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Dereaux Sep 13
You would never tell
that you would be unfaithful.
But lipstick told me.
Dereaux Sep 13
They call me a beast,
but how wrong
could they be.

cause every beat
of my heart
I linger for thee.

My enchanted
love for you
is ready to bloom.

Take a leap of faith
and  you'll see  
my cursed heart swoon

If you love me
I will give
plenty in return

if there's a way
to your heart
for me to earn

Come to my castle
and I will do
guard duty

To protect and defend
your beloved
precious beauty
Dereaux Sep 7
Please sir, the snake said
you don't have to be scared.
I am antidote.
Dereaux Sep 4
Wonderful times
I've had with you
behind closed eyes.

It felt so real,
but when I awoke
they all were lies.
Dereaux Sep 3
foggy dreams
warm up my thoughts
and try to
disguise images
of the slumber

calmness is painting
a picture of softness
in the morning
while a muffled yawn
breaks the silence
Dereaux Aug 14
If all I see around me
was not based on truth
would I finally calm down
and my soul be soothed

If a bright light would shine
on all that is dull and gray
would all the turmoil in the world
suddenly go away

If all that I desire
would feel the same for me
could the fear and evil in my heart
finally let me be
Dereaux Aug 11
Two hearts astringent
as one love combined
two souls emerging
grasping to get entwined

Solid love connected
sadness can't break through
as one memory imprinted
the thought of me and you

After many amorous years
our hearts still beat as one
Two folded loving feelings
the day our lives begun
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