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Poetic T May 27
Abstract illustration,
for likened is neither
                       words or form.

Were just memories,
of then and before, afterimages..

Thinking were real, but were diodes
of light fixed re-watched...
observed a thousand times..

We never realise that we weren't here,
                just a replayed moment...

Look behind you,
        to late..

             were not really here..

"Just a moment being rerun,
                   did you hear me when

I said that, yes that's me not you..
don't worry, just sleep. Shhhhh….

Everything will be fine in the morning...
Arcassin B Mar 27
By Arcassin B.

I've blown my heart away many times,
I've set my goals and owned my peace of mind,
featuring this ***** mirror and my enormous talent for ghosting,
playing with the illusion that if I could play off in this matrix I'll become
too lucid , sink into the floor and let my mind erase itself
like the self destruct sequence shaping my reality as I see fit
minus the weakness and the weekends of not having a care
about the pieces of any puzzle,
especially those rainy days I use to endure,
I'd tap myself and look outside,
mad little man out the door,
now when I walk outside I see snow,
froze my hate to the core,
I let God carry out my anger, see,
my accomplishments will flourish, this is where I really wanna be,
hope I don't get discouraged, in this life.

The Only Thing
I Remember
The Matrix
Is Which Pill To
Are The
Transgender Twins
Are The
Sabian T Warren May 2019
Eye in the sky screams "dreams are not reality;" yet it flies impossibly on whirling bionic wings. "the force is a fantasy," laughs the big screen; yet it motions this ironically through ionic streams. "No power in an evergreen," shrills the factory; cutting from the same cloth that had allowed us to breathe. "That vision? A symptom of insanity;" suggests the PHD, and recommends fixing something so deeply rooted by consuming toxins repeatedly; denying this notion is the very definition of what you suppose we carry. "But don't you want to bee with everybody?" Whisper the walls and empty streets. Could it be that everything is simultaneously, as stone lock and river key? Would it seem that all we need to coax the dread of uncertainty, is to each weave threads of teachings, unique? Bound with an understanding sure as gravity, until we are warm in the cold of infinity, in a quilt of minds set free. ~by Sabian T Warren; AKA ScovilleNova.
Spencer Clayton Apr 2019
Im Sick to death of money stress,can't borrow,

Broken heart in empty chest just hollow,

Tears rolling down my face pure sorrow,

Same **** different day man I curse tomorrow,

Burnt so much paper on draws & raws,

It's like my life's on pause,  I'm stuck in stasis,

Don't know which way to turn,
I can't face this,

Feel like I've jumped head first  into the matrix,

Red and blue pill, which way will it take us?

The path is forked like the tongues of my haters,

Keyboard warriors they remain faceless,

Your see through, I read you like the papers,

Blue cheese & lemon trees in my grater!!

Loyal to the end,no hater,catch me never,not later

I'm greater than Britain, words so heavy create a crater when written.

Just some words in my head
Daa Rajab Apr 2019
It might be said:

They asked me to write with a free mind,
But a free mind impairs my ability to write.
It is merely the maze of rushing, running thoughts
Which guide my internal ideas to take flight.

A matrix of images, fluidity
Entranced through the whirl of shades
Much too vibrant to comprehend, to process,
And truly remind me of my own, estranged timidity.

For I am relatively grown, despite my
Simple inability to recognise the world of colours
Foreshadowing the guarded thoughts I secure
With much difficulty.

For my incompetence in containing rushed thoughts
Is consistently expressed
Through my most voluntary incentives,
To simply hold a pen and write down my mess.
She once said: "I need to really grab a hold of my thoughts more often; to hold a pen, and remove the uncoordinated trail of events embedded within my memory."
Boris Sitnikoff Mar 2019
Welcome to the hatrix,
Where you’re only allowed to
Care about yourself.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where everybody thinks that
Thinking is ****.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where good men are discouraged
And good women are wasted.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where the most endearing terms
Are meant to mean the opposite.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where nobody talks
Unless it’s behind another’s back.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where everybody thinks that
you’re a ****** in secret.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where people want you dead
Because you breathe
And have life.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where cooperation is
Blind compliance in disguise.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where the only thing
That motivates people
Is not being uncomfortable.

Welcome, human, to the hatrix.
Eat all the video evidence
Before we find you
And **** you.
Sonia Ettyang Feb 2019
Back and forth it goes

Bruising hearts
Yearning souls
Misguided spirits
Forever in a quest
To realign with the infinite
But eyes wide shut
Minds on snooze
Bodies on cruise

Tik tok
Tik tok
The pendulum sways
  everytime and again
© Sonia Ettyang
"How did it get so late so soon?"
Dr. Seuss
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