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Abstracted Sep 25
I ask myself
Why we are all the same
The universe feels simulated  
Like an advanced video game
Lost in being
What should I gain?
Is this real?
Am I sane?
“End it, Deem. You’ll find out” Said the thoughts inside my brain
I’m no curious
But very anxious
It drives me insane
Till I ***** all of my ambitions
And praying
Those intuitions
Once again
You Made Me Go Through All These Experiences Just So I Could Write About It? (too long)
TISFU (that is so ****** up)
L’enfer c’est les autres
I Hate Strangers!
Street Corner Conundrum
Is that Approaching Drunken Psychotic ******* Yelling At Me?
You say Zombie...I say Zombie Works
I’m Happy **** It! 🤗
You Sugared? The Peas?
Does He Have Balance Problems or Has He Been Body-Snatched?
Digital or Analog?
Get Your **** Outta My Face
A Rose By Any Other Name
Extreme Peripheral
Is That a Cowbell?
You Said That The Lord, Jesus Christ Wants To Mug Me?
Winter’s Coming
Do It For Less
Yes My Legs Are Great!
My Friend Says That People ****!
******* Rabbithole
RabbitAss Hole Hole
God the Couture Warned Me!
Sometimes, it feels like we are living in a simulation.
A simulation designed to ultimately doom all of us.
Midnight Thought
E Jun 25
The world is so big and I am so small
At some point in my life, I'll find meaning
The trees and the mountains are so tall
Sometimes we all just want to dance and sing

The question's in the air, I can't pop it
Am I real or just a simulation?
Sometimes I just want to say,"Ugh, stop it!"
Go on and live my life in this nation

For now my questions will not be answered
Oh well, I guess I can do other things
Sometimes in our lives, we need more than words
To express all of these crazy feelings

I don't know how to say,"I am sorry"
But I do know how to make good stories
Arcassin B Mar 17
By Arcassin B.

This epidemic is nearly stupid as **** , stupid as ****,
they make you run rampid, they give you no luck,
they sell you some ******* about being trapped with
a virus you only knew like a month,
tell you clean all the stores out,
give you a surprise to the gut when they punch,
and its crazy,
People still ain't ******* over desensitized to be smart,
think about all the children that couldn't live through this
**** and now watching the stars,
looking thru the silver line in this matrix , that'd
be a start,
A virus has nothing on your mind if you cure your heart.

Dave Scott Dec 2019
Let’s be alone together
At the Starbucks a mile from here
It doesn’t matter which one because we are all together
Making sure the connectivity is near

On our laptops we tunnel into reality
I predisposed emotional wasteland of hopes and dreams
Do we work or do we escape out of this present piece?
Of time and space we manifested in this dream

The English language cannot describe everything
Simulation is such a weak word you see
It seems like something that is on our screens
But in reality we are the screen
Roman Pavel Nov 2019
’ve been having dreams
Like long lost strolls on moonlit beaches
Where the waves erase past steps
To make you forget your way
Struggling to find a path forward
You’re guided by misaligned stars
They flicker in the distance
And blanket the world
Only the moon serves as direction
The water rolls to the tips of your toes
As It caresses the beach
I can’t stand still
As the sands of the beach
Slowly swallow my feet.
I must move forward
In the deafening darkness
Of the oceans tumultuous tirade
I only feel the sand loosening beneath my reality
I only see the moonlit path
Separating the waves from the floor
Shimmering of the tops of the crests
And Glittering from the reflexive gems
Sparse among the endless floor
I hardly know where I’m going
But know less why I started
And know nothing of where I began
In search of endless meaning
Gripping for due north
I float forward, or backward
On the river of time.
Foraging for truth
I wake up

And nothing has changed
Life is a lie, we live in a simulation
CL Fjell Jul 2019
Sore body trembles
Your callused hands bore fruit
Green, paper fruit
To buy the little things
Keep the monkey clapping
Silly monkey doesn't know
He could be living one-third longer
Had it not been stolen from him
So consume monkey
Glue your eyes to plastic life
Slide your mind from wrong to right
Feast like sulton on stranger's food
Forever trapped you cyclic fool
But I'm a monkey just like you
exist Oct 2018
perhaps the reason i play sims
is i’m convinced that it’s the only way i’ll be able to experience a life
other than the one i have now
life is nothing but a simulation for me
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