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B E Cults Jan 2021
I could survive the winter in your eyes.

I see what I want.
Matthew Chen Nov 2020
Many times
I know my own worth
Nobody can break me
Despite my one wing

I can fly
Despite this world full of cyborgs
Even when I am created as one
I am a one winged angel
With a cybernetic half

I carry a yin-yang symbol
Within my system
Knowing I am half cyborg and angel
Many questions linger my mind

It may sound off
But I am neither
For I have my  own battle scars to show
Because I've been in two wars

So tell me
What am I
At the end of the day
I'm just a cyborg with one wing of hope
This is an inspiration for me to see if a human being can believe that they can have a wing on one side, and the robotic side on the other.
Alek Mielnikow Apr 2020
It pretends to be one of us, but it’s not quite human.

It masquerades as a person, wearing skin that
mimics our flesh, with joints designed to rotate and
glide like ours. It listens to the changing cadences
and tones of our voices, measures our temperatures
and respiration and blinking rates, and then reacts.
And when it behaves, it does so on accumulated
data, learned and converted into best practices.

But it does not have fantasies. It fills its shoes
with synthetic muscle and steel but never wears
another’s. It does not look at birds and wishes
to fly, nor looks to the moon in hopes of someday
making the lengthy trek to wander the gray crust.

It pretends to be one of us, but it’s not quite human.

Not yet.

by Aleksander Mielnikow | Alek the Poet
A Simillacrum Aug 2018
Hard pang of metal
louder than my
brittle ears can withstand.
Hard ping of wonder
sent, malicious,
from hidden wonderlands.

my warm limbs from me.
my innards from me.
Substitute synthetic
for my
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
Terminator X

A cloud burst into life and rained down acid rain;
The skin peeled from the bodies of those who couldn’t be saved.
The future termination just waiting to send us to our graves,
Means our destiny is already written and we cannot be saved.

So call on Arnie to save or ruin the day,
Here he comes in a rush to redeem or bring rage.
Is he good, is he bad?  Let’s write another sequel,
Because we can’t get enough of this cyborg killing people.

Terminator 1, Sarah Connor is forced to face death head on.
This Terminator X is going to rip somebody’s face off
And Terminator 2 saw Arnie as a Hero,
For John Connor likes Guns ‘n’ Roses, look out here comes a truck.

Terminator 3 the machines are on the rise again,
The future is shown to us; it looks like humans live in pain.
We are obsolete; the robots now rule the entire world.
So let’s rebel and give ‘em Hell, one of Johns acolytes is a hot girl.

So stab your blade shaped arm through a chest
And hope you find the right Sarah Connor.
Dead bodies litter the doorsteps of random nests;
You know he won’t stop until he finds her.

Get Arnie some new clothes to cover his nakedness,
Use nitrogen oxide to put an end to this X-file government,
Conspiracy of robots, they are here to end our lives;
So crush their body and throw this terminator into the fire.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Steelyvibe Jun 2018
Like a ferris wheel of self doubt
On the dance floor she moves about
Controlling limbs is not that easy
Stumbling round and looking ******
The crowd stare on in wild amusement
Of spasmodic spins and erratic movement
A spectacle not seen before
She collapses spreadeagled on the floor
Unnoticed a stranger enters at the back
An aerial extends, the controller tracks
She jumps up straight just like a soldier
Eyes focused and calm composure
He moves her into graceful steps
More appropriate for the female ***
Now she is surrounded by romancers
Wanting to be with, this robot dancer
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