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Jan 2022
Doors of perception opened
Can’t knock uhm?
The back's always unlocked
But I got the rhymes in stock
that’re sure 2 shock em
Bi-laterally with my cosmic punch boppage
Creamy dreamy slop make yo ****
the hottest softest hostage spot on the planet of hard knocks, my swamp, real talk
No stopping til the *** sock can break rocks,
and that's on God

Dude Rocket got that sprocket,
You’ll find I’m the **** of the walk son.
Dimensionally shattering when I hop up out
from Schrodinger's box yuh
Somewhere from a quantum realm
No cap that's me fappin sumn hxc strong
getting dumb in the squadron
Yeah I’m the top gun and I fear none

Forks be in the socket
In my brain's fleshy pockets
When I pop lock and drop it
Now my body’s feeling numb

With your ***** in the sheets
Is where we hit the mosh pit
Like a pig in the trough
she be straight steady sloppin
My man meat beaten harder
than a sore Peter had ever gotten

That’s when the heater come up out of my drawers
and gasket blows top end, I'm godsent
Downward on the fall but
Won’t meet my defeat until the caskets tossed
Hit the bubble til the glass get soft
And I’m blasting off
That’s when the the mask really come on

Got a dump truck full of **** butts
When I bust nuts bodies go slump
I’m a sick **** youse a broke bus (busdown)
Need a buck ***** **** my **** (yuck)

Ingest the drugs now mind destructs
My soul floats up miraculous
Immaculate made of space dust
Now back to earth time to destruct

Feeling lucky
wit my Chub D flubby
Oiled up in your hunnies tummy
Sipping bubbly n gettin funky
It’s so lovely think I'm coming
-Then it struck me so abruptly

Cuck your grieving hubby
guy I’m not your ****** buddy
When she look at me so seductively
Yes Lady Luck please bless my **** spree

Laid to rest this sus ***** I’m finessing
Y’all killers can’t even hold a candle
while I hit the lick and yo ***** be undressin
U got the flick of da wrist?
But Look at da flex of my wits
Put then pen to the paper
It's an open letter to all my haters
Kickin rhymes I flip the script
Spit these words so elusive
Yo I’m steady speaking in cursive
With the curses
Know you heard it
My flow is dopest
Tongue of the serpent
Affirmative with all them murderous verses n ****  

It’s funny since my prose no longer knows any limits
And I slay every ***** indiscriminately
Vibe-checking into you ******* remnants
Zooted like I'm boofin stimulants
Feeling like my will is limitless
The masses I’m after
I got that masterish penmanship

And my pen will ship, once I get that dip and drip

All right finna crank my ****** hog all night long
mean wheeling and dealing til my brakes fall off
polishing strong til y’all squealing oh my god
Break that back out like a botched Swanton Bomb off the Jumbotron
Down low tell the purveyor I need some that pure uncut premium jenkem for this buttchug prayer before I spray her like it ain’t no thang and that’s on the mf gang if u kno what I’m saying
Cunning Linguist
Written by
Cunning Linguist  28/M/An illusion of reality
(28/M/An illusion of reality)   
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