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1.4k · Aug 2016
Easy pain
Dereaux Aug 2016
It’s easy to write about
all the pain in life.

but writing about life
can cause you pain.
1.2k · Mar 2017
Love at first sight.
Dereaux Mar 2017
Darling, if you believe
in love at first sight

Then please, don't look
at me twice.
1.2k · Aug 2016
Our path
Dereaux Aug 2016
I came into a world
where I couldn't see
cause the bright light of life
was blinding me

I made a choice
and had to strive
cleared lots of rubble
before I could thrive

But this was my path
that I had to go
sometimes it went fast
and other times slow

It was trouble and pain
but I have no regret
cause this was the way
how we could met
966 · Aug 4
Magical world
Dereaux Aug 4
In the peaceful magical world
where I would be living

No one would dream of a better world
as the one we've been given.
814 · Sep 2020
Loved too little
Dereaux Sep 2020
Ticking time
sliding by
painfully slow

The future
in front of me
lies miles
behind me.

The present
no longer favorable
for me

I feel
a timeless remorse
now I may
have loved you too little
573 · Oct 21
Natural painting
Dereaux Oct 21
a natural painting is what i see
of flowers and fresh grass nearby
a cloudy blue sky so breathtaking
it always leaves me with a sigh

no artist can paint so well and true
like mother nature does it right here
trees even give way to her sculpture game
and let precious splendor come near

painted with love, so velvety soft
just like fragile life mostly can be
look and appreciate what nature offers you
as she whispers “please come closer to me“
533 · Aug 2016
Dereaux Aug 2016
We have had this friendship together
and made love every single day
every single day

With champagne and dressed up in leather
we went all the way
really all the way

But when our love got really, really hot
you kind of left me cold
you left me cold

You said, you needed someone younger
apparently I became too old
I became too old

Now I’m here watching the days go by
sitting here all alone
sitting all alone

Our friendship has sailed out on the ocean
and it sank like a stone
like a stone
518 · Aug 2016
Dereaux Aug 2016
You are the rainbow
in my grey and cloudy sky.
Coloring my life
For my sweet wife J
505 · Aug 2016
Shame on you
Dereaux Aug 2016
Shame on you when you
wrote about something that
you actually did not feel.

Precious words are
written on this paper
but the passion was never real.

I rather read nothing at all
then these lies which
are told by you.

Cause every word
that you have written down
suddenly is not true
Sorry if grammar is not like it should.
Help me out if you like.
474 · Aug 2016
Fake dreams
Dereaux Aug 2016
How to write down a dream
when everything
was an illusion

How to make the story straight
when it has left
me in confusion

How to fill the blank paper
when my mind
had no idea

That this fata morgana
was something
I could not see

The beauty and pleasure
turned out to be
a total fake

From the moment
that I was
completely awake

So for the future
I have to ask you
please be kind

And live those
petty dreams of you
in your own mind
473 · Aug 2016
Worlds apart
Dereaux Aug 2016
I thought I found my luck
somewhere on a beach
I tried to take her by the hand
but she got out of reach

The waves pulled her back
back into the cold sea
left me standing on the shore
it felt so strange to me.

Then she came back again
with a wave rolling on the sand
Unfortunately I had no luck
she could not breathe on land

I had to let her go,
felt the pain in my heart
Living on the same planet
but still worlds apart
455 · Jul 2016
Skeleton Key
Dereaux Jul 2016
The skeleton key
to a dark aged time
opened a door
and took a love of mine

A cloaked darkness
reached out his hand
took her away
to his dreadful land

Where black butterflies
with venomous breath
****** out her soul
and left her for dead.
448 · Nov 2020
One last poem
Dereaux Nov 2020
In the peace
and solitude of the room
I want to write one last poem
the candle searches diligently for fuel
soon I see the last glimpse of it's light

Just one more glass then
one last drink on this day
which slowly slides to her end
and morning light
may greet us tomorrow

The candle extinguishes
I am alone
and in the light of the moon
it is dark and quiet on the street
the poem is written
and it's time
to go to bed.
435 · Oct 2020
Strange beer
Dereaux Oct 2020
Strange thing about beer.
The emptier the bottle is,
the heavier it gets.
435 · Aug 2016
Black hole
Dereaux Aug 2016
I can see nothing
even your light has left me.
I am a black hole
425 · Aug 11
Dereaux Aug 11
Two hearts astringent
as one love combined
two souls emerging
grasping to get entwined

Solid love connected
sadness can't break through
as one memory imprinted
the thought of me and you

After many amorous years
our hearts still beat as one
Two folded loving feelings
the day our lives begun
408 · Sep 2016
The truth
Dereaux Sep 2016
she was looking
wherever true love
could be.

to tell you the truth
I was hoping
she was looking for me
338 · Aug 11
Save your Soul
Dereaux Aug 11
Ooh my true faith,
where have you gone
in shadows you left me
when it all went wrong

A weird phenomenon
for me unknown
with all these demons
I stumble upon

As inquisitor of dreams
I must embrace my role
and defeat all evil
just to save your soul
317 · Aug 2020
Dereaux Aug 2020
I don't know
what it is all about
but someone is
sitting on my cloud.

I try to scare him
so he goes away
but nothing helps
he's gonna stay

Looking in magic books
for some kind of spell
to put on him and
send him straight to hell
296 · Jul 22
Dereaux Jul 22
An erratic cold sigh
swoons through the valley
last winter hollow kiss
portends a grim frenzy

Clogged icy pine needles
under snowy blanket
lying on the forest path
love with spring has chilled

Waiting to melt
after a dewy dawn
winter reigns once again
before letting the sun in
When winter needs to leave. :)
287 · Sep 4
Behind closed eyes
Dereaux Sep 4
Wonderful times
I've had with you
behind closed eyes.

It felt so real,
but when I awoke
they all were lies.
277 · Dec 2016
Dereaux Dec 2016
Beauty is within my sight
as I see a rose every night

A rose in bloom proud and tall
the fairest rose of them all

To me you're like a piece of art
you rose the beauty in my heart
271 · Aug 2016
Dereaux Aug 2016
Don't prove he exists
That would be easy to do
Prove me I am wrong
269 · Mar 2017
Heart defence
Dereaux Mar 2017
She caught me harmless
while my defenses were down
she likes to make me happy
and steal away my frown

Trying to open up my heart
so she can take a look inside
asking me to share my emotions
when there is no place left to hide

She makes me take of my mask
just to reveal my true identity
but it just makes me feel awkward
for me there seems to be no serenity

Once again I listen to my own thoughts
as usual they don't make any sense
instead of cleaning out my closet
I'm actually creating another fence
267 · Sep 2020
Dereaux Sep 2020
I am stuck on Earth
but I don't want to be here.
Roots under my feet.
266 · Sep 2020
Dereaux Sep 2020
I look up
I look down
I looked behind and all around

I seek
and I’ve searched
but nothing could be found

I stop
and I stared
but there is nothing there

So why
do people say
that spring is in the air
265 · Nov 2020
Land of Poets
Dereaux Nov 2020
Phrases hang in the sky
words grow on a tree
ideas float on water
it's all ordinary to me

Grass is the parchment
on which I write stories
my thoughts a jar of ink
I use to describe the glories

The world is my sketchbook
full of imaginary tales
which I still have to write
unhidden by any veils

The pen is my greatest love
which I play by hand
my stories, I bind them together
in the boundless poets land
264 · Apr 7
Looking for true love
Dereaux Apr 7
She was looking
wherever true love
for her might be.

To tell you the truth
I was actually hoping
she was looking for me

She did not have
to search further
surely not that far.

Sadly she just
walked by me,
leaving my heart
with a scar
264 · Apr 7
Dereaux Apr 7
Angelically words are written
with a consecrated pen
using blessed silver ink
on holy paper they glisten

Send on fragile wings
to the lord above
but it seems to me
he did not even listen
257 · Aug 2016
One word
Dereaux Aug 2016
When one word
can say it all,
why write all that
gibberish along
with it.
251 · Sep 2020
Fairy tale
Dereaux Sep 2020
My mother-in-law,
said I must read fairy tales.
Fly on! you **** witch.
248 · Oct 2020
Digital dead
Dereaux Oct 2020
Sometimes, I see them walking
here in the square,
chained to their digital world
scared to be in real life I guess.
Or they just don't care

Years ago, it was different,
a ball rolled here every day.
There was that rotten boy
who always won my marbles,
times just rolled away

But at least I had
something precious to lose
and did not sit all day
staring at a small screen.
We also had less to choose.

I only went back home
for half an hour just to see
The mysteries of ******-doo
or those **** Duke boys
that were on black and white TV.

Yes, this square used to be fun
liveliness, cohesion and
laughter wide spread.
nowadays it seems more like
an episode of the Walking dead.
242 · Sep 2017
Shards of our love
Dereaux Sep 2017
the broken shards
of our love

silently they glimmer
lying on the ground

and once again
I cut myself
238 · Jan 2017
Behind closed eyes
Dereaux Jan 2017
Wonderful times
I had with you
behind closed eyes.

It felt so real,
but when I awoke
they all were lies.
237 · Aug 14
If only
Dereaux Aug 14
If all I see around me
was not based on truth
would I finally calm down
and my soul be soothed

If a bright light would shine
on all that is dull and gray
would all the turmoil in the world
suddenly go away

If all that I desire
would feel the same for me
could the fear and evil in my heart
finally let me be
233 · Nov 2020
Lost it
Dereaux Nov 2020
Lost my ball
went to get it back
boys chained to the floor
the game was dead

Along came a duke
and took me home
Lost my marbles there
and rolled all alone

Now I sit in a square
but no TV there
I walk to the window
to look at the world

and saw madness walking by
231 · Aug 2016
You are my life
Dereaux Aug 2016
I thought I would never see the sun again
but then you rose on my horizon

brought back a warm and
trustful light into my lonely life

you filled my heart with love and joy
gave me a new reason to live

by becoming a rainbow you colored my world
so beautiful up in the air

when I got lost you changed into a cloud
and showed me where I should go

our time was short you had to leave
and I have to face life alone

but as final act you became a star
bright above me in the dark sky

when I feel sad I just look at you
and remember the good times we had
229 · Oct 2020
Open up
Dereaux Oct 2020
You already own
the route to my heart
so why not use it.
You already know
how I feel about you
open my hardened shutters.

Take an ax and smash the lock
into hundred thousand pieces.
You only own that power,
another will not succeed.

Nobody keeps watch
no dog still guarding here.
Leave Cupid's arrows out of sight,
you have already touched my heart.
226 · Sep 13
The beast is a beauty
Dereaux Sep 13
They call me a beast,
but how wrong
could they be.

cause every beat
of my heart
I linger for thee.

My enchanted
love for you
is ready to bloom.

Take a leap of faith
and  you'll see  
my cursed heart swoon

If you love me
I will give
plenty in return

if there's a way
to your heart
for me to earn

Come to my castle
and I will do
guard duty

To protect and defend
your beloved
precious beauty
222 · Sep 2020
Dereaux Sep 2020
Go out and play Son!
That won't work anymore, Dad
the battery's  empty.
222 · Aug 2016
Love bird
Dereaux Aug 2016
You are like a bird
silently flying away
Love is in the air
219 · Sep 2020
Dark plans
Dereaux Sep 2020
Morning dusk looms
and hunts furiously
across the whole earth
chasing the dark.

In conflict together
for the upcoming light.
Night is soon
succumbed to dawn.

But already makes
dark plans again,
to banish the light
once more
before nightfall
210 · Nov 2016
Dereaux Nov 2016
It is a tough fight,
to find peace in your heart.
But I'm a warrior.
206 · Oct 2020
My old desk
Dereaux Oct 2020
O my desk,
a daily friend you are
leaning back I can trust you
stuck by my side all these years.

legs firmly pressed into carpet,
sleek gray blade, leveled,
every poem is written here
made with your support

The passing of the years,
will not escape you.
I will never forget you
even if I have to replace you.
205 · Apr 2017
Time to end
Dereaux Apr 2017
Please, stop your crying
and let me tell you
that the end is near

Don't believe the truth
over the lies, cause you
will lose all of the fear

Roads to escape are closed
bridges are pulled up
I guess they all are wrong

My ink is running out
paper is getting to an end
It's time to finish our song.
200 · Sep 3
in dreams
Dereaux Sep 3
foggy dreams
warm up my thoughts
and try to
disguise images
of the slumber

calmness is painting
a picture of softness
in the morning
while a muffled yawn
breaks the silence
197 · Sep 2020
Dereaux Sep 2020
A beautiful forest nymph
tried to put a spell on me
her shiny eyes trying to lure
I quickly hide behind a tree

What treacherous sorcery
I have to overcome
before I turn into a toad
a spell that can't be undone

Her magic mystical powers
firing beams upon my soul
trying to blind the inner of me
and capturing me as a ghoul
197 · Oct 20
Give me
Dereaux Oct 20
give me your words
I will read

give me your voice
I will listen

give me your sight
I will look for you

give me your heart
I'll keep it warm

give me your love
you will understand
181 · Aug 11
Dereaux Aug 11
You can call a rose,
a sweet beautiful flower.
But it's still a rose.
177 · Apr 1
The Scarecrow
Dereaux Apr 1
From a long and dusty farm road
there was a scarecrow waving
Standing on a pole in a cornfield
meanwhile the sun was blazing

I started walking up to him
and when I was almost near
It took of his straw hat, gave a smile
and told me to have no fear

Welcome visitor he shouted
would you like to play a game
please enter my corn maze for a walk
and if you get lost just call my name.

then with an elegant swing
he'd opened the gate
Told me not to rush
he was opened until late.

The maze was well maintained
paths were clean and wide
rabbits running all around
it was a beautiful sight

But then all of a sudden
scenery drastically changed
corn was brown and dead
daylight seemed deranged

I got the creepiest feeling
that I was being spied
somebody was watching me
opaque to my sight

Suddenly I was on the ground
I must have tripped over a stone
after taking a closer and better look
it turned out to be a human bone

It's a ****** mess I am in now
I have really lost the way
how to get out of this maze
what did that scarecrow say

In order to get out the maze
I have to call his name
he can guide me back to start
and end this sinister game

Orphic music started playing
when it came to my mind
He did not even mention his name
I was being there confined
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