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Dereaux Oct 2022
Treetop, treetop
where could you be
I dug a large hole
but you, I just can't see

You must be hiding
somewhere down there
as it is way too obvious
to hide up in the air

And if I have found you
I quickly climb on down
thru your rustling branches
it will make you frown

I will tickle you softly
patiently root by root
until you laugh out loud
and you start to hoot

you will shake your leaves
until you can't take no more
then we'll lie down together
on the soft forest floor

In dreams we stay together
untill the break of dawn
sadly, when I open my eyes
you will be long gone
for the kids
Dereaux Nov 2021
when your piercing gaze
cuts right trough my sad numb heart
it's a painful sight
Dereaux Nov 2021
My slow reflection
will be torn by desire
when she looks at me.

She whispers my name
and I hear her voice
through the mists of oblivion

It eases my pain
as I cry from afar
to the tender morning fog

When my mirrors
show her bliss
to my fleetingly image

I look at her for a while
when she looks at me too
I feel her distant touch

She shows me her love.
and then for a while
I am broken into shards

She heals what I
could not heal myself
as I try to glue my heart
Dereaux Oct 2021
sweet blossoms of plum
on moonbeams you float thru air
drifting in my dreams
Dereaux Oct 2021
a natural painting is what i see
of flowers and fresh grass nearby
a cloudy blue sky so breathtaking
it always leaves me with a sigh

no artist can paint so well and true
like mother nature does it right here
trees even give way to her sculpture game
and let precious splendor come near

painted with love, so velvety soft
just like fragile life mostly can be
look and appreciate what nature offers you
as she whispers “please come closer to me“
Dereaux Oct 2021
give me your words
I will read

give me your voice
I will listen

give me your sight
I will look for you

give me your heart
I'll keep it warm

give me your love
you will understand
Dereaux Sep 2021
You would never tell
that you would be unfaithful.
But lipstick told me.
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