Until Dark," great thriller of a movie.
Oscar Mann Oct 2015
I spy with my little eye
Everyone and all
The faintest smile
The subtlest sign
Everything strange and worrying
And all that is normal
Perhaps too normal

And don’t feel scared
It’s in your best interest
That wicked smiles
And dangerous signs
And everything strange and worrying
Is brought under attention
Of people you can trust

And don’t ask yourself
Who is watching the watchmen
With wicked ways
And subtle methods
It’s better to sit and relax
And act normal
But not too normal
Does anyone have a weird
Message from time to time.
About people reading there profile .
And leaving an email address.
saying that they are a perfect match
For this person profile
and there is no poetry.
So what is this all about.
Just thought I would alert you
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