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Oct 2022 · 301
Treetop, treetop
Dereaux Oct 2022
Treetop, treetop
where could you be
I dug a large hole
but you, I just can't see

You must be hiding
somewhere down there
as it is way too obvious
to hide up in the air

And if I have found you
I quickly climb on down
thru your rustling branches
it will make you frown

I will tickle you softly
patiently root by root
until you laugh out loud
and you start to hoot

you will shake your leaves
until you can't take no more
then we'll lie down together
on the soft forest floor

In dreams we stay together
untill the break of dawn
sadly, when I open my eyes
you will be long gone
for the kids
Nov 2021 · 306
Dereaux Nov 2021
when your piercing gaze
cuts right trough my sad numb heart
it's a painful sight
Nov 2021 · 190
slow reflection
Dereaux Nov 2021
My slow reflection
will be torn by desire
when she looks at me.

She whispers my name
and I hear her voice
through the mists of oblivion

It eases my pain
as I cry from afar
to the tender morning fog

When my mirrors
show her bliss
to my fleetingly image

I look at her for a while
when she looks at me too
I feel her distant touch

She shows me her love.
and then for a while
I am broken into shards

She heals what I
could not heal myself
as I try to glue my heart
Oct 2021 · 85
Blossoms (Haiku)
Dereaux Oct 2021
sweet blossoms of plum
on moonbeams you float thru air
drifting in my dreams
Oct 2021 · 761
Natural painting
Dereaux Oct 2021
a natural painting is what i see
of flowers and fresh grass nearby
a cloudy blue sky so breathtaking
it always leaves me with a sigh

no artist can paint so well and true
like mother nature does it right here
trees even give way to her sculpture game
and let precious splendor come near

painted with love, so velvety soft
just like fragile life mostly can be
look and appreciate what nature offers you
as she whispers “please come closer to me“
Oct 2021 · 245
Give me
Dereaux Oct 2021
give me your words
I will read

give me your voice
I will listen

give me your sight
I will look for you

give me your heart
I'll keep it warm

give me your love
you will understand
Sep 2021 · 278
Tale of lipstick
Dereaux Sep 2021
You would never tell
that you would be unfaithful.
But lipstick told me.
Sep 2021 · 374
The beast is a beauty
Dereaux Sep 2021
They call me a beast,
but how wrong
could they be.

cause every beat
of my heart
I linger for thee.

My enchanted
love for you
is ready to bloom.

Take a leap of faith
and  you'll see  
my cursed heart swoon

If you love me
I will give
plenty in return

if there's a way
to your heart
for me to earn

Come to my castle
and I will do
guard duty

To protect and defend
your beloved
precious beauty
Sep 2021 · 208
Dereaux Sep 2021
Please sir, the snake said
you don't have to be scared.
I am antidote.
Sep 2021 · 316
Behind closed eyes
Dereaux Sep 2021
Wonderful times
I've had with you
behind closed eyes.

It felt so real,
but when I awoke
they all were lies.
Sep 2021 · 426
in dreams
Dereaux Sep 2021
foggy dreams
warm up my thoughts
and try to
disguise images
of the slumber

calmness is painting
a picture of softness
in the morning
while a muffled yawn
breaks the silence
Aug 2021 · 303
If only
Dereaux Aug 2021
If all I see around me
was not based on truth
would I finally calm down
and my soul be soothed

If a bright light would shine
on all that is dull and gray
would all the turmoil in the world
suddenly go away

If all that I desire
would feel the same for me
could the fear and evil in my heart
finally let me be
Aug 2021 · 655
Dereaux Aug 2021
Two hearts astringent
as one love combined
two souls emerging
grasping to get entwined

Solid love connected
sadness can't break through
as one memory imprinted
the thought of me and you

After many amorous years
our hearts still beat as one
Two folded loving feelings
the day our lives begun
Aug 2021 · 479
Save your Soul
Dereaux Aug 2021
Ooh my true faith,
where have you gone
in shadows you left me
when it all went wrong

A weird phenomenon
for me unknown
with all these demons
I stumble upon

As inquisitor of dreams
I must embrace my role
and defeat all evil
just to save your soul
Aug 2021 · 295
Dereaux Aug 2021
You can call a rose,
a sweet beautiful flower.
But it's still a rose.
Aug 2021 · 266
Dereaux Aug 2021
tears fall
you caused pain
heart broken in two
Aug 2021 · 162
In denial
Dereaux Aug 2021
Looking for your love
I am hiding under
shades of blue

With a scarred heart
that keeps on beating
and memorizing you

My true thoughts
are hidden behind
a cloaked smile

To give myself
a bit of peace
I must live in denial
Aug 2021 · 1.1k
Magical world
Dereaux Aug 2021
In the peaceful magical world
where I would be living

No one would dream of a better world
as the one we've been given.
Jul 2021 · 449
Dereaux Jul 2021
An erratic cold sigh
swoons through the valley
last winter hollow kiss
portends a grim frenzy

Clogged icy pine needles
under snowy blanket
lying on the forest path
love with spring has chilled

Waiting to melt
after a dewy dawn
winter reigns once again
before letting the sun in
When winter needs to leave. :)
Apr 2021 · 297
Looking for true love
Dereaux Apr 2021
She was looking
wherever true love
for her might be.

To tell you the truth
I was actually hoping
she was looking for me

She did not have
to search further
surely not that far.

Sadly she just
walked by me,
leaving my heart
with a scar
Apr 2021 · 300
Dereaux Apr 2021
Angelically words are written
with a consecrated pen
using blessed silver ink
on holy paper they glisten

Send on fragile wings
to the lord above
but it seems to me
he did not even listen
Apr 2021 · 328
The Scarecrow
Dereaux Apr 2021
From a long and dusty farm road
there was a scarecrow waving
Standing on a pole in a cornfield
meanwhile the sun was blazing

I started walking up to him
and when I was almost near
It took of his straw hat, gave a smile
and told me to have no fear

Welcome visitor he shouted
would you like to play a game
please enter my corn maze for a walk
and if you get lost just call my name.

then with an elegant swing
he'd opened the gate
Told me not to rush
he was opened until late.

The maze was well maintained
paths were clean and wide
rabbits running all around
it was a beautiful sight

But then all of a sudden
scenery drastically changed
corn was brown and dead
daylight seemed deranged

I got the creepiest feeling
that I was being spied
somebody was watching me
opaque to my sight

Suddenly I was on the ground
I must have tripped over a stone
after taking a closer and better look
it turned out to be a human bone

It's a ****** mess I am in now
I have really lost the way
how to get out of this maze
what did that scarecrow say

In order to get out the maze
I have to call his name
he can guide me back to start
and end this sinister game

Orphic music started playing
when it came to my mind
He did not even mention his name
I was being there confined
Dec 2020 · 57
Bounded together.
Dereaux Dec 2020
Love runs
like a
bounded thread

complicated in-sync
with sweet dreams

we stay
woven together

never ever
we unravel
Nov 2020 · 354
Dereaux Nov 2020
It was last night
that the white monster
sneaked unseen
across the quiet country.

Silently hovering
above the fields
swallowing all
what came on it's path

Over the vast fields
I noticed that he silently
but surely did his job
covering all in mist

Only the tallest trees
were lucky enough
to tower above his
growing power.

Early morning sun
already warming up
trying to contain evil

Through the shreds
she evaporated the mist
with pale golden rays

The idyllic picture
brought melancholy
to my heart.

If only everything
was so easy too
Nov 2020 · 129
My Nature
Dereaux Nov 2020
Peering across fields
looking to the horizon
creating images in my head
before the day even started

Snakes hide quickly
under the grass
exaggerating fens
feel like a big puddle

Storks nest together
on top of high poles
fox and marten watch
you can hear them sneak

Rabbit happily hops
from one hole to another
sheep looks on woolly
how do they keep it up

Frogs make paths
in the drifting sand
handy for the ants
marching across
the sandy path

Highlander grazes hairy
grass for grasshopper away
Woodpecker breaks bark
Cuckoo goes insane

A deer shoots away
is looking for a safe pasture
There is space enough
for a whole pack
all come along
Nov 2020 · 730
One last poem
Dereaux Nov 2020
In the peace
and solitude of the room
I want to write one last poem
the candle searches diligently for fuel
soon I see the last glimpse of it's light

Just one more glass then
one last drink on this day
which slowly slides to her end
and morning light
may greet us tomorrow

The candle extinguishes
I am alone
and in the light of the moon
it is dark and quiet on the street
the poem is written
and it's time
to go to bed.
Nov 2020 · 167
Dereaux Nov 2020
Our antihero,
has now won something.
A real consolation prize.
Nov 2020 · 305
Lost it
Dereaux Nov 2020
Lost my ball
went to get it back
boys chained to the floor
the game was dead

Along came a duke
and took me home
Lost my marbles there
and rolled all alone

Now I sit in a square
but no TV there
I walk to the window
to look at the world

and saw madness walking by
Nov 2020 · 355
Land of Poets
Dereaux Nov 2020
Phrases hang in the sky
words grow on a tree
ideas float on water
it's all ordinary to me

Grass is the parchment
on which I write stories
my thoughts a jar of ink
I use to describe the glories

The world is my sketchbook
full of imaginary tales
which I still have to write
unhidden by any veils

The pen is my greatest love
which I play by hand
my stories, I bind them together
in the boundless poets land
Nov 2020 · 191
Dereaux Nov 2020
You gave the words
I used my ink.

I wrote the lines
that made you think.

You became speechles
I waited for reply.

You ended the story
but there was no goodbye.
Nov 2020 · 130
Dereaux Nov 2020
Please, bring me relief
I don't want to see the dark.
Oct 2020 · 134
Love Language
Dereaux Oct 2020
Your love,
has many dreams
in which I am not included
dancing anxiously
on still water
afraid that I will disturb it.

My love,
bright and sincere
clear as an open book
you don't want to read it
but left it
in a dusty corner.

Our love.
speaks several languages
but not one you understand
how for God's sake
do I make clear
that I love you very much.
Oct 2020 · 104
Dereaux Oct 2020
In a vacuum
you were trapped

I jumped a hole
in the air

In infinite space
we fled together.
Oct 2020 · 320
Digital dead
Dereaux Oct 2020
Sometimes, I see them walking
here in the square,
chained to their digital world
scared to be in real life I guess.
Or they just don't care

Years ago, it was different,
a ball rolled here every day.
There was that rotten boy
who always won my marbles,
times just rolled away

But at least I had
something precious to lose
and did not sit all day
staring at a small screen.
We also had less to choose.

I only went back home
for half an hour just to see
The mysteries of ******-doo
or those **** Duke boys
that were on black and white TV.

Yes, this square used to be fun
liveliness, cohesion and
laughter wide spread.
nowadays it seems more like
an episode of the Walking dead.
Oct 2020 · 239
Tensile wings
Dereaux Oct 2020
Her tensile wings
grew larger and larger
trying to reach
the end of the world.

Just to find out
she was only
circling around.
Oct 2020 · 108
Tick Tock
Dereaux Oct 2020
The storyteller said
"I don't have time to tell you a story"

The time teller replied.
"I can tell you sometime"
Oct 2020 · 118
Dereaux Oct 2020
The bright light of life
in my dark
and lonely heart
Oct 2020 · 536
Strange beer
Dereaux Oct 2020
Strange thing about beer.
The emptier the bottle is,
the heavier it gets.
Oct 2020 · 141
Dereaux Oct 2020
Dry colored leaves fall
making earth a warm blanket.
Nature takes a rest
Oct 2020 · 321
Open up
Dereaux Oct 2020
You already own
the route to my heart
so why not use it.
You already know
how I feel about you
open my hardened shutters.

Take an ax and smash the lock
into hundred thousand pieces.
You only own that power,
another will not succeed.

Nobody keeps watch
no dog still guarding here.
Leave Cupid's arrows out of sight,
you have already touched my heart.
Oct 2020 · 254
My old desk
Dereaux Oct 2020
O my desk,
a daily friend you are
leaning back I can trust you
stuck by my side all these years.

legs firmly pressed into carpet,
sleek gray blade, leveled,
every poem is written here
made with your support

The passing of the years,
will not escape you.
I will never forget you
even if I have to replace you.
Sep 2020 · 155
Dereaux Sep 2020
I remember
something vague
from a distant past
which I can't place yet
here in the present.

A story in my head
filled with fun
and intense happiness
not a scratch on my crystal ball
everything healthy,
nothing broken.

An era has passed
a love perished
the piece has been written
but I don't like the ending.
Sep 2020 · 450
Fairy tale
Dereaux Sep 2020
My mother-in-law,
said I must read fairy tales.
Fly on! you **** witch.
Sep 2020 · 831
Loved too little
Dereaux Sep 2020
Ticking time
sliding by
painfully slow

The future
in front of me
lies miles
behind me.

The present
no longer favorable
for me

I feel
a timeless remorse
now I may
have loved you too little
Sep 2020 · 259
Dark plans
Dereaux Sep 2020
Morning dusk looms
and hunts furiously
across the whole earth
chasing the dark.

In conflict together
for the upcoming light.
Night is soon
succumbed to dawn.

But already makes
dark plans again,
to banish the light
once more
before nightfall
Sep 2020 · 271
Dereaux Sep 2020
Go out and play Son!
That won't work anymore, Dad
the battery's  empty.
Sep 2020 · 289
Dereaux Sep 2020
I look up
I look down
I looked behind and all around

I seek
and I’ve searched
but nothing could be found

I stop
and I stared
but there is nothing there

So why
do people say
that spring is in the air
Sep 2020 · 112
Writing pains
Dereaux Sep 2020
My head is weary
my thoughts are gone.
do I make a short poem
or does it need to be long

What is the point,
why is there all this thinking.
is it true that writing is easier
after I have been drinking.

The paper is too white
and the ink is too black
but once the first word is written
there is no way going back.
Sep 2020 · 321
Dereaux Sep 2020
A beautiful forest nymph
tried to put a spell on me
her shiny eyes trying to lure
I quickly hide behind a tree

What treacherous sorcery
I have to overcome
before I turn into a toad
a spell that can't be undone

Her magic mystical powers
firing beams upon my soul
trying to blind the inner of me
and capturing me as a ghoul
Sep 2020 · 150
Our path
Dereaux Sep 2020
I came into this world
where I couldn't see
cause the bright light of life
was blinding me

I made a choice
and had to strive
cleared lots of rubble
before I could thrive

But this was my path
that I had to go
sometimes it went fast
and other times slow

It was trouble and pain
but I have no regret
cause this was the way
how we two could met
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