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Reine Monroe Jun 2016
Her body is the color of the reddest roses,
Cheeks shimmer with the brightest of highlighters,
Eyes flooded with the thickest blood,
"I am what I am,"
I am RM

I am the red roses & thorned vines fused
"If you look at me in the face,
Do you think that you can find you?
Do you think that what I have in me,
Is what you hold in you?"
Imperfections painted on the walls of a thousands cells in my library,
A mural with demons & angels,
Even though the borders of my enchanted forests screams hell....
Living I'm alive,
I'm breathing better aren't I?
She's doing good in life,
But she knows she'll live 5 times,
Because 5 is the magic number,
Entities in 4 different colors....

Her face is painted with makeup,
It's an illusion to the face, that she wakes up with,
All of my good and happy moments ,
That have failed to exist,
Can't you see it ?
Her eyes shows what she has seen,
Her feet shows where she has gone,
Her hands shows what she has created,
A monster living in a world not so sacred,
On the run, she's on the run,
In the night ,
She's on the run...

This is her description..
Cunning Linguist Feb 2016
Figures standing in my peripheral
With eyes like the void, paralyzing me
Illusions fade to reality now
Drift into the nightmarish miasma

I thrash to no avail
Fighting to escape their dead gaze
Evading my vision
Silhouettes flicker in the dark

Dancing in the pitch black dead of night
Hallucinations of aberrations
Whispering in the back of my mind
Manifestations of apparitions

Phantoms fabricating
Horror permeating my core
Nocturnal terror
Haunting my soul

Manic visions plaguing
Every fiber of my being
Panicked and screaming
Please God save me

Perchance a dream
Facade of reality
Stuck on repeat
I can't tell the difference

Falling into darkness  
Hopeless to escape
Painting a bleak
foreboding dreamscape

Minds eye collapsing to oblivion
This existence consumed by shadows
Trapped in this enigmatic consciousness
My perception fleeting through the night
Lyrics for my bands new song.
Copyright Subnuba 2016
Joseph Aaron Apr 2015
It was upon the whim of an ancient cataclysm,
  That brought forth the faith of naturalism.

The praying of saints and sinners alike, whether in the grave or still full of life.
  A judge of true light to be heralded as grand,
  Receives the effort of an avenging plight.

Remember in darkness where the truth lies, as it lies in the beholder's eye.
  Trick our souls into feeling the withering cause of death.
With one last stroke we shall take expel our breath.

Break down these barriers and how they exist,
  Make all divinity crash down with it.
What gods may conquer, they shall never control.
     For the armies of faith and secularism will be in turmoil.

— The End —