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I find myself, sometimes, drifting off
Into vast seas of imagination,
Until somebody lets out a cough,
And destroys all of my creation.

I wonder if the same thing applies,
In terms of our reality;
If we're just the dreams, and hopes, and lies,
Of some cosmic entity.

And if we found out that that's true,
Would it really change a thing?
If what's true for me is not for you,
Is there nothing I can bring

To your fake life, and also mine,
That serves a higher purpose?
Perhaps our meaning's still divine,
Although it may seem worthless.

Imagine you are in a play,
Whose audience numbers one,
And you helped brighten up their day,
And shaped what they'd become.

Would it really seem like nothing?
Is that really not enough?
To know the joy that you could bring,
In a life that's often tough?

So I don't care if they're true or not;
All the memories we share.
I'm happy now with what I've got;
The capacity to care.
B E Cults Feb 2021
"I said, there is home."
to nobody.
different names never changed
a **** thing.
we could see no people
to/who/that learn how idle
doesn't mean "still".
they've made a god of progress;
progress is toothpaste in a sink.

who couldve sown those ideas
together had they not been
all blinking buzzing neon sign
in the window of the page?

probably quite alot of folks
had they not been so busy
wiping dried blue Colgate off
of porcelain.

simple, remember?

so it goes.
dosey doe down long hallways,
around puddles of ****,
singing songs long faded
to ambient noise.
please, mumble a myth for the void to posion.
the void in your avoidance.
the void in the poignancy.
the void on the points of stolen steak knives stuck in the hearts of the strigoi
shuffling outside our windows
day and night.

drip gold from the mouths of memorial statues,
we need that.
I cut up to make new connections in MY network of association. anytime there is rigidity it means that's how the words were on the page.  if you enjoy this aimlessness then you are blood of my blood. the majority dont get it because they think something is here to "get". this is the 3rd cut ive posted here that came from Faulkner's Light In August. I cant stand Faulkner. so I vandalize his work. hate me. I love it. I love all of you.
B E Cults Jan 2021
I could survive the winter in your eyes.

I see what I want.
InkHarted Nov 2020
I started off as an equal
I have everything that they do
my life was one and the same as my foe
childish battles of lesser
I won baring cost of a little
but as time outgrew my conscience
I found that the pieces were moving against me
with time my company reduced
they left one by one
all in time forgetting me
my castles collapsed
my religion dissuaded
my protectors in hiding
I could not run anymore
I have been cornered to a wall
as the queen left silently
without saying goodbye
I could not live any longer
she was most precious to me
I could not win without her by my side
so the king knelt down and died.
Abstracted Sep 2020
I ask myself
Why we are all the same
The universe feels simulated  
Like an advanced video game
Lost in being
What should I gain?
Is this real?
Am I sane?
“End it, Deem. You’ll find out” Said the thoughts inside my brain
I’m no curious
But very anxious
It drives me insane
Till I ***** all of my ambitions
And praying
Those intuitions
Once again
You Made Me Go Through All These Experiences Just So I Could Write About It? (too long)
TISFU (that is so ****** up)
L’enfer c’est les autres
I Hate Strangers!
Street Corner Conundrum
Is that Approaching Drunken Psychotic ******* Yelling At Me?
You say Zombie...I say Zombie Works
I’m Happy **** It! 🤗
You Sugared? The Peas?
Does He Have Balance Problems or Has He Been Body-Snatched?
Digital or Analog?
Get Your **** Outta My Face
A Rose By Any Other Name
Extreme Peripheral
Is That a Cowbell?
You Said That The Lord, Jesus Christ Wants To Mug Me?
Winter’s Coming
Do It For Less
Yes My Legs Are Great!
My Friend Says That People ****!
******* Rabbithole
RabbitAss Hole Hole
God the Couture Warned Me!
Nishant Rawat Aug 2020
Sometimes, it feels like we are living in a simulation.
A simulation designed to ultimately doom all of us.
Midnight Thought
E Jun 2020
The world is so big and I am so small
At some point in my life, I'll find meaning
The trees and the mountains are so tall
Sometimes we all just want to dance and sing

The question's in the air, I can't pop it
Am I real or just a simulation?
Sometimes I just want to say,"Ugh, stop it!"
Go on and live my life in this nation

For now my questions will not be answered
Oh well, I guess I can do other things
Sometimes in our lives, we need more than words
To express all of these crazy feelings

I don't know how to say,"I am sorry"
But I do know how to make good stories
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