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Clusters of madhumalti
Bloom through the dark of the night
Fragrance of the flowers
Leads to a bright new day
Madhumalti(Combretum indicum, is the scientific name of the plant, also known as  Rangoon creeper / Chinese honeysuckle)
Jayantee Khare Jul 2019
न बांधो
न दिशा दो
बस थोड़ा प्रकाश दो
और उड़ने को आकाश दो
कोई रहस्य नहीं, एक बेल हूँ मैं
तुम पर अवलंबित हूँ पर अमरबेल नहीं
बढ़ रही हूँ तुम्हारे संग
गुँथ गयी हूँ तुम्हारे अंग
अंत तक के लिये....
Hindi translation of "creeper"
Jayantee Khare Jul 2019

Do not guide
I need not to be tied
Just show me the sunlight
I will take my flight
Not so creepy, just a creeper
Not a dodder, just a seeker
With you i grow
Just a vine
With you, I entwine
Till the end.....

A thought provoked by a creeper....
Àŧùl Jan 2016
There blew winds of change,
Immoral they made me forget,
Forget the pure form of love.

Entwined around this heart,
The dreadful poisonous creeper,
How they **** all life inside.

Perhaps you misunderstood,
Blaming someone else I am not,
Because I was the gardener.
My HP Poem #958
©Atul Kaushal
Cunning Linguist Mar 2015
Tongue in cheek I detest you
Hand over foot
Make a peep *****
And I promise I'll ****** you

Bad tact I'm a cesspool
Festering in the nestle of your daughter's
well developing *******
Everyday I follow her home from school

This unnerving pervert unearthing fervor
making ya catatonic &
giving your heart murmurs
Nurture the thought
It's just the tip
(Of the iceberg)

Gotta stir the paint before you make a mural
Ma'am, I'll purloin your ham purse until my burial
Don't be a sourpuss

It's final
I'm vile
And I swear I'm not a *******.

Want some candy?
Leal Knowone Feb 2015
none other, than the creeper

like none of this is burning around me
i feel the flames as there rising
trail of death, now you found me
im the prince of lies but im trying

to **** off all that is painfully dying inside
thats within me, around me, and within my mind

****** the marrow from my bones
cant let it multiply
inject the life back into me
i do not wish to die

i am the devil & im looking for
residence in something i am the faun
I put my head down on my pillow at night,
I smile as I close my eyes.
Because I know that I don't have to feel frightened.
Because Slendy's peeping, keeping close eyes on me all the time.

Slendy knows, I'm only five.
Just like he knows my brother Johnny is nine.
But Johnny doesn't like Slendy too much.
He says he's scarey and frightens him to the touch.

But I like Slendy.
I've told him every time.
Slendy means no harm!
That's why I don't hide.

"Come now child"
I hear Slendy call,
He's waving his arms,
So flimsy and long..

They don't scare me though.
Because I know that Slendy's my friend.
Not a ******.


Slendy starts to move away,
I move towards him in such a sudden daze,
But I hear my mommy keep calling my name.


I look away from Slendy to see her running to me.
"What are you doing?" I asked her as she picked me up,
As she held me Slendy vanished.
He was gone.

That was the last time I saw him.
But I know he's watching me,
Slendy always talks to me.
So, I felt like writing a story and a poem at the same time. This sort of just came out. Feel free to tell me your opinions.
JP Goss Aug 2014
Talk, shutter
Cooling babble,
Paddies ‘tween
The bugs swim, paddle
Whispered gush,
Though never hush
There cast soft in the light of ease
Sensual talk
Down the candid rock
A bridge to honor the way
Bemoaned pleasures
Nature’s fetters
Gone as a little mouse
Trickling now,
Walk on wetter
The fall may never stop
And soon all secrets are revealed
Heads go to the leaves
Spies returning to the eaves.
"Are windows open?"
Said he, "I'm cold."
"Only the windows,"
Said I, "of your soul."

— The End —