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Mark Wanless Sep 3
new demigods,twitter, facebook
call all souls to worship
we type in obedience
ah everybody knows this
"If, to me, you'll tilt your cup,"

Says the Spirit,

"I'll fill you up."
Mary Zollars Apr 30
Sit right down in your seat, please
        Raise your hand to speak, please
        Get a pass to leave, please
I need all attention on me, please
                Revolution is over, please,
        Obedience is key, please
                There’s nothing wrong anymore, see
                Look at these 3rd world countries, see
                Be proud of where you were born, see
                We are perfectly free, see
Be silent and listen to me, free
                Migration will be to be stopped, free
                The leader can pardon himself, free
                Women in positions of power, free
                Hate is perfectly legal, free
        You can protest as well, free
        You have the power of speech, free
Don’t talk over the teacher, please
Don’t talk over the teacher, please
         I know better than you, see
        We control your life, see
        We are building the future, see
        We are the best in the world, see
Be silent and listen to me, please

As long as you’re rich and white,  
“Teaching Freedom” is about what politicians, media, and older generations in general  are teaching my generation. I wanted to show how they control young people to make them feel free. Recently, on the Day of Silence, I heard a kid say "Anyone can do anything now. Why do they have to make such a big deal about it?"Since then, I've been thinking about how many kids don't think race, religion, gender, and sexuality are issues anymore, because they've never experienced that discrimination. Just because you haven't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.
What great sins have we in secrets
Peering at exertions too quickly,
Even in new dawns, regrets are made burgeoned
And with every leniency given
We maul at our grievance.

But time measures our sorrows
By faith
Jackie G Jan 12
I've been there, I've done that.
Too many things to count on both hands.
Places I had no business being.
There is where you'd find me.
Soul yearning for Something that i couldnt put my fingers on.
Friend after friend.
Loss after Loss
There i was Lost.
Waiting to be found.
A place to call home
But no place at all.
No thing or person could quench this thirst that i had.
ONE DAY opened up a book.
In there were words that stood out to me.
It said " I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do NOT do, but what I hate I DO. And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me"
I could totally relate to these words
To some the book up its,
I've been reading it for some time now.
I must say!!!
I'm no longer lost!
To all the lost souls. My resolution may not be yours, but i thought i'd share. We all have purpose. When you're not living in purpose you feel lost like you have no place. Figure out why you are here and why you get another chance every morning when your eyes open. You mean something to someone. You are NEEDED!
James LR Dec 2018
The devil met me in the street
Beneath a lamp post glow
He taught me to only reap
whatever I could sow

He taught of wrong and right
He taught the way of life
He taught me not to trust the ones
Who follow in faith blind

I met the devil in the street,
Beneath a lamp post glow
He said to doubt all that I see
Choose my own way to go
Gabriel Bonney Oct 2018
I'm better today than I have been
But I can't expect it again to happen
Lately it's been worse than it has in a while
But I know it's just my faith under trial
I've been tested like a ship at sea
The winds and the waves have come to suit me
But I won't let the ocean pull me asunder
Gravestones won't burry me and take me under
In time I know I'll recover
Recently I've been worse than I usually am
I wonder if I've chosen it
Or if I can choose not to think this way--
How to undo it if I can
I know the night will come again
But to play a part in the dark will not happen
I can't choose every moment to live in the day
Even if I tell myself to think that way,
The feeling won't stay
One day I will get over this wall of stone
Though I know I'm so far from home
For now, I am fighting to reach the morning light
One day, I know, I will leave behind this night
I don't think we can just choose not to be sad. I believe you can be depressed and still have joy. I believe you can be joyful and still be suicidal. You can know God's truth, but that won't chage what's in your head. But in time, it will. Through continual trust in obedience, surrendering your faith to God day by day, things will get better. It'll be rough, it'll be a daily battle, but we have a hope, a promise that Christ has overcome the struggles of this world, and He will get you through. He has a life planned out for you, a good, pleasing, and perfect plan for your life. As long as you continue to fight, things will get better :) I promise!
Alyssa Underwood Feb 2016
Awakening will find me
through the daily mundane
faith's step in front of tiny step
for the sake of Christ's great name
Even David the brave did not set out
with a lofty ambition to see the giant slain
but walked forth instead with a servant's heart
obediently for his father, carrying cheese and grain
and as he went in faithfulness about this simple errand
God raised him up with sling and stone to champion His fame
*Inspired by this morning's sermon from Doug Rutt
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