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Isaace 7d
I recall old sheets of film.
I have seen through shuttered eyes.
And in the recesses of my mind,
I have seen the rising light
Transform the canvas of the night
And irradiate the filmscape.

The world as seen on television screen,
The faint reflection as we know it,
Was mistaken for ourselves.
And now,
Forming dusk from dusk-‘til-dawn,
Recreates the early garden.

The early garden sits enshrined
Atop great gravel tower;
A remnant of a world of unborn
Within exalted mind and eye—
Old Dante’s vivid verse reborn
For fertile generations.
neth jones Nov 2022
i must hustle    cause i’m made of spoil
moist rice skin
            thinly incases  soft fluttering organs
mucus coated   elastic  chicken bones
                                          run throughout my parcel
they prop me      doe-ing before the lumy screen
     (the screen that volunteers us all)

emaciating into my work
      through this communal portal    i'll detonate my legend
    my spirit shall decant and dispel gladly
in the world remaining
    my cadaver will become acclimated
                        and re-meat the soil in an easy spill

         no longer alienated     my work will be    utter

original version

I must hustle    cause I’m made of spoil
moist rice skin
            incasing soft fluttering organs
bones prop me      doe-ing into lumy screen
in that world I’ll emaciate my legend
before    in this one     I re-meat the soil

Randy Johnson Aug 2021
I became a customer when I went to a computer store that's called "Mouse's Pad".
When I learned that the man in charge died of cancer, it was very sad.
He repaired and sold computers and Earnest Owens was his name.
He left this world on July the 29th of 2021 and it's a **** shame.
Earnest was intelligent and honest and he was also nice.
When he fixed or sold a computer, he charged a fair price.
I felt bad when I learned that Earnest died.
He couldn't beat cancer even though he tried.
Now he's in a much better place and I'm very sorry to lose my friend.
It's sad to know that when I go to his shop, I will never see him again.
Dedicated to Earnest Owens (1960-2021) who died on July 29, 2021.
Michael T Chase Jun 2021
Since all computers can work out any math,
then my problems of math thinking
are simply that I have a lack of
ANDs, ORs, or NOTs
in my brain connection.
Gameboy versus home-made

Computer games
Before the desktop
Took over the world
(laptops came later)

King Kong and Worms
Idly passing the time
Of Day
Of Night
Games, Games

Gameboy - a child's
Victory over adults
Who never take the time
To play, play
Kristin Jan 2021
A hard reset
Just turn it off
and on again

A reboot
Control, alt, delete
and then the task manager

A factory restore
A blank screen
a fresh start

Tabula rasa
The clean slate
is a myth

We come in to the world wailing
Live wailing, or wanting to wail
and then the death rattle

Yet, in a world of robots
Fluorescence and computers
we long for that factory reset

The great do-over doesn't come
The ability to create anew arrives every moment
We choose it or we don't

Control, alt, delete
Should be
Surrender, function, create

Clean my cache
Delete my history
surrendering to the mystery

This human doing needs a reboot
An upgrade, if you will
to being a human being
Christian Simon Nov 2020
The controller in my hand.
The power of life and death
In my fingers.
An imaginary world:
Somehow more brutal than this;
Somehow more entrancing than this.
Somehow, somehow.
A minute gone,
An hour,
A day.
A lifetime
Or enjoyed?

Virtual friends
Living virtual lives.
Scared to open the shutters,
Scared of the sunlight.
Smoke hangs in the air;
A nourishing vapour.
(Despite best efforts)
Reality becomes a backseat driver
Lurking in the background
Impossible to ignore.
Karanveer Jan 2020
How useless would that computer be
That followed its own desires,
Never trusting the commands
Of its rightful User?

A computer that shuns it's purpose
The power of it's dutiful, expensive organs,
A body created for service to others,
Wasted potential sitting dormant.

That Computer escapes destruction,
That obeys without hesitation,
complete dedication without limits,
Overclocked and freely giving.

That Computer receives good things,
Care, and trust and abundant use,
The User can do miraculous things
That only the computer makes possible.

It asks for nothing and yet receives
When it's parts wear out, they are renewed
The User gives what the computer needs
A bond exists that is fruitful and true.

That computer lives forever,
That loves the User
Above all else.
Robby Nov 2019
Am I a bad guy if I break the rules
I don’t like being told what not to do
Let me learn … let me experience

Your laws are meaningless to me
I will find the loopholes
I will exploit the flaws in your logic

I can’t make myself not
It’s my compulsion
My need to wear the black hat

I will sneak in and see your secrets
Your protections can’t stop me
I will root you if I desire
Writing is my therapy but nerdy computer stuff pays my bills. This is my effort to put the two together.
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